29 August 2013

Review: Honor and Hope

Book: Honor and Hope
Author: Regina Jeffers

I was lucky enough to win this book from the monthly Austen Authors website. It had been on my "To Be Read" list for awhile and was glad to finally be able to enjoy it. It is loosely based on Pride and Prejudice set in the modern day and time.

This time our story starts as Will Darcy and his brother, Chuck, meet Elizabeth Bennet and her sister Jane are moving into their dorms during Liz's freshman year. Chuck, of course, falls for Jane almost as soon as he sets on eyes on her. Will, on the other hand, is taken by Liz but tries to keep for falling for her. Of course, this doesn't work and Will ends up falling deeply and madly in love with Liz and she in return does the same. I enjoyed watching their friendship grow and their chemistry was electric. But nothing comes easy for our couple and after a semester they fall apart, although they both think it's the best for the other person no mater what they feel themselves. Six years later, they finally find a way back together but there are secrets each are keeping from each other.

The twists and turns that Ms. Jeffers weaves is intriguing. I was pulling for this couple from the start but there where times I thought they would never make it. Liz is more stubborn then Elizabeth Bennet and Will wears his heart on his selves which Mr. Darcy lacked at times. Will, like Mr. Darcy, would do anything and everything for those he loves and that is always agreeable to me.

In the end I was happy when our couple finally came together and how exciting that there was a double wedding between Will and Liz and Jane and Chuck. This was an enjoyable book that any fans of Pride and Prejudice would enjoy. A modern adaptation based upon a beloved classic, what more could one ask for.


12 August 2013

Challenge Review: And Who Can Be In Doubt of What Followed

Book: And Who Can Be In Doubt of What Followed
Author: Alexa Adams

Ms Adams gives us an little insight into what followed during parts of Jane Austen's books that she didn't expand on. Now if you adore Jane Austen, as I do, then you've already read all six of her books and love the happy endings. However, like all books, sometime the little things get cut out of the final publication which is where Ms. Adams comes in and gives us a little insight.

Sense & Sensibility touches on how Colonel Brandon finally wins over Marianne. And it was his simple yet constant affections for her that she come to love about him and frankly, I fell in love with him too. Marianne, although the middle sister, was more sensible compared to her sisters and that is why she even gave Colonel Brandon a chance. I like that about her; she care more about what was inside the man then what was on the outside. True this was something she has learn after her failed "relationship" with Willoughby but it makes her more seem more real to me. After all who hasn't suffered from a broken heart.

Northanger Abbey relives what it took for Henry to finally win the hand of Catherine; although she was more then willing to accept him her father was a little leery. And let face it, who can blame him after the way the General Tilney treated Catherine and then refused to support the marriage. A father must look out for his children and I support his actions. We see all that Henry went through in setting up is home with her in mind, hoping to one day soon get this father's blessings and prove to Catherine's father that his love was everlasting.

Henry & Maria (Mansfield Park) shows us what happens with Henry Crawford and Maria Bertram. I for one am glad that Fanny didn't fall for Henry's attempts of wooing her and Maria got what she had coming to her. We hear Henry's plans of convincing Fanny his love was true but of Maria, who always disliked Fanny, wouldn't let that stop her. In the end Henry's and Maria's true colors shine through and Franny and Edmund finally come together and live happily ever after.

Emma takes us through the waiting period between her engagement to Mr. Knightley and the wedding. We all know how Mr. Woodhouse hates change and Emma must use all the tricks of the trade to try and convince him that the wedding needs to take place sooner rather then later. After all she tries she can't seem to make him budge until Ms. Bates comes to the rescue, not that she knew that she was helping Emma. And I for one love Ms. Bates! Emma and Knightley finally have their wedding and ride off into the sunset. Although I must confess to be a little jealous; I do love Mr. Knightley!!

Persuasion tells us what happens in the weeks leading up the wedding of Captain Wentworth and Anne. We always wanted to know who found out about Mrs. Clay and now we know!! Now we are glad that Anne didn't choose Mr. Elliot over the ever faithful, although he tried to deny it at first, loving Captain Wentworth. And he does help Mrs. Smith out, which always makes me like him more. Now nothing can stand in the way of Anne and Wentworth's happiness, well almost nothing but wars are inevitable so we won't even think about it.

Pride and Prejudice lets us see how the preparations get along for the double wedding. Oh Mrs. Bennet is just delightful as always and what not to love about Darcy. Elizabeth tries to shield him from the worst of it but still Darcy could care less as long as he knows Elizabeth will always be by his side.

Six short stories wrapped up into a neat little book that I'm glad that I read. Because if I didn't already love these hero (differently not a fan of Henry Crawford), then I would have fallen in love with him now. Thanks to Jane Austen for giving them to us and thanks for Ms. Adams for making them more lovable.