02 September 2014

Review: Perfect Ten

While checking out my news feed on Facebook, I came across Michelle Craig's page. I stopped and read about Perfect Ten and thought it sounded pretty interesting. I marked my calendar and started patiently waiting for the release. ​As time went on and the release pushed back, it only made me want to read it even more. The concept was captivating and I started craving this book. Then, on one fine late summer day, I finally got my hands on it!
Once I got this book, I just had to read it right away because I needed to get to know Joe and Faith!
Joe an escort at Perfect Ten for the last six years and starting to think that maybe there is something more out there for him, although he is loving the money and the hours are defiantly great. But fate has something in store for Joe when one of the other guys cannot take one of the clients due to a family emergency taking his out of town.
Faith has always let her family put her down due to her curves since her sisters and mother are so skinny. And now that one of her sisters is getting married, the thought of going alone is not the most pleasant of ideas. So, Faith's ever loving friends get together to purchase a date for her from Perfect Ten. When she finds out, she is more then a little angry with her friends but something inside of her tells her to just go with it; she ultimately accepts their "date" but the one that she was supposed to go with cannot go now so she is given another for her inconvenience... Joe! Although she is hesitate, she agrees as long as she can meet him before the event.
Coming face to face with Joe sends Faith running for the hills; there is no way her family would ever believe that Joe would ever date her, he is just too good looking. Joe, on the other hand, is completely drawn to Faith and finds her stunning. As Faith tries to walk away, he stops at nothing to get Faith to accept him. Even though her head tells her to walk away, she finally agrees and Joe is thrilled. And that is how their love story starts.
The sparks that fly between these two is electric and their banter is stellar. I loved how Joe saw not just her beauty on the outside but also on the inside. The more time he got to know her, the more he fell for her. And in turn, the more Joe told her how beautiful she was, Faith finally began to believe it. Her self confidence grew and she began to believe in herself and was able to stand up for herself against her mother and sisters.
While most heroines are model skinny, Michelle chose to be real and use a woman that most resembles reality; and that is something I can stand behind. Thank you for bringing us this uplifting and completely compelling story. I loved the characters and the writing; the story spoke to me on a personal level. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Craig will have for us next!

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