18 September 2014

Spotlight: Author Ella Jade

How Ella Jade Came Into My Life

The lovely author, Ella Jade, first came to my attention when  The Weekend Proposition was published. I had been scrolling through Facebook when I noticed a post about it. I thought, well this sounds intriguing and very sexy, I will have to remember to get it on release day. 

I remember it like it was yesterday; I fell head over heels for Spencer and decided that I just had to let her know. Really, what author doesn't want to know that a reader loved their work? Anyhow, I sent Ella a little tweet saying how much I loved Spencer and The Weekend Proposition and you know what I got in return? A big fat nothing! Yup, a woman I love more now than I did then, didn't even respond! You would think that would stop me from consuming all her work, but I just kept right on stalking her. Frankly, I think she is better for it! ;)

So now I wait, impatiently at times, for her latest WIP to be completed and published. Okay, I'll be honest; I harass her on a near daily basis. Like I said before, and I'll say it again, I love this woman. And although I enjoy all her work, Spencer will always be my favorite; he brought Ella to me!

Oh and one last thing, when you see her, tell her Gavin says, "Please tell my story. I'm begging you!" She will laugh and tell you no, he can't be redeemed, but I'm on a mission!! I may not win, but it sure will be a fun journey and I may need to enlist the help of a certain young man named Robert. After all, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! 

Favorite Quote
"Life Will Knock Us Down, But We Can Choose To Get Back Up."
- Mr. Han, The Karate Kid, 2010

~~~ About Ella Jade ~~~
Ella Jade has been writing for as long as she can remember. As a child, she often had a notebook and pen with her, and now as an adult, the laptop is never far. The plots and dialogue have always played out in her head, but she never knew what to do with them. That all changed when she discovered the eBook industry. She started penning novels at a rapid pace and now she can't be stopped.

Ella resides in New Jersey with her husband and two young boys. When she's not chasing after her kids, she's busy writing, attending PTO meetings, kickboxing, and scrapbooking. She hopes you'll get lost in her words.

She loves connecting with readers. You can find her here…

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*** Reader Favorites ***

~~~ Tessa’s Temptation ~~~

What happens when the siren becomes the tempted?

College student Tessa Burke is on the verge of eviction. Her life changed when her dad was in a bad car accident. He’s been in the hospital for months and making little progress. Desperation is setting in. They’re about to lose everything.

Successful architect Chase Carlisle has made a name for himself among the rich and famous. His work keeps him busy, leaving little time for a social life. When an old family friend contacts him and asks him to care for his vibrant, sassy daughter, Chase feels obligated to take her in. Patrick Burke had helped him when he was a troubled teenager, heading down a path of destruction. If not for Pat, he would have never become the man he is today.

The wild child turns Chase’s world upside down, tempting him in ways he can’t resist. The sexy younger woman shows him what he’s been missing the past few years. Their attraction is obvious from the beginning despite Chase’s apprehension to getting involved with Pat’s daughter. Tessa wears him down but gets caught in her own trap when she becomes the object of his deepest, darkest desires.

Contains adult content and graphic sex

*** Excerpt ***

Tess took off her clothes, tossed them in a pile in the corner of the bathroom, and stepped into the steamy shower. Through the steam she could make out Chase’s muscular back and tight ass before he turned to face her. All or nothing.

“What are you doing?” His hungry gaze traveled down her now wet body.

“Joining you.” She moved toward him, flattening her palms against his chest. “I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“Tessa.” He shook his head before kissing her. “What am I going to do with you?”

Anything you want.

“Stop trying to fight me.” She nipped at his bottom lip when his erection grazed her center. “Let’s just go with it.”

He twisted his fingers in her hair, pulling her to his lips and kissing her hard. She gripped his shoulders for support when he lifted her and pressed her into the cool tiles opposite the shower door. When he thrust his hips forward she thought she might come from that action alone. She’d spent weeks thinking about what it would be like to feel him – all of him – inside her.

“Baby.” His voice was low. “My plan was to take you out today. You know, maybe do things in the right order.”

“Fuck order.” She reached in between them, taking his cock in her hand. “I don’t like to follow the rules.”

“Fuck,” he hissed as he tightened his hold on her. “I like it when you talk dirty.” He ran the tip of his tongue along the seam of her lips as he lowered her to her feet. “I thought we agreed to take this slow. How am I supposed to think when you have my dick in your hand?”

“You said you wanted to take this slow. I never agreed to that. Would you like it better...” she dropped to her knees, “if your dick was in my mouth?”

“Ahh...” he moaned when she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock.
She looked up at him, waiting for his approval as she licked her lips. She rested her palm on his upper thigh. “You’re not going to stop me are you?”

“I’d be an idiot.” He took her chin in his hand, holding her still as he pressed his cock to her lips. “I did say I wouldn’t fight this anymore so open up.”

“It’s about time.” Opening her mouth, she took him in, inch by inch, slow and steady. There was so much of him to take and she wanted it all. Once she had as much of him as she could handle, she grasped his base in her hand, pumping in time with her mouth.

“Oh, God...” he mumbled as he threaded his fingers through her hair, pulling it tight as he thrust his hips forward. “You make me crazy.”

With each pass of her tongue on the underside of his shaft she felt his control diminishing. His surrender made her drunk with desire. The tingling between her legs intensified almost to the point of pain. She’d never touched herself there before, but his moans fueled her lust. She had to relieve the ache. Without releasing him from her mouth, she slipped her hand between her thighs, running her finger along her slit as she continued to suck him. Her nipples tingled as she pleasured herself. Finding her clit, she massaged it between her thumb and finger as the heat of the water streamed down her neck and back. The sensation of the powerful shower heads pulsing over her flesh, the feeling she created between her legs and the taste of his cock threw her into a frenzy. His legs tensed as he gathered her damp hair into a makeshift ponytail, jerking her head back.

“Tessa...” He placed his hand over hers at the base of his shaft and removed himself from her mouth, spraying his warm release all over her neck and breasts.

With each labored breath she took, she increased the pace of her own fingers until she pushed herself over the edge and joined him in the bliss of the moment. He let go of her hair and held out his hand for her. She took it and shakily got up from the floor, cuddling against his wet chest.

He tilted her chin to look into her eyes and wrapped his other arm around her waist, cradling her in his strong hold. “That was amazing.” The corner of his mouth curved into a smile. “But from now on,” he released her face and raised her hand to his, sucking two of her fingers into his mouth. Her stomach fluttered and her pussy pulsed with need when his warm tongue flicked over her fingers. “I’m the only one who makes you come.”

Heat filled her cheeks as she tried to defend herself. “I-I’ve never done that before. I got caught up in the moment and...”

“It’s okay.” He kissed her wrist. “I couldn’t take my eyes off you. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”


“Really.” He kissed a path from her jaw to her lips. “I was jealous it wasn’t my fingers inside you.”

“It’s early.” She ran her lips across his stubble. “We still have time.”

“You have no idea what you’ve unleashed within me. The things I’m going to do to you all night. Every night. The ways I can make you scream. I tried to keep it at bay, sweetheart. I really did, but after today there’s no going back.”

“I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you. When I close my eyes, it’s your hands I want to feel on my flesh, your lips all over me. You already do things to me that no one else ever has.”

“I’m going do all kinds of things to you that no one ever has.” He stared deeply into her eyes as he pulled her to him. “You’re mine now, Tessa.”

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~~~ Stealing His Heart ~~~

Will the bad-boy pitcher strike out when it comes to love? 

Shy music teacher Sophia Ballis has sworn off men. After a bad experience with a college jock she decided it was better to be alone than to get burned again. She focused on her education and now her new job at a local private school.

Professional baseball pitcher Paxton Hughes is a player both on and off the field. He's signed to the Kingston Crushers to bring home the coveted championship title. Nothing can get in his way. Serious relationships don't mix with a life on the road and he never loses focus on the game. One-night stands are his specialty for a reason.

While out jogging one spring morning, the two collide, setting their course in motion. Pax is immediately drawn to the unassuming beauty. Sophia is aware of his reputation and decides one night of meaningless sex with the attractive Texas charmer is just what she needs to get over her self-imposed dry spell. Pax has more than a one-night stand on his mind, but will his bad-boy persona and demanding schedule ruin any chances of a happily ever after?

Content Warning: contains explicit sex and adult content

*** Excerpt ***

“Hey.” Sophia gently closed the door behind her and walked over to him. “Miss me?”

“Maybe.” He reached for her, tossing her into his lap. “The guys dropped me off after we went for some food. I couldn’t unwind so I came over here.”

“Why so restless?” She traced her fingers down his cheek before pressing her lips to him.

“I’m always restless without you.” He ran his hand through her hair. “What am I going to do when I’m in New York?”

“I’ll call you.” She hated to think about him having to leave again. They were just getting into a routine. They felt like a real couple.

“That’s not the same as touching you. I need you in my bed.” He kissed her jaw, working his way down her neck, lingering at her collarbone. “I want you with me.”

“I still have another month of school,” she reminded him. They’d discussed her traveling with him throughout the summer but they hadn’t made any solid plans.

“Have you thought about coming with me on the road?” He slipped the strap of her sundress over her shoulder and placed a soft kiss there. “Some of the guys’ girlfriends come with them.”

“Are you sure you want me around all the time?” She shifted to straddle him. “I might cramp your style.”

“Did you go out like this?” His gaze traveled down her body, totally abandoning their conversation.
“Like what?”

“In this skimpy little dress?” He focused on her breasts as he rested his hands on her thighs. “Don’t you know how tempting you are?”

“Show me.” She nipped at his earlobe. “Do I tempt you?”

“What do you think?” He moved her hand over his erection. “Let’s go back to my house.”

“I can’t wait that long.” She reached for his belt buckle. “I have an early morning meeting and my parents aren’t expecting me to sleep out. I don’t want them to worry.”

“Leave them a note.” He watched as she lowered the zipper on his jeans. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you how tempting you are.” She slide her hand inside his boxer as she slithered down, kneeling in front of him. “Maybe I can help you settle down. Help you get a good night’s sleep.”

“Here?” He looked around. “What about your parents?”

“You don’t strike me as a conservative guy.” She leaned forward and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. “You seem like the adventurous type.”

“You keep that up and you’ll see how daring I can be.” He slunk back and closed his eyes as she took him into her mouth. “Hell...” he hissed when she grazed his shaft with her teeth.

The few times they’d been together, she learned what he liked. She may not have been experienced in the sex department but Pax proved to be a good teacher.

“Stop,” he moaned.

“Why?” She glanced at him. “My parents won’t come out here.”

“As much as I adore that hot, skilled mouth of yours, I want something else.” He gripped her hips and pulled her into a standing position.

“Anything.” She bit her lip as she waited for him to tell her.

“Let’s take these off.” He reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down her legs.
She stepped out of them and kicked them out of the way. “These cowboy boots are what did me in, sugar. We’re leaving them on when we fuck.”

“You’re so dirty.”

“I know my good girl likes a bad boy.” He lifted her skirt, glancing at her bare, exposed pussy. “I’m as bad as they come.”

A chill swept over her when she realized they were going to have sex outside, on her back porch. She’d never done anything like this before. With Pax she wanted to do everything. Pulling out his wallet, he retrieved the purple foil packet. He tossed the brown leather wallet on the ground by her feet before lifting his hips and pushing his jeans and boxers over them.

“Come here.” 

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~~~ Something More ~~~

An affair and shocking secret threaten to tear apart a rich and powerful family.

Claudia Samson, housekeeper to the privileged Callahan family, finds herself in an unfortunate situation. Her brief fling with Gavin, the Callahan’s youngest son, results in a pregnancy. She ends up alone and afraid when Gavin denies her child.
Successful CEO Brody Callahan devotes his entire life to running Callahan Industries, his deceased father’s legacy. He’s also responsible for cleaning up his brother’s messes. Brody doesn't realize what he’s been missing by throwing himself into his work until he finds Claudia asleep in the family guest bedroom. He has discovered his very own sleeping beauty.

Claudia is instantly attracted to the charismatic businessman but knows her secret will destroy any chance they have for a future together. Can Brody overlook the mistakes of his manipulative, younger brother and raise Claudia’s child as his own?

*** Trailer ***

*** Excerpt ***

When Claudia made her way outside, the limo was there, but the driver wasn't. She looked around, but didn't see him. She decided to get in and wait for him. He'd have to come back for the car sooner or later.

She opened the door and slipped inside, placing her bag on the floor. She was grateful the air conditioning was on in the car, another perk the bus didn't have.

"Hello, sweetheart."

"Brody?" She looked up and saw him sitting next to her. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you." He moved his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. "I missed you." He freed her hair from her ponytail and shook it out with his fingers so that it fell down her back and over her shoulders. "Much better, princess."

She laughed because she had just thought of him as The Prince. If he only knew.

"What is it?"

"I'm happy to see you." She giggled. "You make things much better."

"Hard day?"

She leaned closer to him, took his face between her hands, and kissed him. At first, she moved slowly, but the way he looked at her with those smoldering eyes told her everything she needed to know. He was just as excited to see her as she was to see him.

She ran her tongue along his lips, begging for entrance. He eagerly accepted as he parted them and slipped his tongue inside her mouth. His breath was hot and his lips were hungry as he kissed her with more force than she expected. She moved her hands up and twisted her fingers in his hair, moving him closer to her.

He pulled her onto his lap, pushed her hair to the side, and kissed her neck. She could feel his excitement pressing against her hip. His erection was trapped between his stomach and her side. He shifted his hips and rubbed himself into her.
She sighed against his mouth, but then he pulled away.

"Claudia." The sound of his voice was both desperate and breathless. "I could take you right here, but that’s not what I want."

"It isn't?" She didn't mean to sound disappointed.

"Let me rephrase that." He moved her to sit beside him. "I would want nothing more than to have my way with you right here, but I don't think either of us intended it to be that way between us the first time."

"You think about our first time?"

"Every second of the day." He shrugged. "I'm a guy."

She laughed, but realized he was right. She'd gotten carried away. It was the way he looked at her, the scent of his body wash, all spice and cinnamon that drove her crazy.

"It's your fault," she said. "You're irresistible."

"I was thinking the same thing about you."

She shook her head and looked down. She felt his fingers on her chin in an instant, and then she was gazing into his eyes. She loved those blue depths. They were soothing and made her forget everything she had on her mind.

"You really need to take my compliments better. I speak the truth." He kissed her.

"I'll keep telling you how perfect you are and eventually you'll believe it."

She would never believe it. A perfect woman wouldn't lead a man like Brody on. A perfect woman would tell him the truth. She was far from perfect.

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~~~ Surrender to Me ~~~

What happens when a Dominant falls for his not-so-submissive attorney?

Martin Abrams, owner of Master M's BDSM club, has become unfulfilled with his lifestyle. Ever since his sub, Gracie, left to marry her true love, Martin has lost his way. Living the life of the head Dominant in his circle isn't as appealing as it once was. Something seems to be missing.

Sassy lawyer Arianna Covington relocates to New York City after a humiliating divorce. She's looking for a fresh start when she agrees to become Martin's exclusive attorney. She's intrigued by his domineering personality and wants to know why women kneel at his feet.

Their attraction is undeniable despite Ari's initial beliefs that she will never submit to Martin's desires. But Martin is up for the challenge. Arianna is more than he ever imagined in a woman. He vows to claim her heart, with or without the games. Who will surrender first?

Featuring Cade and Gracie from Make Me Stay. Both books stand alone.

Content Warning: contains explicit language and graphic sexual content

*** Trailer ***

*** Excerpt *** 

Ari lay on the massage table, indulging in the aroma of the scented oils. The strum of the music in the dimly lit room almost lulled her to sleep. Her muscles were still relaxed from the massage she’d just had. The massage therapist, Emma, told her to take a few minutes to unwind and rest before getting up. Her eyes were closed but she could hear the door of the small room open and close. She thought it was Emma leaving, but the sound of footsteps coming toward her made her aware that she wasn’t alone.

“Did you enjoy your massage, kitten?”

Ari opened her eyes to find Martin standing over her. She tried to sit up, but he placed his hand on her shoulder, effectively holding her down. He wasn’t rough, but his touch made her stop and obey. His subtle smile told her she had pleased him. He turned his attention to Emma.

“Did you take care of my girl?” He didn’t remove his hand from Ari’s shoulder.

“Yes, Sir.” She nodded, keeping her gaze set on the floor.

A submissive.

“Good girl.” Martin took his free hand and tilted Emma’s chin so she had to look at him.

Ari found the fact that he touched them both at the same time strangely erotic. The room was small and intimate, and Martin’s presence had somehow changed the tranquil atmosphere. “How are things going with you and your Master?”

“Very well, Sir.” Emma swallowed hard, her voice softer than before. Martin made her apprehensive. “You matched us well. Thank you.”

“I’m glad. I’m eager to hear about your progress. I’ll be observing the two of you very soon.” Without looking at Ari, he removed his hand from her shoulder and ran it along her throat. “I’ll set it up.” Martin released Emma’s chin and turned his attention back to Ari. “So beautiful.” He moved his hand to her face, running his fingers along her lips. “Isn’t she, Emma?”

Martin smirked when Ari’s breathed picked up. He could read her so well. Mesmerized by his presence, she didn’t speak or question what he wanted.

“Yes, Sir, she is.” Emma moved closer to the table.

Ari should have been uncomfortable with another woman in the room with them, but it didn’t seem wrong. She never would have entertained the idea of having someone observe them, but with Martin she wanted to explore and push limits. She wanted to become everything he needed.

He trailed his fingers along Ari’s jaw and down to her neck, stopping just where the sheet covered her breasts. Her nipples hardened when he hooked his finger under the cloth.

“I’d be happy to serve you, Sir,” Emma timidly spoke. “I’d be honored to please you and your sub.”

Please me?

Ari wasn’t sure she was up for that. Having Emma watch them was one thing, but playing with them? Could she take things that far? Would Martin ask her to? She tried to calm her mind.
Objection, she reminded herself. If she used her safe word, he’d have to stop. She had the power.

“Hmm.” Martin pulled the white material down, revealing Ari’s breasts. “That’s a generous offer. One I’m sure your Master will reward you for.” He circled the pad of his finger over Ari’s nipples, causing her to stifle a moan.

Ari closed her eyes and squeezed her legs together, trying to stop the throbbing between them. She abandoned any thoughts of using her safe word. She lost herself in Martin’s touch. “I don’t think my pet is ready for that.” He continued to pleasure her with his fingers. “You may leave us.”

“Yes, Sir.” Ari heard Emma quickly exit the room.

“Look at me.” Martin kneeled down next to her face.

Opening her eyes, she stared directly into his.

“I’m very pleased with your trust in me. You were quite receptive with Emma’s presence in the room with us. You didn’t even panic when she offered to play with us.” He pressed his lips against her shoulder. “Would you entertain that idea?”

“I’m not sure.” She wanted to say yes, but she wasn’t certain. “Not yet.”

He nodded as he ran his fingers through her hair. “I appreciate your honesty. Perhaps you’ve mastered rule number one after all. We’ll never do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“I don’t want to share you.” She smiled. “Would you touch her the way you touch me?”

“Of course not,” he said. “She is in a monogamous relationship with her Dom. The same way you and I are.”


“Shh.” Martin pulled the sheet the rest of the way down, exposing her nakedness to him. “We’ll discuss it later. Right now, I’d like to play.”


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~~ The Weekend Proposition ~~

One weekend—no strings, no expectations, and no commitments. On Sunday afternoon it all ends, or does it?

No-nonsense businessman Spencer Cannon has a dilemma. He’s headed to Connecticut for the weekend to attend his cousin’s elaborate wedding. His whole family will be there in addition to his obsessed ex-girlfriend Ava. According to Spencer’s brother, Ava has been telling her friends she’s planning a magical reunion with her favorite ex-boyfriend. Spencer’s not in the mood to deal with her, but he can’t miss the wedding. He needs a plan.

Struggling Brooklyn waitress and aspiring graphic designer Dakota Vercelli has fallen on hard times. College debts, pending eviction, and her sick mother are taking a toll on her. A chance encounter with Mr. Cannon, CEO of Cannon and Carrington Advertising, leads to a proposition that may be just the thing to solve both of their problems. Spencer’s offer—spend four days with him during the wedding festivities and keep his ex off his trail. In return, he’ll compensate her generously for her time. He needs a weekend girlfriend, and Dakota needs the cash.

It was just supposed to be a business deal, but after sharing a room, kissing under the stars, and attending a wedding, their attraction is undeniable. Will the illusion end when the weekend is over or is the proposition just the beginning?

Content Warning: contains mature language and graphic sexual content

~~ Sexy Excerpt One ~~

"I have a proposition for you," Spencer said.

"A proposition?" What could he possibly have to offer her?

"I have to attend my cousin's wedding this weekend. Actually, I have to leave tomorrow afternoon. I don't want to go alone for reasons I don't wish to discuss right now. I need someone to accompany me. I'm offering that to you."

"And you think I'm 'to the point'?" Coda shrugged.

He smiled but didn't say anything. She couldn't stand the silence. She wanted to figure out his game. There had to be some sort of catch.
"You want me to go to a wedding with you?"

"It's in Connecticut. I would require your services until Sunday afternoon. All of your expenses would be paid, including a wardrobe which would be yours to keep after the weekend."

"You need a date?"

"I would need you to appear as my girlfriend."

"Is this a joke?" she asked.

"I wouldn't joke about something like this. I've thought the entire thing through."

"A man who looks like you should have no problem finding a real girlfriend to buy clothes for and flaunt in front of his family." She thought for a moment. "Unless there's something wrong with you."

"There's nothing wrong with me." He raised his voice a bit. "I had planned on attending alone but circumstances have changed. I'm in a bind and from what I gather, you are too."

Her instincts screamed to run in the opposite direction. She'd never been the type to fall for a scam. "I'm not interested in—"

"I'll pay you two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for your time."
"What?" Apparently a side of crazy came with those good looks.

"One hundred and twenty-five thousand today, if you agree." He pulled out a check from the inside pocket of the jacket he had draped on the back of the chair. He slipped the mint green paper across the table. "You'll get the rest on Sunday afternoon."

"That's fifty grand a day." She studied the check. It would take her years to make that kind of money working these shit-end jobs.

"I'm aware." He nodded as if the money meant nothing. "I'm asking for your time, a commodity I believe should be well compensated."
Too good to be true.

"Do you make it a habit of paying women to be your girlfriend?"

"Pretend girlfriend," he reminded her. "You would be the first."

"Why me?"

"Does it matter?"

"What exactly do you expect me to do for that money?"

"I told you." He narrowed his eyes. "I need a date for a long weekend. Everyone needs to think we're a couple."

"You're willing to pay me to go away with you for four days. I'm supposed to take your word we're going to a wedding in Connecticut? How do I know you won't kidnap me and want to do all sorts of kinky stuff to me? You could be some sex-obsessed lunatic."

"Kinky stuff?"

"Yeah, you know, like bondage and blindfolds."

"Do you like that sort of thing?" He tried to conceal his smirk.

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~~ Sexy Excerpt Two ~~ 

Coda opened the door and walked into the bathroom as he shaved. His towel hung low off his hips. The whole bathroom smelled of him. It made her insides quiver. When he caught a glimpse of her in the mirror he dropped his razor into the sink.

“You dropped something,” she said as she reached for her makeup bag. “This bathroom is big enough for us to share. You don’t mind, do you?”
“You’re practically naked.” He gawked at her lacy silver bra and matching thong.

“If we were on the beach, you’d see me in my bikini.” She took in his damp skin, mesmerized by the drop of water that trickled down his chest. She watched as it disappeared into the towel just above his...
Stay in control. I need to seduce him.

“We’re not on the beach.” He picked up his razor and rinsed it off under the faucet. “If we were, there is no way in hell I’d allow you wear something like that.”

“Really? You wouldn’t allow me?”

“No.” He growled.

“Why not? Don’t you like the way I look?”

“That’s not the point.” He struggled not to look at her but she saw his gaze make contact with her body in the reflection of the mirror. “I’d have to kill anyone who looked at you.” 

“You did pay for this underwear, so I figured you should at least get to see it.”

“That was very kind of you.” He concentrated on shaving.
She applied her makeup, hoping he’d make some kind of move to let her know he was interested in her. He’d admitted it the night before. She had to get him to act on it.

When he finished, he wiped his face with a warm washcloth but missed a spot just under his left earlobe. She shimmied her way in between him and the counter. He looked down at her lips. She used that to her advantage as she slowly ran the tip of her tongue along them.

“Let me help you.” She reached up and swiped her thumb across his jaw and to the small spot of shaving cream he’d left behind. “You missed some.” She held out her thumb to show him before using his towel to wipe it off. She squeezed his rock hard thigh. “You’re so muscular.”

“What are you doing?” His words were controlled but clipped. “I thought we decided—” 

“You decided.” She closed the space between them. “I bet your chest is just as toned as your legs.” She trailed her fingers along his pecks and down to his stomach, tracing each of his well-defined six pack abs during her exploration. The lower she went, the harder his breathing became.

“Stop taunting me.” He lifted her up and sat her on the cool tiled counter, spreading her legs as he stepped in between them.

“Or what?” she challenged him.

“You’ll find out just how aggressive I can be.” He gripped her inner thighs. “But you probably like it rough.”

*** COMING SOON! ***

The Weekend Surprise

The long awaited sequel to The Weekend Proposition

Available October 20th, 2014

A chance meeting or a calculated encounter? Someone is in for a surprise.

Brooklyn Conservatory student Sammy Falcone lives a quiet and modest life. She's busy studying classical music, playing her cello, and trying to make ends meet. After she learns of her deceased mother's secret that may involve the Cannon family, she heads to a wedding to catch a glimpse of the privileged clan, never expecting to come face-to-face with them.

Tyler Cannon must abandon his wild, partying ways and step up to help his brother Spencer run the family advertising business. When he meets Sammy at his brother's wedding he's immediately taken by the reserved beauty. Her innocence and simple lifestyle intrigue him enough to become a one-woman man.

Sammy is drawn to Tyler's charm and the attention he shows her. Once she gets to know him, the secrets of her mother's past are no longer important. The problem is Spencer has been suspicious of her from the beginning. Will Spencer's overprotectiveness of his family ruin her chances with Tyler? And if the truth comes out, will Sammy be able to convince Tyler that she never meant his family any harm?

Content Warning: contains mature language and graphic sexual content.

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