10 October 2014

Cover Reveal - Jeté Amour

Cover Reveal of Jeté Amour by Katy Robyns

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Jete Amour Cover 1

Jeté Amour, Volume 1 in the Florine Ballet Theatre Serials

Sofie Richards, the heiress to the elite Richards family fortune, has trained her entire life as a ballerina to join the prestigious Florine Ballet Theatre. While she loves to dance, her parents chose this profession for her and have a lengthy list of expectations for Sofie to meet. After all, she cannot do anything to tarnish the Richards family image.

Finally turning eighteen years old, Sofie decides to take her love of dance into the night, secretly living a double life where her sheltered self is introduced to adventure, sexuality, and an entirely different type of dancing.

Can she balance her day job as a ballerina and her nightlife on a racier stage?

She thought she could until she meets uber handsome Nathan James. Throwing everything she once thought she knew out the door, Sofie must choose between love and her secret life, or the path her parents have made for her.

Even that isn’t so simple, because Nathan isn’t exactly who she thinks he is. But then again, she isn’t who he thinks she is either. Can love last when it’s built on lies?

*This is a multi-book series focused on Sofie and Nathan that will leave you guessing at each turn. Each book will be the length of a novella and release dates will not be far apart.

Disclaimer: These serials are intended for 18 years and older due to sexual content.
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About Katy Robyns...

Katy Robyns is a writer of erotic romance who has been in the author/writing/blogger world for quite some time, but has finally decided to share her own writings with the world! Growing up in New York City, she loves diversity and culture- something she brings to her writing!

Her first book, Jeté Amour, is the first book in the Florine Ballet Theatre Serials due to be released on January 16, 2015.

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