12 July 2013

Challenge Review: First (Wrong) Impressions

Book: First (Wrong) Impressions
Author: Krista D. Ball

A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice which has Elizabeth working in social work helping the less fortunate and Darcy a rich and powerful business man set in Canada. Although the story sticks close the premise of the original, there are several differences. I loved the fact that Elizabeth was still as independent as we have come to love but I was little put off by the constant use of curse words.

The story was a little slow to begin with but by the end I was glad that our couple finally worked through their misunderstandings. Our Lizzy is living with Jane, who had a car accident that resulted in the loss of one of her legs, while working at a shelter that caters to the homeless and down on their luck. She is busy looking for donors when her family is introduced the very amiable Charles Bingley. This of course leads to the family, more specifically Lizzy, to being introduced to William Darcy. Of course Darcy makes a rude comment about Lizzy and of course she hears it; and so the story proceed from there.

There are several interesting differences from the original including Lizzy's best friend is now male and gay, Luke Charlotte. This time there are only four Bennet daughters with Kitty being a cousin, while Mary and Lydia are very much like the sisters we've come to love. Georgiana is not, surprisingly, the same girl we know but a bisexual ex-pop-star that went by the name of G'Anna. Even Caroline showed some good interest but of course in the end she is still Caroline.

In the end, I rather enjoyed the story and am glad that I continued this book until the end. Lizzy's and Darcy's relationship in the end was very modern and I liked it. Do yourself a favor, enjoy it!!


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