02 July 2013

Review: Lady Harriette: Fitzwilliam's Heart and Soul

Book: Lady Harriette: Fitzwilliam's Heart and Soul
Author: P.O. Dixon
Ms. Austen said it best, "The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” She could have easily said this about Ms. Dixon's latest book, Lady Harriette: Fitzwilliam's Heart and Soul. After reading To Have His Cake (and Eat It Too); What He Would No Do, I was left wondering how life would be for Fitzwilliam and Harriette after their "unusual" courtship; now I know! This book made me admire Fitzwilliam more than previously as he brings his home from the brink of disaster which has been mismanaged, maintaining his loyalty to his family (even with Lord Matlock and Lady Catherine trying to undermine him) and building a life with his new bride.

Although the book's central characters are Fitzwilliam and Harriette, Darcy and Elizabeth are their closest friends and that friendship is essential to the new couple.  I'm pleased that they are there for their friends even as they are working through their own problems when someone from Darcy's part is now working as one of the servants in the Fitzwilliam household.

Another amazingly will written story by Ms. Dixon that's sure to become a classic in its own right! I know Jane would have approved!

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