21 July 2013

Challenge Review: A Most Civil Proposal

Book: A Most Civil Proposal
Author: C.P. Odom

I truly enjoyed this book! I loved the proposal scene at the parsonage and loved that Elizabeth still had her say against his proposal but Mr. Darcy presented himself well. What I didn't approve of was Mr. Collins' jumping the wrong conclusions when he comes upon Lizzy and Darcy and then has the nerve of spreading the news to not only Lady Catherine but also Mr. Bennet. While Lizzy still doesn't accept Darcy during their interview, she at least allows him to call on her while she is in London at her Aunt's and Uncle's.

While Darcy is in London await for Lizzy, Lizzy is contemplating her feelings for Darcy and asking herself if she could ever marry him. When they finally meet again, she has come to accept Darcy's love for her and,
although she doesn't love, she accepts him. Due to Mr. Bennet's lack of blessing, although he gives his consent, Darcy and Lizzy marry in London with the help of her Uncle and Aunt and two start their lives together.

It takes awhile for Lizzy to realize that she not only respects Darcy but loves him with her whole heart and soul. She proves to all that she will stand by Darcy no matter what and berates her father for not only not listening to her but treating her husband with disrespect. In the end, he finally comes to realize he was wrong asks not only for Lizzy's but Darcy's forgiveness. We also get to see Jane and Bingley finally come together and get married. There are some other interesting aspects that I will let you discover yourself but I do love Mrs. Bennet's reaction to Lizzy's wedding!!

This was an enjoyable read and I would love to see what more Mr. Odom has in store for us in the future.

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