03 July 2013

Challenge Review: Promises

Book: Promises
Author: Wendi Sotis

I was unprepared to read to this book!! I never would have imaged that I would feel so many emotions while reading it, but I was pleasantly surprised.

It starts off with Elizabeth sitting on the floor in a bookstore where is happens to meet Darcy! He is adjusting to life without his mother and she is just trying to live her life without constantly disappointing her mother. We soon come to learn that Elizabeth's and Darcy's father are long last friends who are pleased to connect again. Over the next several years, Elizabeth and Darcy meet and become great friends; she gets to stay are Darcy House and Pemberley. While Darcy is away on his tour of Italy, Elizabeth and Mr. Bennet have come to stay at Pemeberley but by a surprise turn of events Darcy comes home early just in time to meet Elizabeth again; Elizabeth has grown into a lovely sixteen year old (she's grown up and out of those awkward years).

Their meeting was priceless! Darcy had been out riding and Elizabeth was coming down from a tree when he come around a hedge and the horse, while trying to miss Elizabeth, swerved and caused Darcy to fall. He was injured and Elizabeth had to help him but in doing so she injured herself. The whole scene was intriguing to see them both come the realization that they loved it each other. While they both recover they spend a lot of time together and by the end of Elizabeth's stay and come to an understanding and promise to meet again in eight months on Elizabeth's seventeenth birthday; then they will become official engaged!

This where things go wrong! Old Mr. Darcy is killed in an accident, someone is keeping letters from the Bennets and Darcy from getting to each other, Darcy is injured during a fire and the next thing you know three years have passed. Oh how my heart ached at all the time kept my favorite couple apart!

Luckily for us Bingley leases a house in Hertfordshire and Darcy comes along!! The lovers finally have a chance to meet again and this time talk things through. Right the wrongs. It takes a little while to finally get the happy end we all longed for, but in the end it was well worth it!

My favorite part of the book had to be when Mr. Bennet had to have a "the birds and the bees" talk with Darcy! That was priceless!! This version of Jane was very different from the original but I loved it. And oh Mrs. Bennet was amazing!! She changed her demeanor after hearing some comments and was able to reign in Lydia and Kitty; well done Mrs. Bennet. I didn't like Lady Catherine to being with but this version made me dislike her even more and I was surprised to see the Earl of Matlock being as devious as this. Good thing Colonel Fitzwilliam was there to give some relief to the drama; he can always be counted on for a good laugh.

Overall, I really liked this retelling of Darcy and Elizabeth. Thanks to Ms. Sotis for taking me on a roller coaster ride of emotions.


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