03 December 2014

Review ~ Once Upon a Time

Fairytales are for Morons

My 5-star review of S.K. Hartley's "Once Upon a Time"

I think the reason I lived this book is because it's believable. It's not so out there that you think "that would never happen". It has just the right mix of humor, sentiment, exploration of another characters & environment, and smokin' sex scenes to make you BELIEVE! The story is so relatable to the reader!

I promise you that this is not your typical love story, there's no naive passive female lead, she is strong, witty, and like all of us needs someone to heal her heart and show her that true love means fighting together. Mr Black is mysterious, but so tender yet dominating. He's definitely an alpha male who needs taken down a notch, but he always gets what he wants.

Do they find a HEA? Read and find out!!!

**Review contributed by Blog Contributor Tonya Wright**

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