13 August 2014

Review: Cold Nights, Hot Bodies

Cold Nights, Hot Bodies by Lily Harlem

 This was my first book by Lily and it won't be my last. I picked this one because the cover called my name and boy did it ever keep my attention!

A shy, mousy, twenty-three year old that would rather read about love then to go out and look for Mr. Right. So Ashley is going to the end of year gathering of all the best sales rep of her company, but her best friend decided the best way for Ashley to come out of her shell was to switch Ashley drab dinner suit for a very stunning red dress. Although Ashley is reluctant to even go through with the dinner after finding her wardrobe switched, she does go and while there catches the eye of Shane. Shane is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome; a cool drink of water; very easy on the eyes. Although she is scared, Ashley goes for what she wants... Shane.

These two are very attached to one another share a couple of great days together, but as with life, things get in the way. She is out of sorts since Shane has been MIA but he's about to be part of her life and he isn't letting her go this time.

I love this couple and the HEA was brilliant. This is the perfect short story to keep you warm at night.

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