21 August 2014

Review: Burn For Me

Burn For Me by Lauren Blakely

"He was commanding. He was Determined. He was a man who know what he wanted - and he wanted her."

Jamie and Smith have been friends for years. No matter what they are doing, they have fun together, their easy banter is amazingly stimulating. However, underneath their friendship lays something more. Each has been dreaming of the other but since they love their friendship, neither want to lose that and the sexual tension is high. So one night, during a party at the bar Jamie works at, Smith decides that its now or never and makes his move. Jamie is a little unsure but Smith is incredibly sexy that she gives into her desires. And what an experience it is, one that Smith wants to continue but Jamie is a little reluctant. Luckily for us, and Smith, Jamie thinks that maybe a one week, no-strings attached, friends with benefits would be the answer. Smith agrees but he vows to himself to make things last after the week but Jamie fights her depending feelings as the week progresses. Smith will have to up his game if he intends to keep the woman of his dreams.

This was a very steamy novella that was enticing and stimulating. The characters know what they want and aren't afraid to ask for it. I love how when trouble strikes, each know what they can do for the other because they have been friends for the longest time. This book had it all... passion, fire, love, steamy sexual tension, and even a cat in a tree! Lauren Blakely is an amazing author and I cannot wait to see what she will deliver us next. 

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