20 August 2014

Review: Make Me Stay

Make Me Stay by Ella Jade

When Cade told Gracie to leave, that is exactly what she did and Cade was devastated. He hired a private investigator to locate her but no avail. So when she shows up two years later, a cascade of emotions run through him. Gracie is more then pleased that Cade could still want her even after all this time. When Gracie left, she didn't know what to do or where to go. She ended up in New York visiting a friend and there is where her life was changed. She meets Martin and the two of them worked together to mold Gracie into the person that she is today. Although Martin loves Gracie, he knows she has always loved Cade and everything she does is for him. Now she returns to Boston and to Cade trained in the BDSM lifestyle and sets out to incorporate that into their relationship. Cade, of course, is a little reluctant but now that Gracie has returned he cannot image a life without her in it. So, they work together through several bumps in the road to work but their love is strong. 

This was a story about how love can over come any challenges. Gracie was weak when she left Cade but grew into a strong willed women. Cade was scared to hurt Gracie because he likes to dominate and now he has the chance to have the best of both worlds. With some help from Martin, Gracie and Cade have the life they always wanted. 

Ella's makes us fall in love with these two and leave us wanting to know more of their story! A great sensual story that makes you believe love can conquer anything!

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