22 August 2014

ARC Review: Colors of Us (McAvery Brothers Book 1)

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I have been dying to read this book for what seems like forever; I may have even bugged Sandra about it a time or two. So when I woke up one fine Wednesday morning to see this book in my email from Sandra, well let's just say I woke everybody up in the twelve block radius.

So we meet Michelle, a single girl trying to make it on her own as an artist and working in a gallery in SoHo. She is all alone with no family and only a handful of friends. Something happened in her past that keeps her closed off so that she can blend into the background. One fine cool morning, she goes off to get some free coffee from the new nearby coffee shop when a very handsome man starts conversing with her while waiting in line. He introduces himself as Hunter McAvery. The two have sparks flying all over the place but neither do anything about it. He does, however, buys her a cookie; it really was very sweet of him. As these two part, he wants to follow her but he can't bring himself to do it. See, Hunter has a troubled past himself and he has lived with that for some time. He doesn't think he has the right to be happy or to find love. 

Luck would be on their side and the two would be brought together by unlikely third person, Alex's girlfriend Jacey! Alex is Hunter's older brother and since his birthday is just around the corner, Jacey wants to buy a painting for his office. Of course she has to drag Hunter along for his help and the two almost give up when they stumble upon the very gallery that Michelle works at. Although she isn't there at the time, Jacey leaves her number for her to call because she really loves her work.

Michelle and Jacey agree to meet at the bar so that Michelle can bring some of her work and see what would go best in Alex's office. And when she walks into the bar, Hunter is instantly smitten all over again. But of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Alex, who was supposed to be out of the bar looking at chairs, finds them in the office with the painting that Jacey has picked out. Alex exams the work and instantly requests, well more like doesn't take no for answer, Michelle paint a mural on one of the bar's blank walls. Michelle, of course, ends up taking the job which will last some time. She has never done a job this big but she is excited for the challenge. This also means that she will be spend a lot of time at the bar, and more importantly, with Hunter. 

The chemistry these two have is electric but both try to fight it. Their constant will they won't they is intriguing and sometimes frustrating. But as their friendship grows, they begin to help each other get over their pasts. As Michelle begins to see her own strength, Hunter makes the decision to start living the life he really want. The only problem is that his new life is in California. Michelle and Hunter decide to spend the night together, just that one night, since he will be flying out on the morning. And boy what a night it is; a first time for the last time kind of night. So touching, so emotional. Oh the humanity, why must you do this to us Sandra! Get them together at last just to tear them apart!! ***cries***

But alas, Michelle and Hunter needed the time apart to realize what they really wanted... each other. Michelle is the one that ends up making the grand gesture and flies out to California. Of course there is a slight bump in the road, but after all make-up sex is grand! Awe, the perfect happily ever after beginning.

I am so totally in love with this book and with Hunter! Sandra, thanks for writing this story; having to stay up late was worth it! And yes, I'd choose the taste of Hunter over a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie any day of the week!

*** ARC received from author for honest review. ***

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