21 August 2014

Review: Limelight Series

Rumor Has It (Limelight Book 1) by Elisabeth Grace

"Dagnabit darlin', you sayin' you don't find me all kinds a sexy without this Southan drawl?"

Mason Nash is a rock star looking for a mini break from it all. So he rents a place away from it all in Virginia Beach, VA. 

Ellie Wagner is trying to live down an embarrassing YouTube video while working for for a realty company; although she is actively looking for a job that she can use her college degree. 

One day Ellie gets told to go to the rental home and retrieve the key that the housekeeper locked inside the house and return it to the lock box before the renter arrives. When she arrives, she is unable to get into the house she decided to crawl through the only unlocked window, the small bathroom window. And this is how Mason and Ellie meet; Ellie crawling through the window.

The sparks fly instantly between these two. Luckily for Mason, Ellie does not know how he is at first and get to know the man behind the image. They start slow just getting to know each other but as time goes on, they develop a deep affection. They have to fight to stay together and even though there are those that will stop at nothing to break them apart. But as the saying goes, you cannot stand between true love.

Rumor Has It was an amazing read that will keep you entranced until the end. Well done Ms. Grace; cannot wait to see what will come in the future! 

Picture Perfect (Limelight Book 2) by Elisabeth Grace

"... you have this innate sparkle about you that makes others feel better in your presence. Never, ever let anyone take that away from you again."

Skye Summers is trying to prove to everyone that she can be more then the daughter of the mayor. After her breakup, friend Katie takes Skye out for some drinks and fun at a local bar. While there, she has a few drinks and starts having some fun. She notices a very hot guy watching her and it excites her. After a rather drunk guy throws up on her, she runs to the bathroom to clean up as best she can. When she exits the bathroom she runs into the very handsome guy. They share a very steamy kiss but Skye soon realizes what she is doing and runs away. Although she found him extremely attractive, she never expects to see him again.

Skye was recently hired as an assistant to a PR entrepreneur Landon Steele. When she started her new job, her boss was out of the office so she did what she could in getting to know her fellow employees and the basics of job. When her new boss finally appears, she is stunned to find out it was the guy from the bar!

These two have sparks flying left and right but both are fighting their mutual attraction. But when they can no longer fight it, they become a very hot couple. They keep their relationship quiet at first, but when trouble is up they have decide if their relationship is worth fighting for.

I love this continuation on Elisabeth Grace's Limelight series. Landon and Skye are amazing individuals and together they could do anything their hearts desire. An quick and steamy read that could not be out down until the end. I, for one, look forward to book three of this series and any other projects Ms. Grace has to offer! 

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