20 March 2015

New Release ~ Everything I Need (Everything I Want Book 2) by Natalie Barnes

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Everything I Need (Everything I Want 2)
by Natalie Barnes
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Some who see me, see that I'm a rock star. Others see me just by my appearance...or my talent. But one woman, just one, saw past all that. Even when I dragged her through the fucking dirt she got back up and dusted herself off. Her blue eyes pierced right through me, weakening me. Her voice soothed, calmed me. She riled me up and got me going, then slammed on the brakes.

Then I fucked everything up...

I hate everything right now, but I really wish I could hate her. It would make things so much fucking easier if I could.

But I cant... I'm fucking in love with her. ~Tristan

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Everything I Want ( Book 1)
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