20 January 2015

New Release & Review ~ Island Escape (Island Series) by Viv Daniels

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ADAM Luxury yacht, tropical seas, babes in bikinis…dream job, right? Wrong. The passengers are rich jerks who treat the crew like garbage, when they aren’t pretending we’re their whores. The best day was when that cokehead heiress Kalina tried to fire me just for doing my job. I swore I’d never go back home to my parents and their crazy fundamentalist ranch in the desert, but nothing could be worse than this. And then the pirates attack.

KALINA Luxury yacht, tropical seas, billionaire boyfriend…dream trip, right? Wrong. After catching my man getting “extra services” from the maid, I know I’m the laughing stock of passengers and crew. Every time I lay eyes on that quiet, handsome deckhand Adam, I can feel him judging me. I want to die, and when the pirates show up, I think I’m going to. But Adam… he saves me. Now we’re alone together on a lifeboat in the open ocean. Adam thinks we don’t have a chance, but thanks to him, we’ve made it this far. And then, in the distance, I spot an island…

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Island Born (Island Series #1)
Releases on February 28th
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Once you come to the island, You’ll never be the same.

Joshua Truman grew up on a private island in the South Pacific with only his philosophy books and the beauty of his surroundings for company. His billionaire parents raised him to be the perfect man, brilliant of mind and pure of spirit.

You know what? Purity be damned.

When tempting grad student Carrie Young arrives on his island with a group of researchers, Joshua makes his move. He wants her, and he’ll utilize every advantage of his gorgeous surroundings and exquisitely thorough education to seduce her.

Carrie is shocked by the things this supposed innocent is making her feel. But she must resist him, for Carrie is the keeper of dangerous secrets, and her boss has plans more devious than anyone knows…

The first of the 4-book ISLAND series.

Review of Island Escape

Kalina is, in short, a spoiled child. Well, spoiled is saying it nicely. She's rich, drug addicted and a drunk. She's on a vacation with her, not so great, boyfriend and friends. Friends, well that's not exactly what these people are. They really aren't nice to each other, let alone to Kalina. Her boyfriend, Bran, is used to getting his way and doesn't think twice on cheating on her. And the blow to end everything, he hits her. But even with all of this, Kalina knows that there is more to life, more to her, more to everything.

Adam is a struggling student. Working on this boat isn't his cup of tea, but the payout will help him with his schooling and maybe help his siblings. He's come a long way from his upbringing but sometimes it doesn't feel that way. The "ladies" are always coming onto him, but he's not biting. There is one that had caught his eye, but he won't do anything about it.

One night, while cleaning up after another "party", he doesn't notice that the yacht is being taken over by pirates. Not the fun and lovable kind a la Pirates of the Caribbean. They've killed most of the crew and gathered up all the guest. Adam must decide, stay and fight which could possible mean his life or run and hide and live to fight another day. He chooses to run and get away via a lifeboat.

Once away, he assess the situation but he hears something. He's not alone in the lifeboat after all, it's Kalina. And she's hung over, not just from drinking either. Now they're stuck together until someone finds them, but luckily, there is land ahead.

I liked the book even though it has a slow start. Knowing all the ins and out of Kalina life and some of Adam was a bit overdone. Once on the island, their relationship stalls even though they both want each other. They fight against it like crazy, but when they finally get together it seems a bit rushed. And once they seem to get things going, they are saved. The final chapters seem rushed, their save, they way they are torn apart and finally the HEA. I did enjoy the several mentions of Kalina's favorite movie, The Princess Bride, since I love that movie as well. I did enjoy Kalina's reboot of herself through their ordeal. Adam also changed a bit, who he was is who he still is, just not always waiting for the next show to fall. Taking chances doesn't have to be the end of the world.

I am looking forward to the next book in this series. Overall, I enjoyed Viv's writing and this story.

About Viv Daniels

Viv Daniels writes love stories for the young and young at heart. Like many of her characters, she met her husband in college, and knows all the ins and outs of navigating that kind of relationship -- from how to date when you're both flat broke to how to fit two people in narrow dorm room bed.
Her favorite new adult authors include Tammara Weber and Sarina Bowen. Viv can usually be found on her Facebook page or Twitter feed, chatting with readers about her favorite New Adult fiction, or sharing pictures of cute boys.  

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