01 November 2015

New Release and Review ~ Camouflage, Predator and Prey #1, by Angelica Chase


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I lived my life by two principles: order and excellence.
My moral compass steered me out of the slums of backwoods Tennessee and towards the woman I was destined to become, but not without gathering a few skeletons along the way.

Eventually, I found success, but my restless, relentless nature still left me feeling unsatisfied.

Then I met a ghost of a man.

At first, I was sure Daniello was a figment of my imagination, a beautiful and dangerous apparition with a fat cock and an animalistic hunger. He threatened my control and need for order, and in his absence, I became more haunted by my past.

He wanted me submissive. I wanted to know him.

Then my ghost met my skeletons.

 ***Erotic Suspense***
Camouflage is the first full length book of a duet. If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic, extremely explicit sex, immoral behavior, dysfunction, or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable, this is not the series for you.

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Taylor appears to have to all on the surface, but there are secrets that she's been hiding. Secrets she is not willing to share. Secrets that are better left in the dark. At least that is the way she feels and how she wants to keep it. She's been going to The Rabbit Hole looking for someone to excite her, control her, top her. But no one has ever caught her eye until he walked in.

Daniello is a man with his own secrets but his take control, take no prisoners personality is a force to be reckoned with. He's noticed Taylor and finds her captivating. So after some very sultry interactions, he makes an offer to "spend time" with her, an offer she is finding very hard to say no to. Daniello has that effect on her, but with his seductive stare and alpha magnetism, I'd find it hard to say no to him as well.

Their give and take relationship is scorching. Several cold showers are needed after their encounters! Wow!!

But secrets never stay in the past and Taylor's are about to be exposed, but being the tough woman that she is, she goes it alone. This isn't Daniello's problem. Too bad he doesn't see it that way. And after all is said and done, Taylor thinks her life is finally back on track but little does she know, her trial and tribulations have just started.

Seriously, Angelica has an ability to draw a reader into a story and never let you go. This is by far my favorite so far. The characters are enchanting, captivating, sexy as hell. Their lives are complex, mysterious, intriguing. Their chemistry is electric, so much so that it sizzles your fingers as you turn the pages. As more is learned about Taylor, the more you appreciate the person she has become. The little we learn of Daniello, keeps us entranced in his mysterious revelations.

And that cliffhanger? Oh my goodness!! What the?? I did not see that coming! That only will keep me waiting on baited breath to see what happens next.

If you are a fan of Angelica's, then you will love this book. If you are new to Angelica's, then hang on for the ride of your life!
About the author
Angelica Chase resides in Savannah, GA with her love slave of ten years. When she’s not whipping him into submission she uses her spare time to write filthy erotic romance novels. She wrote a scorching sex scene months ago and after teasing her best friends with it was encouraged to write her first erotic series and Sexual Awakenings was born. Her hobbies include online porn for (# for research purposes only), walking her mini beast and reading smut.

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