26 May 2018

Guest Post ~ Destiny Happened by London Saint James

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I'm a pleased to welcoming my friend London to my little corner of the web!!

Hi, everyone! *waves* London Saint James here. I’m one of the authors of the Down & Dirty crew and I’m so excited to let you know the Down and Dirty box set is now available!


Get in, get down…and get filthy with these sexy, hardworking, blue-collar heroes who don’t mind when things get a little dirty at work or at play.

This collection of 22 brand new stories from USA Today and International Best-Selling authors is full of scorching hot romance tales that will be sure to leave you breathless for more. These men work hard and play even harder.

From cops to mechanics, miners to brewmasters, they aren’t afraid to go all in. At the end of the day, when they find the woman who completes them, they learn love and life can be as messy as their day jobs…and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

For a limited time Down and Dirty is on sale for only .99 cents, so grab your copy now!

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When I was first invited to take part in this project, I had three different professions in mind for my sexy blue-collar hero. A ship welder, jackhammer operator, and big rig diesel mechanic. All of them were yummy, and it was too hard to decide and pick just one. What did I do? I took it to my peeps in my FB group, Slip Between the Pages with London. I Love them!! After putting it to a vote, the winner was… big rig diesel mechanic and my hero, Kash Caldwell, was born.

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Destiny Happened Blurb

Of course, I noticed Mr. Shirtless. With a bod like his, who wouldn’t? But his hot-factor didn’t matter. What did? My asshat ex and the need to make him jealous. So, I strolled up to the panty-melting stranger as though I knew him and laid one on him, hoping said asshat would see I’d moved on just fine without him. Only, he never saw me kissing another man.

I spotted her—honey-blonde hair gleaming in the sun as she came my way. I’d flirt. Smile. Maybe get her number. I sure the hell didn’t expect her to toss her arms around my neck, mashing her body against mine, and kiss the ever-loving shit out of me. Then, she stopped. Stepped back. Blushed. Whispered “Sorry” and blended into the crowd.

I never got her name that day. Or her number. However, fate had other plans and Destiny happened…again.


Destiny Happened Excerpt


The curve of my back was molded to the passenger door of Kash’s pickup—his right hand gripping a fist-full of my hair, his left hoisting my leg up the side of his, fingers curling around the back of my knee while we devoured each other with our mouths. Nips, licks, sucks, twirling and thrusting tongues, his big body pressed into mine as we went at it with our clothes on in the partially shadowed corner where we’d parked in O’Dools lot.

“I want you,” Kash all but growled, his warm breath bathing my lips and chin. Then he ground his hard-on against my center, hitting me just right as he went back to fucking my mouth with his tongue.

Coming up for air I said, “Me, too” and dug my nails into the arms of his coat—once again mashing my mouth against his.

“Now.” He sucked my bottom lip. “I want you now.”

His tongue speared past my teeth, rubbing against mine.

“Yes,” I panted out when he inched back. “I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything.”

Faster than my lust-addled brain could process, he’d maneuvered me, opened his truck door, saying, “Get in.”

I scrambled in.

Kash came in after me, slamming the door behind him. “Straddle me.”

Apparently, I hadn’t been quick enough, because the man just picked me up and positioned me over his lap—my knees digging into the seat on either side of his hips.

God that was hot.

“Take off the coat,” he said, voice gone gritty and low.

I shrugged out of it as his hands went to the front of my blouse. One, two, three buttons came undone, then he just ripped the rest of them free, iridescent pearls flying—one pinging off the windshield.

A combination of the cool air and my own arousal had my nipples hard-pressed against the sheer material of my bra.

The man’s nostrils flared as he looked at me. “You’re drop-dead beautiful.”

I didn’t have time to thank him for the compliment or even return the sentiment because Kash cupped my left breast and squeezed, seizing my breath.

Heart pounding, I leaned forward and kissed him as he yanked on the cup of my bra, exposing my bare skin and pinched the hard nub before breaking our kiss.

Pressing my torso back, he came forward and latched onto me with his lips.

Arching into him, I moaned, aware my sex was not only slick, but gushing with the need to be penetrated and filled to capacity.

“Perfect,” he said, then licked. “Goddamned perfect.”


As if my breathy expulsion of his name had flipped an unknown switch, he came undone, losing any restraint he’d been holding on to. He was groaning and touching. Sucking, licking, squeezing…

“Undo your pants, baby, and then undo mine,” he said, never stopping his touching, returning back to my throat, neck, and breasts with his mouth and tongue.

On sexual autopilot, I got my pants open, and his—my hands freeing his impressively huge erection.

When my fingers struggled to fully wrap around his girth, I worried he would tear me up trying to fit into my body, but when he made that noise low in his throat, I didn’t care. I just wanted him.

“Oh fuck… That’s it, Desi. Squeeze me. There you go. Stroke me.”



Jesus-holy-fuck, that was good. Destiny was jacking me off, moaning, and pressing her mouth to the side of my neck, sucking.

“Oh, God. Kash. Oh, God.”

I was licking and squeezing her breast, the other hand going down the front of her gaping pants, slipping beneath her panties and finding her almost completely devoid of pubic hair.

What did I love even more than naked pussy? Soaking wet pussy.

Mm… Desi-baby. Tell me what you want.” I pressed one finger between her pouting lower lips.

“You,” she said as she wiggled, trying to make me move, but I held my finger still.

“Tell me.”

“Your fingers,” she all but pleaded.

“These?” I tapped them against her. “Do you want my fingers deep inside of you, fingering this sweet pussy?”

“Yes. Please.”

I pressed the tip of my forefinger to her opening, gathered her juices, and brought some of that slickness up to her clit where I circled.

“Aah… please. Please, Kash,” she purred.

How could I deny her when she’d asked so nicely?

Thumb pressing against her, I slowly slid one finger inside of her body. “Ah… baby.” I’d have to take my time with her when my cock finally made it to the promised land my finger was enjoying or else I could really hurt her. “You're hot, wet, and so damn tight.”

She’d never stopped working my cock, so I started working her—pussy and clit. The woman was extraordinary. The way she gave herself over. The sensual movements of her body. The expression of pure bliss on her face highlighted by the slant of light trickling in the truck.

Listening to her whimper and watching her rock her hips—blue eyes closing when I added a second finger—possessive need walloped me. “Destiny. Give me those eyes.”

They popped open and locked with mine.

“Keep your eyes on me.”

She nodded, riding my hand.

All the windows of my pickup fogged over—the cab filling with the sounds of our moans, groans, and heaving breaths. The scent of her. Of me. The rich smell of sex swirling all around us.

Unable to hold back any longer, I placed my forehead against hers as her small hand pumped my dick. “Kiss me. I want to be kissing you when we come.”

Those glistening lips of hers met mine, mouth opening to let me in.

My throbbing balls pulled up tight as the taste of her hit my tongue.

She moaned—the walls of her pussy fluttering and starting to clamp even tighter around the two fingers I had deep inside her. When I curled them, she whimpered.

Mm…” I groaned into her mouth.

Shuddering and making needy sounds in her throat, she went off like a bottle rocket for me.

That’s all I needed.

Pleasure rolled down my spine as I ate at her mouth, dick jerking in her hand, cum shooting up my shaft and out of me like a fucking geyser.

Heart pounding, chest heaving, blood rushing through my ears, the last spurt of my release trickling down her hand, we both slumped into each other—holding on.

Other Fantastic Stories Included Are

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The opportunity to build her own future and start over is exactly what Sasha needs. Moving to the small town of Digby to open up a pastry shop is more than enough to make her happy, or so she thought. What she wasn’t counting on was the sexy rancher that seems to have quite an interest in her, for far more than her baking skills.

Sasha has exactly what Declan needs to take care of his sweet tooth, and any other hungers that may arise…if she has the courage to show it. He’s figured out that Sasha is gun shy when it comes to men, but with some patience, he hopes to sneak past her walls and show her that he’s in it for more than just dessert. When his past comes calling, will Sasha open up and trust him, or will she shut her heart down for good?

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A brokenhearted recluse and a sexy locksmith spend the final weeks of summer in a stranger’s mansion, burning up the sheets and pretending not to fall in love.


For the past year, my life has been a raging trash fire. Right now, a house sitting job sounds perfect—one long summer, alone in someone else’s mansion with nothing but my stupid broken heart. Everything is going fine…until I find the key. Until I find him.


I’m the only locksmith in the city who can crack this lock. It’s a complicated job, made even more complicated by the gorgeous, mysterious woman who hired me. She lives here alone, haunting this house like a ghost. What is her story? And why can’t I get her out of my mind?

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I’m Professor Arianna Perez, and I’ve been asked if I’ll ever trust, let alone love, another man again. After dumping an abusive boyfriend, I doubted I would. At least, that’s how I felt until fate had sexy wrangler, Kian Bishop, reappearing in my life in a way I never expected.

Against my better judgement, I fell hard for the cowboy, believing everything he said, including how he wanted to treat me like a queen and keep me safe. Little did I know, though, that the circumstances that’d brought us together could also tear us apart…and possibly claim my life.

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Trent Simmons had spent his life helping others. While recovering from the injury that got him discharged from the service, he met the woman he thought he was going to spend his life with, but it was not meant to be. He spent the next several years infiltrating a human trafficking slavery ring rescuing countless women. Pricilla Wilder had decided she was happy living alone. She had watched her mother raise two children on her own and do a wonderful job. She didn’t need a man in her life. Then an insane madman targeted her and her sister trying to extract revenge on their father. Trent was assigned to be one of Pricilla’s bodyguards. The woman was smart, and sexy. Trent can’t ignore the feelings she awakens within him—feelings he thought had died years ago. Can he convince her to give him a chance or will fate once again destroy his world?

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As the manager of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the safety of the men under his control was the most important thing to Cooper. That was until Dr. Honor Jennings stepped from a helicopter and proceeded to show him that playing it safe wasn’t always the best way forward.

When Honor arrived onboard the rig, she was fully prepared to uncover the safety breaches an anonymous source had advised her were taking place. She was completely unprepared for her reaction to the rig manager. The cold-blooded murder she witnessed came as a downright shock!

Can Cooper keep Honor safe with a murderer on the loose and a storm keeping them isolated from the mainland, or will the risk prove too much and cost them everything?

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Blayne Simmons is a firefighter, a job he loves as much as he hates the flames he battles. He exists in a world on fire, but is frozen inside by the scars of a fire he failed to conquer. He works hard, plays even harder. Satisfying his needs, nothing more, until Felicity Kendall enters his tightly-controlled world.

Felicity is alone. She has to be, because everyone, everything, she loves burns to ashes. When a ruggedly handsome firefighter attempts to pick her up in a bar, she’s stung by the bitter irony. He’s clueless to the depths of her hatred of firemen. They saved her as a child, and delivered her into a world of pain. She should have burned. She wished she had.

When fire thrusts Felicity into Blayne’s arms, he discovers she is the victim of a deadly game. A game he will win, because Felicity is now his.

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After losing a bet, Cade Fallon ends up in the fire department’s annual, fundraising calendar—at least it was for a good cause. At first, it was funny having strange women run up to him and ask for pictures or autographs, but it doesn’t take long for it to become annoying.

Jenna Anderson is shocked to learn her student’s uncle is “Mr. October” from the calendar her friend bought her, but she's more concerned about young Christopher’s falling grades. The last thing she expected was Cade’s interest in her—especially when he’s got women falling all over him. Refusing to be another notch on his belt, she fights her growing attraction to him.

When Cade realizes Jenna is the woman his heart has been searching for, he knows he’ll have to work to convince her. Stoking the flames between them shouldn’t be too hard—after all, he is a fireman.

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Christian Harrington went to work every day as a steamfitter at the local nuclear energy plant with some expectation of danger. When Christian meets fiery bartender Roxy McVee he quickly realizes he may have met his match. Unfortunately, Christian is not the only person with their sights set on Roxy.

Roxy McVee had wanted a fresh start. Slinging drinks and telling jokes at the local bar in La Salle, Illionois seemed like a great way to go. Her decision is rewarded when serious but sexy as hell Christian Harrington walked into the bar with his friends after work. Roxy’s immediate reaction to him leads her to become comfortable around him. The reason for Roxy’s move proves that the saying that the things one resist, persist is true. Roxy and Christian must navigate a potentially deadly landmine in the form of one very dangerous visitor from her past.

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When Winston Hartwell’s construction crew ends up on a reality TV show, there’s no way he’s going to sing for his supper, no matter how nicely the curvy camera lady asks. He’s terrified of the limelight, and he doesn’t trust these Hollywood types as far as he can throw them.

Trina McCallister is one last reality show away from her dream job of filming movies. She’ll do whatever it takes to get the footage she needs and get the hell out. But she isn’t prepared for the sexy giant with a voice of gold to demolish her carefully constructed defenses.

When lies and fear shake their newly laid foundation, only an act of bravery and trust will save them from ruin.

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He’s a lifesaver

EMT Ryan Murphy is smart, sexy, and arrogant when it comes to his job and his personal life. Saving lives and looking hot while doing it isn’t always easy. No one is immune to his charms except for one uptight nurse, and he’d love nothing more than to get under more than just her skin.

She’s a lifesaver

Experienced emergency room nurse Helena Carter can handle any situation with calm determination but hearing Ryan’s husky voice is enough to make her look like it’s her first day on the job. He’s cocky, sarcastic and she’s not into him. She fell in love once before and was taken for all she had. She’s not about to make the same mistake again.

After one scorching night of passion leads to a few misunderstandings, will the erratic pulse of their relationship take a turn for the worse and crash hard?

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A diamond in the rough…

The family diamond business is all Ethan Withers has, and for the last seven years, it’s been everything to him. Inherited at only 18, his father’s passion has become his life’s work.

A hidden gem…

Christina McAlister was smart, funny, sexy, and everything he never knew he wanted. She hides her sparkle behind her drive to finish her law degree. Having been hurt before, she doesn’t have time or the desire for love.

Just the right amount of friction, a chance encounter, and a lot of heat sparks will change them both. Will they be able see past their individual goals in order to claim a once in a lifetime prize?

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With only hours until her big 3-0, Vanessa still has three things left on her “Before I Turn Thirty” bucket list: have a one night stand, get a tattoo, and get engaged. When her boyfriend dumps her during dinner, she knows a ring isn’t happening. But no-strings sex with the handsome stranger she later meets at a bar? Check.

Mateo never expected to hook up with the sexy brunette. He also didn’t expect for her to bolt before he could get her last name. Luckily, he’s about to get a second chance.

But Vanessa only wants to forget that night once she realizes Mateo is the owner of the landscaping company vying for a lucrative contract at the hotel where she and her father work. With Vanessa’s dad deciding if Mateo’s business will get the multi-million dollar deal, they must keep things strictly professional—or else risk consequences that could affect their families.

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Connor Callahan did his best work when it came to beer and babes. As long as live was full of laughs, he was good. It wasn’t until some hot shot journalist started asking questions that his past that he'd tried so hard to forget came back to haunt him.

Allison Drake, top notch reporter was bumped down to do a fun and leisure piece about a bar and new up and coming brew master. She was going to do everything in her power to hurry things along and go back to the big city where she belonged.

However, a car accident, and a few beers later, things change between them. Things aren’t always as black and white as they were before. Can the two of them face the truth about themselves, and be open to the future, or will they both live life with their beer goggles on?

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Amy is a city girl, but things haven’t gone her way. looking for a ‘tree change’ she takes on a job as a Jillaroo on a remote Australian cattle station.

It’s not the glamorous change she thought it would be...

There’s dirt, there’s flies, there’s heat, and then, there’s John, the Jackaroo.

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She wanted to stay. He knew she needed to go.

Police officer Gabe Hannigan had always done the right thing and followed the rules. With the exception of one night with the girl he had always craved, Billie Shannon.

When Billie returns four years later to care for her sick father, she comes home with a secret she knew she couldn't keep forever, leaving the pair with no choice but to come to terms with the consequences of their night together and the actions Gabe took to try and protect Billie’s future.

Can this lawman make things right with the woman he should never have let go? Will they overcome their past in order to fall in love accidentally again?

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Known locally as the ‘Sex Mechanic’ with a ‘love’em and leave ’em’ approach to women, Ben Steadman is astonished to suddenly develop feelings for a new girl in town. She has a flat tire that he is happy to help with. Unfortunately she also has a couple of kids in tow, making her strictly off-limits–especially when he hears their daddy’s in the military.

Iona Walker is filling in at her uncle’s firm, although admin doesn’t exactly excite her. She is smitten with the handsome mechanic who helps her out, although she senses mixed signals.

After his boss’ heart attack, Ben realizes that his job isn’t as safe as he’d hoped as he struggles to keep the company afloat. Iona is delighted to offer her help with the business, especially as it means them working together.

However, a concoction of misunderstandings and interference seems destined to keep the two apart...

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Here’s a little bit about me. I live in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with a sexy, alpha-male hero of my very own and a spoiled, bossy fat cat. I also write stories about hot, protective men who love their women and strong (even if they don’t realize they are strong) women who love and protect their men. The road to their Happily Ever After may not be easy, and they may have a little bit of angst, but they will get everything worked out, do a lot of kissing, and have some sizzling moments along the way.

If you need more of me, feel free to pop on over to my website or stalk me on FBInstagram, and Twitter. Or heck, come join my FB Group you never know what kind of mischief we’ll get up to in there.

You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter, where you can find out about my new and upcoming releases and even win a giveaway or two.

Thanks for stopping by London and sharing Kash and Desi with us today. I loved Destiny Happened and especially that scene in the truck. 😉

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