05 June 2015

12 Days of Great Summer Reads ~ Day 5 ~ The Pet Palace by Debbie White

Everyone need a little love and some furry friends in summer!

Vanessa wasn’t looking for love. She was looking for the perfect place to open her pet rescue center. However, when best friend Gabby suggests she make an appointment with the handsome realtor Jason, Vanessa soon finds herself intrigued by him.  Filled with twists and turns, and likeable characters, The Pet Palace will have you turning pages to follow Vanessa as she realizes her dream. Set in beautiful wine country of northern California, The Pet Palace will captivate you from the first page as Vanessa fulfills her dreams of a lifetime. 

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Debbie currently resides in beautiful Sonoma County, California, where the jagged Pacific coastline meets the rolling hills cascading with vineyards.

She writes romance novellas that feature strong, independent women, who when faced with adversity, or tragedy, fine strength and overcome the perils that stand in their way.

She’s an avid supporter of animal rescue, and happily donates a portion of sales from her books to rescue organizations.

She has two adult children, and two granddaughters. In her spare time, she loves to garden, travel; enjoy family, and her beloved rescue dogs, Dash and Briar.

Her real passion of course is writing, and she uses her 20+ years as a military wife as inspiration for her stories.

The Salty Dog takes places in Bodega, a small fishing community she has the pleasure of visiting often.

The project she is currently working on involves travel to exotic and foreign places, another area she has experience.

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Author Top 10
1. Wine tasting with my honey
2. Vacations to Anywhere!
3. Waterfalls
4. Hummingbirds
5. Sushi
6. Long walks
7. Gorgeous views
8. Sunrises
9. Sunsets
10. Donating money to animal rescue organizations


As they descended the staircase, Vanessa eyed Jason with a different perspective. He truly was a handsome man. His body was lean and hard, and his muscles were evident through his shirt and jeans, giving her an idea of what his body looked like under his clothes. She shuddered and then sighed aloud.

“Is everything OK?” he asked, turning around. Slightly embarrassed that she’d been caught looking, she nodded her head everything was good. Even if she never found the perfect place for the center, she might have found the perfect man in her life. She was at least beginning to think that. Time would tell.

Jason and Vanessa left the industrial area for what would be their last stop. They chatted about the other two properties, and she listed the pros and cons off the top of her head.

“Next stop – the pony farm,” Jason announced.

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