25 June 2015

New Release ~ Reprisal (Contrite #2) by Kathy Coopmans

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Reprisal by Kathy Coopmans
Sequel to CONTRITE

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Clove Calloway thought she ended her nightmare life when she stabbed herself.

When the darkness took over, she thought she’d find peace. Seeing her husband die by the hands of his traitorous brother, Trent, destroyed her. Little did she know, her dreadful life without Turner is just the beginning. She awakens from one nightmare right into another, confined in a house with the Master Manipulator of them all.

Now, she's fighting for her life instead of trying to end it. As the truth unfolds, layer upon layer of deceit could suffocate her. How many times and in how many way can she be betrayed? But Clove refuses to lose. Just how she's going to win is a plan she's yet to determine...

Zack is determined to find his sister Clove, he knows she is out there somewhere. He can feel it. He wants her home. And he is going to find her! He’s ready to take down the evil that has her in his clutches. Only he’s just as shocked as Clove when the truth unfolds…

There’s more…. So much more. Are you ready?

Revenge. Retaliation.


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