05 June 2015

Blog Tour & Review ~ His Plaything by Ava Jackson


His Plaything ebook cover
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Warning: If you can't handle a Navy SEAL with a filthy mouth, and a huge cock who wants to turn you into his plaything, this isn't the book for you. Carry on.

An ass you could bounce a quarter off of.

That’s the sight that greets me of my new roommate as he f*cks a blonde on the kitchen table.

That’s right before I get an eyeful of his giant cock. Cue wet panties.

Oh, and did I mention he’s a Navy SEAL?

One semester. That’s as long as I have to last—and then I’m gone, graduated, off into the real world.

But can I survive that long without becoming … his plaything?

Her Plaything Teaser
Nixon rubbed his stubbled chin, quiet for a moment. Then he abruptly asked, “How many men have you been with?”

What the fuck? Outrage ripped through me, leaving me gaping and blinking at him like a fish out of water. Where did he get off asking something like that? How dare he! But when I drew a breath to yell none of your goddamned business, what came out was, “One.”

A slow, lazy, downright sinful smile curled up his lips. He looked like a cat that had just spotted a bird with a broken wing. Like he had me right where he wanted—and he'd toy with me at his leisure. “Really?” he purred. “In that case … I can show you things you've only dreamed of.” His voice lowered to a near-groan. “You'd be so fucking tight around my cock, Avery. I'd probably have to work you open with my fingers first, until you were soaked and shaking and desperate for me. Then I'd slide in nice and slow, letting you feel every inch, before I got rough… You wouldn't know what hit you.”

I almost gasped. Every word flashed straight between my thighs with throbbing heat. Nixon licked his wickedly upturned lips and my pussy ached, wanting so badly to feel that flicking tongue on my clit. Wanting that long, thick cock to fill me up until I couldn't think about anything but pleasure.
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Sweet Baby Jesus! A cold shower is defiantly needed after this sizzling story of find love where you least expect it.

When Nixon first offered to be "friends with benefits" to Avery, you can image her surprise. However, the more she thought about Nixon, the more she wanted to know what it would be like to be with him. And I, as the reader, desperately wished to be in her position; Nixon is stunning!

One night, they tentatively cross that line and the sexual energy was radiating off the page. However, just as Avery is being to think that something could happen between them, she hears stories that make her question Nixon's words. But Nixon will stop at nothing to win her, especially after the taste he's had.

Just like any couple, Nixon and Avery have their ups and downs; but their makes up are killer. The chemistry they share is evident and you, as the reader, can't help but want them to work out.

I enjoyed this book and fell hard for Nixon, like seriously crashing on him big time. I am looking forward to reading Ava's first book and anything else she'll release in the future. Her writing is electric and the story line is captivating. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great escape after a long, hectic day!

About the author
Ava enjoys naughty things. She's drawn to the forbidden and taboo, and writes kink that makes you think. Raised in Idaho, Ava now lives on the East Coast with her husband, and two dogs.

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