01 February 2017

Book Blast & Giveaway ~ Red Hots: A Valentine Anthology

Red Hots: A Valentine Anthology
by Caitlyn Lynch + 17 others
Genre: Romantic Erotica

Red Hots is a steamy collection of Valentine's Day themed stories by 18 new and established romantic erotica authors. From a lonely lighthouse keeper's strange encounter with a ghostly sea captain to a husband surprising his wife with a sexy game; from an alien discovering just what Valentine's Day means to her human lover to a store owner receiving an unexpected Gift With Purchase that makes her best friend look at her very differently, there is something here for everyone who loves the Valentine tradition!

From Sweet On You by Ava Bari

As Molly turned to the bathroom door, the water shut off, and someone moved around inside.  Something fell to the floor, followed by a masculine voice cursing.  Molly’s legs and mouth refused to obey her, leaving her frozen and silent as the door opened and a man stepped out.

Now Molly’s mouth worked again, but only to loosen her jaw and prevent her from picking it up again.  He was a very tall man, even factoring in how short Molly was.  She was level with his chest - his very nice chest - and he was looking down at her from an unfairly high vantage point.  He blinked a few times, then closed his eyes for a really long time as if expecting her to vanish into thin air when he opened them again.  Molly would’ve liked to try that herself, but even without seeing him she smelled the hotel soap on his wet skin and heard his breathing.

“Uh…” she said.  Her eyes dropped to the white bath towel around his waist.  A trail of hair started at his belly button and trailed down a defined stomach and- ‘What the hell is wrong with you?  Stop looking there!’

Molly’s spine straightened. She looked right at his eyes and nowhere else.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, voice deep and husky.

Molly had read somewhere once that the human mind was not capable of creating faces or voices.  If you heard someone’s voice in your head, odds were good it came from someone you knew in your everyday life.  That must’ve been true, because if Molly had heard a voice that rich, she would have remembered it.

“Pulling the sheets down,” she said.  She glanced one more time at his suitcase.  “This is my hotel room.”

“That’s funny,” said the man.  “This is my hotel room, too.”

“What a coincidence,” said Molly.

And here she’d been hoping for a weekend without problems.

About The Authors

Annika Steele began writing at the age of 8, but abandoned her stories in college. A ridiculous number of years later, she stumbled across fanfic, put fingers to keyboard, and hasn’t stopped writing since.  You can follow her on Tumblr or on Facebook.

Margot Wren has been writing ever since she realized that's how stories get made. In between projects she contemplates the universe, yields to the demands of her two cats, and bakes more cookies than she can eat.

Caitlyn Lynch is an Australian erotica author and happily married mother of two. She has a number of published works available on Amazon.

Ariel Bishop is an American erotica author who feels strongly that all love triangles are best resolved through healthy polyamory.

Christina Rose Andrews is actually two friends, Lark and Rose, writing under one pen name. Lark boasts a degree in "Do you want fries with that?" and is a proud parent of two dogs and one cat. Rose considered becoming a cult leader before deciding it was too much effort. In her spare time, Rose likes watering her plant and plotting to take over the world.

Vanessa Sweet may be summoned under the cover of night with offerings of chocolate and erotica. She is mildly shocked that her submission for this anthology contains neither bondage or spanking.

Gwen Marshall lives in a full house with 2 cats, a dog, a child and a husband in the Pacific Northwest. When not writing, she spends her time at the local comic book store or playing softball.

Tally Bane lives on the west coast of the US with her husband, children and pets. A stay at home mom who spends her free time dreaming up new stories to tell her readers.

Barbara Be is a German woman who lives on the internet and feels half as old as she really is. She loves writing aliens and elves, and she's also a sorceress of all things computers, an engineer, a mother, a good cook and a master of procrastination.

A lifelong lover of reading, writing, and dark-haired hotties, Ava Bari is a junior in college pursuing a degree in English. When not hitting the keyboard she can be found hitting up Amazon. This is her second published story.

Briar McKenna was told that the only secret to writing is sitting at a typewriter and bleeding, well she tried that but all that came out was glitter. Hailing from red dirt country she has half a degree in Anthropology and a dumpster worth of thoughts to share with you anyway.

R. A. Stone has been a lover of romance novels for most of her life. She’s dabbled in writing through the last decade and aspires to write more with the support of her daughter and their dog, Rocco.

Livvy Ward was born and raised in Australia. She’s been a fan and avid reader of paranormal romances for the past twenty years and has just recently made the transition to professional writing.

Amazon | Tumblr | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Annalee Locke lives in the middle of the US. While usually found working or catering to the whims of two cats, you can sometimes spot her dancing in grocery stores or staring into space, mapping out her next writing project.

Sera Taíno is a married mother of two. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rutgers University and currently lives in the Southern United States. When she isn’t teaching middle schoolers the fine art of writing and running a creative writing club, she is at her desk, working tirelessly on her next project.

Abbigail Clark is a seventy-five year old woman trapped in a twenty-two year old body, so kindly step off the grass, dear.

In her spare time, when she isn’t writing stories, Abbigail loves to sing Strauss to her collection of bobbleheads and sew hoop skirts for her mother’s poodle, Charles.

Líadáin Douglas is an American author of erotica stories. Also an avid reader, she enjoys taking an active role in various creative communities. All creativity is art, regardless of medium.

She publishes primarily in the LGBT genre and you can find her works on Amazon.

A born-and-raised California girl, V. T. Charbonneau's favorite word growing up was "dangerous." Thirty years later she's still rocking that West Coast life along with two cats, one dog, and a husband. Dangerous remains her favorite word, but she's learned a few more in the meantime. She uses them to write steamy fiction with hot guys, smart girls, and a touch of romance.

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