12 February 2015

14 Days of Valentine's Day Book Blitz Event ~ My Sweet Danish Rose by Tina Peterson Scott

Day 10

 14 Days of Romance Valentine's Day Book Blitz Event

My Sweet Danish Rose
by Tina Peterson Scott

Alone in the world, and counting on love to triumph ...

Berta Erichsen is an energetic fifteen-year-old with a mind of her own. Last seen in Farewell, My Denmark (2013), and with visions of happily ever after, she impulsively stays behind when her family joins the 1863 Mormon pilgrimage to America. 

When Berta finds herself homeless and alone in her Mormon faith, three men add to the confusion and danger of her life; the prominent man who deceives and defrauds both her and her family, but is the only one who offers her shelter; the childhood sweetheart who romances but hasn’t proposed; the handsome stableman that stole her Book of Mormon. Berta must uncover their hidden motives and make decisions to save her faith, her heart, and her future. 


Ja, ja. I overheard Papa talking with him.” I ladled the milk and poured it through several layers of cheesecloth and into the jar. “Will we have enough money?” My heart leapt with hope that something would happen to keep me and Jens together. Perhaps we’d have to stay another year. By then Jens might ask to marry me.

“This is not your worry.” Mama frowned. “The Lord has blessed us sufficiently,” she said, and then her eyes gleamed with inspiration. “Go to the Andersdatters’s. They’ve always admired our butter churn. If they come right away, we will sell it to them for a song.”

I nodded and gulped back my dread. Sofrina Andersdatter and I had fought each other for Jens’s attentions since I was ten. When we became old enough to join the young person’s guild, our rivalry continued, each hoping for Jens as our partner for the year. He had been my partner this year. I clasped my hands, worrying my palms together. Now, only months later, I was leaving him.

Author Bio

Tina Peterson Scott was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. Books played an important part in her childhood, and for much of it, she could be found nestled against a branch high in their pecan tree, reading. Her favorites were fantasy, and mystery. It delighted Tina when her mother read to her from Grimm’s Fairy-tales and the stories of Hans Christian Andersen. 

Tina and her husband have seven children and a growing number of grandchildren. Other than large family get-togethers involving lots of food and fun, she enjoys writing, watercolor painting, long walks, ice cream, and traveling to Europe—especially to her father’s ancestral home of Denmark.

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