09 February 2015

14 Days of Valentine's Day Book Blitz Event ~ My One and Only by Shannon Guymon

Day 9
14 Days of Romance Valentine's Day 
Book Blitz Event
My One and Only
by Shannon Guymon

Book Blurb:

Meredith Jensen has seen her share of ups and downs. She’s found love twice already and lost it in spectacularly traumatic ways. Now? She just wants a peaceful life, free from love and drama. Meredith’s plans for the future center around planning other people’s weddings and her new online dating website. Just because she works to help other people find love doesn’t mean she wants any part of it though. Unfortunately for Meredith’s plans, Asher Murphy is determined to get her to give love another chance. But then again, so is Pule Matafeo. Meredith has never denied that she’s stubborn and feisty so it might take the combined forces of all their friends in Fircrest to get her heart back on track in time for Valentine’s Day. 


                Asher turned back to Pule and Ivy. “Well, the fact is, I love her. I think maybe this is the first time I’ve truly been in love. It feels like I’m sick with it. It’s taken over my body and mind and it’s all I can think about. She’s all I can think about. Just being with her, everything’s right with the world. We click so perfectly, we can look at each other and know exactly what the other one is thinking. It’s just right. And so when she told me no, it felt like I was dying. I don’t know how to handle a life where I can see and have a relationship with a woman I’m in love with, but at the same time know that I’ll never have the chance to truly love her or be loved by her. It’s torture.”

Author Bio:

I live in Utah with my six children and I’m the author of thirty-three books so far. I write YA Paranormal Romance under my pen name, Katie Lee O’Guinn. I enjoy the outdoors, reading and being with my children. I’m also a supporter of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. For more info on her cause, please go to:

As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m a huge believer in happy endings. Scarlett really should have been happy with Rhett and it’s a darn shame Leo and Kate didn’t float safely into New York on the Titanic. Don’t even get me started on Romeo and Juliet. To find out the latest on my books, check out my blog at or

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