03 February 2015

New Release & Review ~ Her Gaze by Angel A.

༻ RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Her Gaze by Angel A., Feb 2nd ༺

Her Gaze Cover

At that moment, Gabe knew he had fallen for her. The first time he laid eyes on Sofy he knew that she was for him and he was hers. However, she was already taken by a dangerous man. A man that would kill before letting her go. But Gabe was willing to put his life in harm’s way to be with the woman he was in love with.
This suspenseful and sexy short story is full of excitement. It gives joy to the imagination and makes the heart beat a little faster.


This was a thrilling and fast paced read. Gabe has just started working as a taxi driver and his first call didn't go so well. Now on his second call, he encounters a stunning girl. This is the girl of his dreams and is instantly attracted to her. But too shy to do anything about it, he drops her off at her destination and watches her walk away. He didn't even get her name.

Days past without seeing her and he begins to grow desperate; after all he thinks he loves her. So he does the unthinkable by going to her home, but he stops short of reaching her place. What's he going to do, what's he going to say; he's started questioning his motives. But something catches his eye, it's her but she's not happy. No, she's been attached by some guy. Who is this guy? What's he going to do? Nothing, that's what. Okay, so he's a bit scared, who wouldn't be, but watching this man beat the woman he loves brings him strength and before you know it, he's on top of the guy. Now, everyone is trying to say the guy from Gabe and Sofy drags him away.

They're on the run, this man wasn't just abusive, he's deadly. Now Gabe and Sofy must watch their backs because if the guy catches up to him, they're both be in trouble. Days pass and they think they can rest a bit, they begin to learn about each other. The feeling Gabe has grow, and there is something in the way Sofy looks at him, but their joy is short lived. Gabe must decide if he want to fight for the woman he loves or walk away forever.

The fast pace of the book makes for a good read on the go. The characters are interesting, although I wasn't a fan of the amount of crying Gabe does. Getting the story from the male POV was intriguing. And the ending was great. I'd have like to seen more time with these two before they told each other they were in love, but overall I think it all worked out. The writing is great and I look forward to reading more work from Angel.

*** ARC provided for honest review. ***

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Author Bio

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Angel was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the Bronx at the age of 2.
Growing up in the Bronx has been an adventure.
Angel discovered his passion for writing when he was a senior at high school,
but the lack of discipline and dedication never got Angel past a paragraph.
Writing has always been a dream, but that’s all Angel thought it would be, a dream.
Until graduating college, with lots of free time he put his imagination to work, and made it happen.
Now there’s no stopping.

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