15 July 2015

New Release & Giveaway ~ The Hotel Part 2, The Hotel: A Billionaire Seduction #2, by Lola Darling

Title: The Hotel Part Two
Series: The Hotel: A Billionaire Seduction #2
Author: Lola Darling
 Release Date: July 15, 2015


“The best sex is hotel sex…”

Billionaire Dominic Rexford, CEO of the Rexford luxury hotel brand. Mysterious, controlling – and my new boss. He’s man who always gets what he wants, whether it’s in the boardroom or the bedroom.

And now he wants me.

But I’ve got secrets he can never know. And when his brother returns to claim his share of the company, the truth could tear all of us apart.

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OMG!! What an ending!! I mean, I knew it was coming, but I was still shocked with Dom's reaction and words.

This story pics up exactly where Part 1 ends and boy what a beginning! Hot mama!!

The more time Juliet and Dom spend together, the more you want them to work out. Although Juliet hasn't told him why they met in the first place, you can't help but want it to be forgotten.

We also get to meet Dom's elusive brother, Alexander. Although he's just as handsome as Dom, there is something about him that I don't trust. I really hope I'm wrong and he turns out to be a good guy!

Juliet and Dom were hot in Part 1 but in Part 2 they are sizzling. I had to have a very cold shower after a night with these two. And professionally, they are a great team working together to help the hotel. I love how he's brought Juliet on and believed in her ideas.

And again, that ending!! I can't wait to see how Dom is going to handle all this new information. Are they over before they've really begun? What's going to happen with the hotel, will Juliet's idea help the hotel prosper? I'm very excited to see how all this will end!!!

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Author Bio

Lola Darling is a romantic with a naughty side. Texas born and raised, she has met a few Mr. Wrongs and is having fun looking for her Mr. Right.

She can be found at her laptop, daydreaming of dirty talking men in well-fitted suits or in the bath enjoying a glass of wine.

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