18 September 2015

Release Blitz ~ The Compromise, The Promise Series #5, by Kate Benson

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The Compromise
Book 5 in The Promise Series
by Kate Benson

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Copyright © Kate Benson 2015


Ever since the moment I first laid eyes on Drake Mitchell, something primal has been inside me, just below the surface. He came into my life when I least expected it, giving me things I never knew I needed before I met him.

It’s been six months since I took his hand and left everything, everyone I’ve ever known to be with him.

The decision wasn’t an easy one.

The path we took to get here was riddled with turmoil, tears and more heartache than I ever thought I could bear. However, I knew letting him walk away would leave me nothing but a mountain of regret.

Now that I’ve surrendered to him, my regrets are down to one.



Falling love with her was the easy part.

From the second I saw her staring back at me, I knew I was in trouble. Control, order, dominance… all the things I craved flew right out the window the moment her grey eyes found mine. Instantly, they were replaced with addiction, want, need...

The road we’ve traveled hasn’t been easy. In the past two years, we’ve faced more than most couples face in a lifetime, but it’s made us stronger.

She’s given me the trust I need to feed my dominant side. I’ve given her the freedom she’s always longed for, but was never able to find.

We’re finally ready to start our life together, but in a new town with new people surrounding us, will we be able to hold on to everything we’ve had up until now?

Or will the compromise we’ve made be one thing that tears us apart?

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