10 February 2016

Release Boost & Review ~ Finding Freedom, Found by Fate #2, by Lynna Burke

Finding Freedom
Found by Fate 2
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2016
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Keywords: Erotic, Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Novella, Series

Tessa’s life beneath the strict rules of her parents’ cultish church leaves her longing for independence. Her boring, small-town checkout lane job barely covers the bills, let alone fulfill her wants and desires.

Until the weekly visits of god-like Trent and Brody have her dreaming of a Tessa sandwich with both sensual men as her bread.

Fantasies may be a pastime of the wicked, but when Trent asks her on a date—with both him and Brody—Tessa decides to take a chance, knowing the purity of her soul is at stake. Will these two men be her ticket to freedom – or her one way trip to eternal damnation?


Towel wrapped around me, I peeked out the bathroom door into Trent’s dimly lit bedroom. A T-shirt and shorts lay on his massive, king-sized bed.

I tugged the shorts up my damp legs, but couldn’t get them over my bum. More tears pricked as I cursed my too-much body. Trent’s shirt hung to the middle of my thighs. It would have to do.

Trent lounged beside the blazing fire pit. The sound of trickling water drew my attention to the right. Brody stood beneath the outdoor shower, his round, bite-able backside flooding my mouth with drool.

Tearing my gaze off him, I ambled over toward Trent. He patted the couch beside him, and taking care not to reveal my too-much, naked bottom half, I settled on the cushion and allowed myself another peek at Brody.

“Hot, isn’t he?”

Trent’s low, murmured words whipped my head around. “What?”

“Brody.” He continued to stare at his friend, a smirk on his lips, lust in his eyes. “Just look at that ass.”

Unable to help myself, I did as told while trying to wrap my mind around what Trent had said—and the unmistakable desire in his gaze.

“What do you think, Tessa?”

I swallowed and laced my fingers together in my lap. “I think he’s beautiful.”

Trent made a sound of appreciation in his throat as Brody turned, closed his eyes, and tipped his head back, running his hands through his hair.

My focus zoned in on his long, flaccid penis. Cock, my whore-mind whispered. I laced my fingers tighter and forced my attention on Trent.

He met my gaze and grinned. “Quite the temptation, isn’t he?”

“Enough to make me burn in hell,” I admitted with a whisper.



Tessa’s always wanted something more than the life she's been given, her strict upbringing was stifling. If only there was a way to find the freedom she's been longing for.

Brody and Trent have been coming to her story for the past six weeks and in that time, they've noticed Tessa but haven't made a move. They think she's sexy and want to pursue her, but they don't want to scare her away. They come as a package deal and not everyone can handle the dynamic of that type of relationship.

After being teased by her co-workers, Tessa takes a chance and finally speaks to them. To her surprise, they ask her out. She's amazed that they would want to take her out, but she's go because her interest is piqued.

So when she learns of their desires, will she act on them and seek her long await freedom, or will she shy away and stay in cage?

This is a fast paced, riveting read that will panting for more and in need of a very cold shower. Brody and Trent know how to treat a woman in and out of the bedroom. They know the woman they want and will do everything they can to show her just how much. And boy do they! They are a very desirable twosome. To be snug between those two would be too tempting an offer to resist. Tessa's one lucky girl.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read to warm up your cold nights.



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