23 April 2017

Book Blitz & Review ~ Undeniable, Tortured Love #4, by Ravenna Tate

Tortured Love 4
By Ravenna Tate
Publisher: Evernight Publishing (April 5, 2017)
Publication Date: April 6, 2017
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, May/December, Dark Romance, Suspense

Rosanna Selim can’t recall almost two years of her life, but it hasn’t stopped her from loving her job as a paralegal with one of the top defense firms in Cleveland, Ohio. It also hasn’t affected her relationship with sexy, charming homicide detective, Houston Cassidy. Until he tells her about a twelve-year old case. As images invade both her waking and dreaming states, she’s certain that uncovering the truth means losing Houston.

Houston has been unlucky in love because of dedication to his job, so he’s determined not to screw things up with Rosanna. She’s sexy, beautiful, and the most easy going woman he’s ever met. He adores her. But when she tells him about the images, and as she works with a therapist to recover her memories, Houston has to come to terms with the possibility that she’s the killer in a case he’s been trying to solve for twelve years.

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking

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“You kept me waiting a long time, detective. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“You’re changing the subject again.” His voice was raspy, and judging by the way his eyes glazed over, her attempts at distraction were finally working. Rosanna licked his neck, just under his jaw where she knew he loved it. He tasted musky and warm, and her pussy was now soaking wet. She’d been waiting hours for this.

“Am I?” She repositioned herself on his lap so she straddled his thighs, and braced her body, bare feet on the floor, until her groin pushed against the bulge in his pants.

“How about now?” Rosanna moved slowly, tilting her hips up and down in a seductive dance. “Is this an obvious enough change of subject for you, officer?” Her clit throbbed. She moaned slightly as an orgasm began to build.

“You are the sexiest, most beautiful woman I have ever met.” He cupped her face with one hand and covered her left breast with the other. “It’s those eyes. Dark, deep, mysterious.” When he teased her nipple through the silk fabric of her top, Rosanna moaned louder. “And that hair … wild and dark, just like you.” He captured her mouth in a kiss so hot, she expected her kitchen to catch fire.

As his tongue moved inside her mouth, she wrapped her arms around his strong, hard torso and pushed closer, wanting him inside her. The man’s kisses drove her to distraction. She savored the heady sensation of matching her movements to his, loving the way her body tingled at his touch.

He released her mouth and slid his tongue to her neck, planting tiny bites and kisses along her jawline. It made her crazy when he did that, and he knew it. Which was probably why he loved to tease her that way. Shivers ran down her spine as she pushed closer to his body.

“Let’s go into your bedroom.” His breath was hot against her skin, his voice gruff in her ear.

“We could stay here instead.”

“No. Bedroom.” He hated having sex in any room but the bedroom, though he couldn’t—or wouldn’t—say why.

“You still won’t even try in another room?”

Rosanna started to unbutton her top, but he caught her hands in one of his, sending more shivers down her spine with the dominant gesture. “Bedroom, woman. Now.”

Everyone had their odd quirks, after all. She bit back a laugh as she rose and took his hand. “Come on, then, lover. We’re both ready to burst.”

“Hang on a second.” She turned to look into his eyes. “Rosanna, I really care about you. A lot.”

“I care about you, too, Houston.”

The strangest look came over his face as he stood, as though he wasn’t sure she understood his point. He put his arms around her and pulled her close. “I mean it. You’re so easy to be with. You never make demands, you never nag me about work, and I love that we can talk about our jobs to each other.”

“As long as we never use names.” 


Houston's been in there and done that when it comes to love, but his latest love is something special.

Rosanna has never felt as cared about and loved as she does with Houston.

Everything is going great for this couple until Houston's unsolved case gets an unexpected lead. While Houston is tracking down leads Rosanna starts having flashes of her past and having nightmares.

As Houston gets closer to solving his case he starts to suspect Rosanna has the answers he's looking for, but the only problem is that she doesn't remember.

As Rosanna strives to remember her missing year, Houston wonders if he should take her into custody or take her away and never look back.

I can't even begin to express how much I enjoyed Undeniable. It grip me right from the start and make me sit on the edge of my seat. I was holding my breath while waiting to see what would happen next.

Houston is down right sexy with his good looks, a deep desire to protect those he loves, and extremely talented in the bedroom. What I love best about him is his duty to keep Rosanna safe at all costs. He knows why he's past relationships failed and he vows to do things better for her. How can you not swoon for man like that?

Rosanna is a feisty little thing. I love how she gives as good as she gets. She always takes care of Houston not just in the bedroom, but in every way possible. She loves him not because he's perfect on the outside but because she sees the man is on the inside.

And if you are looking for toe-curling sexiness, then these two are just what you need. They are hot, dirty, passionate, and irresistible. After spending time with these two you will need a couple of ice cold showers to cool down.

Undeniable is seductive read that will enrapture you and leave you breathless. I highly recommend you pick this sizzling book today.

Tortured Love Series

About The Author

Ravenna Tate lives in the Midwest where it’s cold six months out of the year, but inside her stories you’ll find plenty of heat. The sex is hot, the men are alpha, and the women give them a run for their money.

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