19 December 2017

Excerpt Blitz ~ Hard Landing, Deep Six Security #6, by Becky McGraw

Hard Landing
Deep Six Security Book 6
Becky McGraw
Release Date Dec. 26, 2017

When Maddie Carter comes back from the grave, will Hawk have a fresh start with the one who got away?

Deep Six pilot, former Army Nightstalker, Rhett Hawkins, knew the day would come, but he had hoped it wouldn't be until after he was gone. Maddie Carter was destined to die young, because that is just how she lived. She flew by the seat of her pants and flying as all she cared about. He'd learned that the hard way, when he asked her to marry him and she shot him down.

But after her memorial service, Hawk just couldn't get past the feeling that something was wrong with the recounting of the events that led to the crash and her supposed death. Neither the helo or her body had been found. It drove him insane until he decided to do some investigation of his own. After getting conflicting stories from two surviving special operators, he knew he had to go the full distance to settle his mind.

Once in Central America, Hawk realizes there is much more going on than the Army knows. Not only is the now blacked-out military helicopter back in service, Maddie is behind the stick making drug runs for a brutal cartel.

When he has to convince her she needs to be rescued, Hawk sees she is not the same. Captain Maddie Carter is scarred, hardened and has no memory of him or her former life at all.

Back home, when her memory starts to return and secrets are revealed, could it mean he'd only rescued her to lose her again? Would those secrets change his own life forever too?


Hawk’s hot lips touched down on the side of her throat as his mitted hand touched her belly. Maddie’s skin quivered and she moaned as her head dropped to one side to give him better access. The scratchy sea sponge abraded her nerve endings as he dragged his hand down her belly, over her hipbone and down her left thigh, leaving behind a slick trail of soap.

“Open your legs, Maddie,” he whispered hoarsely, when his hand reached her knee.

Maddie whimpered and let her knees fall apart. Her folds spread and her inner walls pulsed as a wave of need carried all the moisture in her body there. The bundle of nerves at the top of her thighs throbbed in anticipation of what he’d do next.

He licked a hot path up her neck to her ear as he wiped the sponge up the inside of her thigh and she groaned. When he stopped at the crease, her breath froze in her chest, her heart pounded against her ribs and her body tensed. She twisted her hips toward his hand to make him move it where she needed it, but he laughed and slid the mitt up to her hip.

About The Author

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Becky McGraw writes happily-ever-afters with heat, heart and humor. A Jill of many trades, Becky knows just enough about a variety of subjects to make her contemporary cowboy and romantic suspense novels diverse and entertaining. She resides in Florida with her husband of thirty-plus years and is the mother of three and grandmother of one. Becky is a member of the RWA, Sisters in Crime and Novelists, Inc.

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