08 August 2015

Blog Tour ~ Little Lies by Caleb Pirtle

Welcome to my stop on the Little Lies Blog Tour.
Little Lies is written by Caleb Pirtle and published by California Times Publishing.
Here's a bit more about the book!

A small town has calmed itself as a peaceful place to live, until one day its smoldering fires of jealousy and selfish greed turn it into a blazing fire. The people. Their anger and anguish boils deep inside their congregation. In a Presbyterian Church, their preacher is no longer looked upon as a god. Filled with sex, bribery and blackmail, the gossip in the town will condemn his soul. A maddening horror grips the lives of the innocent who become as demonic as the Satan they curse in their nightly prayers. The preacher questions his faith, asking if it can rise above the impact from a woman with one little lie.

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