24 January 2016

Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Love Misunderstood by Ailene Frances

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Love Misunderstood by Ailene Frances!

Read on to learn more about the book and enter a really awesome giveaway.
So excited to help spread the word about this exciting new historical romance!

Orphaned at the tender age of eight years, Elizabeth spends the next ten years as a ward in the loveless home of her uncle. Eager to be free of his burden,her uncle arranges a union between Elizabeth and Stephen, the future Duke of Eastwick, without first consulting her.

Having her dreams of marrying for love dashed and completely without the guidance of a female to prepare her for what was to come, Elizabeth handles the union poorly. An old friend of her deceased father takes advantage of the situation by convincing her to fund a trip overseas with part of her inheritance He promises to act as her guardian. Eager to be free of a future in a loveless marriage, she sails away toward a new life.

Sadly her guardian was no match for the perils that awaited her in the new world. Alone and forlorn she realizes the love she dreamed of was there all along in the man she married, but did she realize too late?

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Silence permeated the air. It seemed even the birds muted their song as the two men looked at each other. Neither was willing to broach the subject that hovered so heavily between them.

It was Arthur who finally broke the silence.

“We thought you were dead,” he said softly.

“Aye, I almost was,” Stephen replied, “but as you can see I am very much alive thanks to the generosity of the good padre and his staff at a mission near St. Augustine.”  After filling his lungs with the sweet scented air of the Georgia shoreline to their maximum capacity and releasing it ever so slowly, he continued, “I believe we have a lot to discuss.”

Arthur closed his eyes and slowly nodded his head. The moment he came down from his height of elated joy at the discovery that his good friend was not lost to him and realized that Stephen’s being alive meant Elizabeth was not a widow, he knew that he would eventually have to have this conversation. He had been dancing around the subject while he waited for the right moment. Now he wished to be anywhere but here. For surely nothing good could come of this conversation. They were both in love with the same woman. Such a curse should not befall two men who loved each other so.

“I love her,” Arthur sighed.

“As do I,” Stephen replied in a calm manner that belied the torrent of emotions within him.

The distant figures of Bishoff and Ollie as they slowly made their way on foot down the trodden path toward the two friends grew larger and more distinguishable as Arthur filled Stephen in on how he came to purchase Elizabeth at the Charles Town slave auction. Stephen listened intently, interrupting only on the rare occasion where he required a little more explanation to be clear on the occurrences.

Arthur watched his friend’s facial expression carefully while he spoke. He knew Stephen almost as well as he knew himself. His friend was genuinely tormented by what his wife endured. The moistness in his eyes hinted of the tears of agony that he was crying inside. He questioned if his own love for Elizabeth was as strong as that of the man before him. Perhaps his friend had love for his wife that equaled his love for his sister. He thought yes.

About Ailene Frances

Ailene Frances is the pen name for fantasy romance author Eileen Sheehan. She decided to use a pen name to prevent readers from being confused about the genre. Since her middle name is Frances and she always preferred the spelling of her first name as Ailene. It was a no brainer to attach the pen name of Ailene Frances to her romantic creations.

Most days you can find her sitting at her desk looking out into the hills of the beautiful Southern Tier,NY while she sets her imagination free to create a romantic story with at least one character for her to fall in love with... one book at a time.

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