19 April 2018

Release Blitz & Review ~ Hitched, Steele Ranch #4, by Vanessa Vale

Hitched by Vanessa Vale is available now!

"Vale can write a book that makes it impossible to put down and leaves us breathless for more." ~ Beyond the Covers Book Blog

If you've never saddled up with a few Vanessa Vale cowboys, now is your chance! Welcome to Steele Ranch, where the men are hot, dominant and know what they want.

One unexpected encounter brings Sarah Gandry face to face with the two men she loves. Yes, two. Wilder and King have been the basis for every one of her fantasies for as long as she can remember. But they'd been just that...fantasies. Until now.

Now, the three of them get to make things right. To finally be together. But nothing's ever simple and the secrets she's held could tear them apart.

In book four of the Steele Ranch series, the wild west just got Wilder...and King.


A standalone read, this is MFM—it's all about the heroine.

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Sarah Gandry has been in love with  two men for as long as she can remember, but there are things she longs for that she doesn't think they can provide for her.

King and Wilder have longed to claim one woman but she's been pushing them away. But when they encounter her in a very unexpected location, they make their move and claim her once and for all.

A chance encounter changes everything, but when Sarah's past comes knocking, will King and Wilder still want Sarah after the dust settles? Or will this be the end of their threesome?

Hitched is a fun, witty, saucy read that grab you right from page one until the sensational conclusion.

I love how Sarah know what she wants even though she's never done anything before. Even when her heart tells her King and Wilder are the ones she wants but doesn't think they can give that to her, she lets them go. I especially love how honest and true she is despite her mother's constant pressures. And when she commits to Kind and Wilder, she does so with her whole heart and soul.

King and Wilder is a perfect combo that can easily make panties melt with just a look, but once they open their wickedly delicious mouths... hot dam. Their love and devotion to Sarah through the good and the bad is brilliant.

I couldn't put down Hitched and really didn't want to. I loved this entertaining storyline, two sexy alpha heroes, dazzling heroine, and off the charts passion.

I highly recommend the entire Steele Ranch Series and definitely recommend Hitched. So pick up King and Wilder today and find out just how much wick fun can be had with two seductive cowboys.

Start the series now with Spurred!

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About the Author

Vanessa Vale is the USA Today Bestselling author of over 30 books, sexy romance novels, including her popular Bridgewater historical romance series and hot contemporary romances featuring unapologetic bad boys who don’t just fall in love, they fall hard. When she’s not writing, Vanessa savors the insanity of raising two boys, is figuring out how many meals she can make with a pressure cooker, and teaches a pretty mean karate class. While she’s not as skilled at social media as her kids, she loves to interact with readers.

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