29 April 2018

Release Boost ~ Mastering Her Heart, A Cut Above #1, by Lesley Clark

Mastering Her Heart
from Lesley Clark

What Reviewers Are Saying

I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel by Ms. Lesley Clark and can’t wait to see where the second book in the series takes us.

WOW! It honestly blew me away because reading the story of Matthew and Laine is not like any first book I"ve read from any other author.

She captured his heart…can he become the Master of hers?

When Lainie Bryant heads to Texas to rebuild her existence, love is not on her agenda, but the hot cardiologist with the ripped abs pushes all her buttons.

Doctor Matthew Taylor, rugged and handsome, has waited years for the woman meant to be his. Lainie’s as vanilla as they come, but there’s something about her that keeps him intrigued, and when he finds out she’s more than willing to give him the control he needs, things seem perfect. When a secret obsession comes to light, they only have each other to count on. Matthew is left wondering if he can keep her safe from his past, so they can have a future together.


She’d been in Nurse Lainie mode all day, and it was exhausting. She was so zoned out she hadn’t realized she was no longer alone.

“Well, isn’t this a sight?” Matthew’s seductive voice brought her back to the present. “Son of a bitch,” she yelled, her words dripping with fear.

“Do you always sneak up on defenseless women like that? I bet it makes you feel like a big man, huh?” She knew she was acting like a bitch, but she couldn’t seem to help herself. This night had gone on forever, and she had reached her point of emotional exhaustion.

“That’s your one and only freebie, little one. I’ll let it slide because I know this has been a tough day for you. But don’t mistake my kindness for weakness,” his words came out more of a growl than anything else. Lainie felt heat down to her core.

This man was pure sex on a stick. Just being in his presence kept her in a constant state of arousal even considering their surroundings. Shit, what did he just say? I could drown in those blue eyes of his. I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes quite so blue before. Why is he staring at me? Oh yeah, he was talking.

“I don’t remember you being my father or husband, so why is it you think it’s okay to turn your attitude on me?” Ha, take that you hot piece of man meat.

“Well, my pet, I can see you’re a kitten with claws. It’s a good thing for you I happen to like that in a subbie.” His cocky grin spoke volumes, and Lainie knew she was in big trouble. “I heard you were supposed to join Jack and Bridget at the club this week. Seeing as it won’t happen now, I’ll be escorting you there myself when the time comes.”

“Whoa there, buddy. I never agreed to go to the club with you of all people and now, here you are making plans for my life. We met a matter of hours ago, and you think you’re all of a sudden in charge?” Get yourself together girl, cause if you don’t, this man will run right over you. Yeah, you might like it. Wait, no I won’t like it, geesh. He leaned in close, and his warm breath in her ear went straight to her core.

“You and I both know how this is going to play out, and I, for one, can’t wait to see how beautiful you look on your knees for me. You will be a sight to behold. In fact, I’m hard just thinking about it. Does that turn you on, pet, to know how I react to you and the thought of your submission?” The silkiness of his voice did things to her.

She knew without a doubt he held the power to take her somewhere she had never been. This was what Bridget had been telling her about, but she would never have imagined how powerful and deep the feelings would start.

“What makes you think I would get on my knees for you? Are you some alpha Dom or something? Do all the little subbies fall at your feet and beg to worship your one-eyed snake?”


Lesley is first and foremost a wife and mother. She has been married for 26 years to a wonderful guy. Not bad for the marriage that nobody thought would last longer than 6 months. She has 2 beautiful daughters in grad school who have both kept her on her toes since entering this world. She has been a RN for the last 12 years and truly enjoys taking care of her patients.

Since learning how to read, Lesley has always had a love affair with words. Through childhood, she wrote short stories and always had a book in her hands. So, now that her nest is empty, she is following my dream, of becoming an author, and dreams do come true! My first novel releases April 19th.

Lesley writes stories with hot alpha men and sexy sassy ladies that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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