24 May 2017

Book Blitz & Giveaway ~ Much Ado About Bachelors, Windy City Bachelors #2, by Caitlyn Blue

Much Ado About Bachelors
Windy City Bachelors
by Caitlyn Blue
Publication Date: May 25, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Drama teacher Sarah Callahan has been falling for Harrison Academy’s hot, new chemistry teacher since the first day of school. Unfortunately, this sexy nerd has a policy against dating coworkers after his relationship with a teacher at his former school crashed and burned. So what do you do when you’re hot for teacher? Pretend to be drunk so he’ll take advantage of you of course.

Reed Barron has done a great job resisting the beautiful, quirky Sarah. Then comes the night she parties a little too hard and begs him to kiss her. How’s a guy supposed to hold out against…begging? Chemistry like theirs doesn’t happen every day, but Reed isn’t going to give their romance a chance. He’s learned that when things get too intense, it’s safer to retreat.

Armed with Shakespearean quotes and a Goldendoodle puppy, Sarah is determined to teach Reed how to open his heart. But when he’s offered the opportunity of a lifetime to teach abroad, it looks like she might lose him—and their shot at love—forever.

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Sarah is a monsoon, earthquake, and climate change all rolled into one adorable package. When she comes out of the locker room, wearing a blue-and-white-patterned bikini, my pulse actually stops. Then, it lurches forward at twice its normal pace when she smiles at me. The strain from keeping my attraction hidden makes the muscles in my face feel as if they’ve turned to stone, but I can’t release my grip on the indifferent mask that has served me so well.

After last night’s daring halter dress, I knew she had an outstanding body, but bared by a bikini, I’m hard-pressed not to appreciate each and every one of her assets, from her perky breasts to her tiny waist and flat stomach. Her hips flare enticingly, almost begging my fingers to grip them while I slide into her.

Fuck, I’m dying.

“Do you like my bathing suit?” she asks, misinterpreting my interest.

I blink and redirect my attention to the bikini and away from the delectable body beneath it. For several seconds, my brain refuses to process what I’m seeing, and then it all falls into place.


“Adorable, right?”

“Adorable,” I echo.

I’m spellbound as Sarah lifts onto her toes and strikes a pose with one hand on her hip and the other saluting me, like a pinup girl from the forties.

My mouth goes dry at her cheeky sex appeal. And then, when I think I can’t take any more, she spins, presenting her back to me.

Stretched across her tight, round ass is R2-D2’s round dome and the words Beep Boop.

Holy shit.

“Brynn bought it for me.”

She’s slowly killing me, and my strangled voice reflects my torment. “She obviously knows what you like.”

A smug grin dispels the flirty vixen from a moment earlier, and she’s back to being my Sarah. Upbeat, happy, a natural charmer. I actually find myself grinning back at her, half in relief. Sexy Sarah is impossible to resist, but I can almost keep my wits around fun-loving Sarah.

While I concentrate on getting my libido back under control, Sarah’s attention has ventured toward the broad turquoise rectangle of the gym pool. On Saturday nights, it’s open swim, and the staff takes down the ropes that mark the lanes. Several families have brought their young children, and the atmosphere is noisy and exuberant.

“I guess we should do this.” Sarah’s lively expression dims as she asks, “Where do you want me?”

In my arms. Beneath me in bed. Up against a wall. In the shower. Bent over my dining room table. In front of the fireplace. My gaze strays toward the large hot tub, and I picture her bare breasts floating just above the surface while hundreds of bubbles caress our skin.

I need to get myself under control, or I won’t be any help to her.

I clear my throat. “The water is three and a half feet deep in this pool. I’ll meet you by the stairs.” I point to where she should go, and then I do what all the signs forbid and dive in.

Windy City Bachelors Series

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