13 May 2017

Release Blitz & Review ~ Relentless Dominance by Ella Jade

Have you been waiting for the continuation of Julian and Kayla's story?

The wait is over Relentless Dominance is live and on sale for a limited time price of $0.99!

When a skilled Dominance Master joins Julian and Kayla in the playroom, Kayla desires more than she should.

Kayla Quinn is living out a dream after falling in love with her high school crush. The two reconnected at a club that caters to matching couples with similar fetishes—in their case, Dominance and submission. Over the past few months Julian has introduced her to a world she'd only fantasized about. Now he wants to kick things up a notch, but is she ready for what he requests next?

Julian Anders never wanted a commitment. He didn't do relationships. That was until he ran into Kayla at the club. It wasn't long before he wanted her all for himself. He never expected to fall so hard for the stunning beauty. Their exploration in the bedroom has been of the slap-and-tickle variety, but they're both ready for something more.

As the two explore their sexual desires, Julian ups the stakes by introducing her to a prominent Master in the BDSM lifestyle. Things are about to get hotter. Can Kayla do what Julian wants? What happens when she decides she'd like more than one Dom in the bedroom?

Content Warning: contains explicit sexual content, including m/f and m/f/m sexual interaction, and BDSM themes

Chapter Peek

Kayla tried to settle her mind as she stared out the window of the moving SUV. Francis, Julian’s driver, kept his eyes focused on the Manhattan streets. It was a busy Saturday afternoon in the city as they made their way down 42nd Street. A light January snow covered the sidewalks while people hurried in and out of the shops and cafes. As they got further away from Broadway, the theater marquees became scarcer. She wondered how much longer before they reached their destination.

Julian ended his call. one that went on much longer than she would have liked, but his job as an attorney was demanding, even on the weekends. She had accepted that. Getting used to his schedule had become easier, especially now that she had moved in with him. He was a busy man with a hectic life. He never told her otherwise.

“Sorry.” He took her hand. “I wanted to take care of that so I could forget about it until Monday morning. Now you have my undivided attention.”

“Thank you.” She shifted in her seat, uncrossing and re-crossing her legs, trying to control her tics that were more prominent this afternoon than they had been in a while. “Are we almost there?”

He squeezed her thigh. “You have to relax.”

“I’m trying.”

“We’re only going to observe. It’s through a one-way glass, so the participants won’t even know we’re there.”

“But I’m going to meet him.”

“You are.”

“From what you told me, he sounds very intense.”

“He is intense. He’s also no-nonsense. He takes his lifestyle very seriously and only surrounds himself with those who are willing to give it their fullest.”

“That scares me.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of him. He’s an experienced Dom. He’ll be able to provide insight for you and address some of your concerns. We’re extremely lucky he’s agreed to the private sessions.” He adjusted his seatbelt so he could face her. “As with anything we try, I won’t force you to do something you’re not comfortable with. Can you trust me enough to see what the afternoon holds?”

“I’m here with you.” She would go anywhere with him. “I’ll always trust you.”

“Good.” He kissed her softly. “Because we’re here.”

Francis pulled up to a posh building with double brass doors. He came around and opened the door for her. Sliding out of her seat, she smiled at him, and he gave her a quick wink. He had become a good friend to her over the past few weeks. Julian made sure Francis drove her to and from work every day and deposited her at the penthouse safely every evening.

Julian came around and met them on the sidewalk. “I’ll text you when we’re ready to leave.” He glanced at his watch. “We’re planning to have dinner here.”

Dinner? She was far too nervous to eat. BDSM clubs served dinner?

Taking her hand, Julian led her into the main entrance and down a long corridor. The place reminded her of an upscale bar. Not at all what she had anticipated. She envisioned people chained to the walls. More like a dark, cold dungeon. Her imagination had a tendency to get a little crazy. As they walked through the crowded bar area, she noted the booths and sporadic tables throughout. Stylishly dressed men and women where hanging out, eating, and working on their laptops and tablets. It reminded her of a swanky coffee shop.

“It doesn’t look like a kink club,” she whispered. “This is not what I pictured.”

“Anyone can come here. It’s a restaurant. The private club is through those doors.” Julian retrieved a keycard from his pocket. “You need one of these to get inside.”

He swiped the silver card through the magnetic strip and the doors opened away from them. Julian led her inside a cozy room that smelled of leather and spice. On the other side of the door, a man sat at a large desk studying monitors. He looked up when they approached his desk.

“Mr. Anders.” He grinned, genuinely happy to see Julian. “It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen you. Mr. Abrams is expecting you. I’ll let him know you’re on your way up.”

“Good to see you, Cal.” Julian pressed the button to the elevator. “It has been a long time.”

“Don’t be a stranger,” Cal said as they stepped onto the elevator, waving to them as the doors closed.

“You have access?” Kayla stared at the card, wondering what he had done and who he had done it with the last time he was there.

She had so many insecurities and questions about their afternoon. Playing at Julian’s penthouse was one thing. She’d gotten quite used to it. But being out in public with others in the community made her edgy. What if she realized her biggest fear? What if she couldn’t meet his expectations?

“I used to come here often,” Julian said. “This elevator brings us right to the club.”

When the elevator doors opened, Kayla took in the atmosphere. As the soft music streamed through the surround system, she glanced around. She spotted a mahogany bar with shiny gold accents in the center of the room. The elaborate sitting area just off the elevator boasted plush leather sofas and soft white throw rugs. Patrons were relaxing and chatting like normal people, drinking wine and martinis. The trendy New Yorkers looked so comfortable in their environment.

Julian pointed to long halls with doorways on either side of the bar. People were coming in and out of those doors. “The observation rooms are that way. It’s much more private back there. Quiet enough to get in the right frame of mind.”

There were booths and tables set against large windows that revealed a spectacular view of the city from the floor-length glass. Sheer curtains in all the corners of the room shielded silhouettes moving behind the white material. Kayla tried to see what they were doing as she strained to get a better look.

Julian rubbed her back as he took her hand and kissed it. “You’re fidgeting.”

“Am I?”

“That’s how I know you’re really nervous, because you don’t even realize you’re doing it.”

“This is all very awkward for me. I have no idea what to expect.”

“I understand, but all you have to do is let me lead.” He kept his hand in hers, calming her with his encouraging voice. “This afternoon is necessary if we’re going to explore even further. I want to make sure I do this right for you. For us.”

“You have my total faith.”

When she gazed into his caring eyes, she knew she could face anything as long as he was by her side. She wanted to please him more than anything, and in return, he would bring her the ecstasy she had become so addicted to.

“Julian,” a deep, masculine voice called from the distance.

Holy shit! Kayla lost her breath as the impeccable man made his way toward them.

His black suit graced his tall, imposing form, accentuating his fit body. People stopped what they were doing, moving out of his way as he came closer. A few girls dropped to their knees when he walked past them. No one made eye contact with him. The man seemed unfazed, like it was commonplace for them to react so respectfully. He commanded it just by walking into the room.

“Is that him?” A tremble rolled through her as he came closer.

“Yes.” He wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her to his side. “Remember to breathe.”

Julian had said he was an older, experienced Dom who people respected, feared, and craved to be close to. This man who now stood in front of her, his green eyes blazing intently into hers, was nothing like she had imagined. She didn’t expect him to be so youthful, attractive, and sexy.

“Hello, Ms. Quinn.” He extended his hand for her. “I’m Martin Abrams.”

Master M.

Kayla rocked from one foot to another before finding her voice. She shook his hand, but quickly pulled away, feeling awkward. She wasn’t sure what the proper etiquette was when meeting one of the city’s most sought after Dominants. Julian rubbed her back, nudging her forward as Martin continued to stare into her eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Abrams,” she finally managed to stammer out. “Julian has told me much about you.”

“Not too much, I hope.” Martin smiled at Julian. “Welcome back.”

“It’s good to see you.” Julian shook Martin’s hand. “Thanks for agreeing to meet with us.”

“It’s my pleasure. I’m always happy to help in situations such as yours.” He motioned toward the long hallway. “I have an observation room set up for you. The participants know someone is coming to observe, but they don’t know which point in the scene you’ll be in for. I thought we could observe for a bit and discuss a training plan for you.”

“That sounds good,” Julian said.

“Are you agreeable to that, Ms. Quinn?” Martin asked.

“Yes, I think.” She glanced down the hallway, wondering what was behind that door.

“You think?” Martin looked to Julian for an explanation. “This is consensual, correct?”

“Kayla is a bit nervous about what to expect today. I’ve tried to assure her nothing will happen here that she doesn’t want. As I told you, she’s very new to this lifestyle and we’re not sure how far we’d like to take it.”

“That’s understandable.” Martin nodded, easing Kayla’s anxiety.

She was still trying to get over him being so young and attractive. For a man who was twenty years older than her, he was more impressive than she could have imagined.

“Why don’t we head to the observation room? I’ve chosen light play for you to observe, since I know you aren’t hardcore. I wouldn’t want to leave you with a negative impression.”

“Are you ready, Kayla?” Julian took her hand as they followed Martin down the hall. “You’re stronger than you think,” he whispered into her ear. “You’ve handled everything I’ve given you these past few months. Take this journey with me. Let me show you how good it can be.”

“I want this.” She wasn’t doing this solely to please Julian. That was a big part of why she had agreed to meet with Martin, but being there and embarking on a new experience was just as much for her as it was for Julian.

When they came to the last door on the right, Martin swiped a keycard, opening the door. The dim room smelled of lemon, like a wood furniture polish. Over Martin’s shoulder, she spied an oversized leather sofa set in front of large panel of glass. From this vantage point, she couldn’t see what was on the other side, but she figured the windows were for viewing.

“You use the light system for your safe words?” Martin asked. “Is that working?”

“Yes, it seems to be helping as I learn Kayla’s likes and dislikes.” Julian squeezed her hand. “We haven’t had any issues.”

Well, except that one time I was being a brat and I said red. She tried not to think about the evening Connie tried to sabotage her relationship with Julian. She hadn’t talked to her so-called friend since that day, and hoped she’d never have to again.

“Let’s use those words in this room,” Martin said. “Is that acceptable, Kayla?”

“I’ll need my safe words to observe?” Kayla looked up at Julian, trying not to lose her cool, but her nerves were in overdrive. “Why?”

“When you’re in this club, you should always have a comfort zone,” Martin informed her. “A way for you to be able to let us know how much is too much or when you want more.”

Us? How active would Martin be in this process?

“I put safety and consent above all else,” he continued. “Nothing happens in my club, playroom, or bedroom if my sub isn’t on the same page as I am. I’m sure Julian has explained the rules.”

“Kayla understands some of this lifestyle,” Julian answered for her. “She also knows I won’t push her any harder than she wants.”

“You’re here because she wants more.” Martin stepped into the observation room. “The rules are about to change.”


* * * *

Julian sat on the leather sofa, guiding Kayla into his lap. Her fidgeting was at an all-time high, so he thought keeping her close would help control her anxiety.

“Breathe,” he whispered into her hair. “Relinquish control to me. Accept that I know what’s best for you.”

She inhaled slowly, taking her time to let it go. She did this a few times as Martin pressed a button on the wall next to the door, raising the blinds and exposing the couple behind the glass. She sat up, but didn’t say anything. Her breathing, whether she knew it or not, had regulated itself, and once the couple was in full view, Kayla had settled into Julian’s chest. He twirled her hair around his finger, helping her stay calm.

The submissive, a petite woman with light features, was shackled to a St. Andrew’s cross. Her eyes were covered with a black silk scarf. Her Dominant, a large, muscular man, stood behind her, teasing her with a flogger. He swept the black and purple suede along her shoulders as she pulled against the cuffs.

“Sensation play,” Martin spoke from behind them. “They’ve been in there for two hours and the sub has not been allowed to climax. She’s riding the edge as she learns to obey.”

“Two hours?” Kayla muttered, but never took her eyes away from the couple in front of her.

Julian had yet to withhold an orgasm from Kayla when they played. She released easily, having very little control over it. That was a natural instinct. When a person was sexually stimulated, they climaxed. Kayla was so responsive to him that he had no desire to deny her. Of anything for that matter. That was one of the bad habits he had created.

“The sub has been with her Master for two months,” Martin told them. “She’s collared. This is the first time she has consented to being in an exclusive arrangement, and they’re having trouble with obedience. In my opinion, he has been too lax with her, but it’s up to him to correct it. Unless, of course, he asks me to step in and correct the problem.”

The Dom had moved in front of the sub as he continued to flog her in quick succession. The tops of her shoulders, her breasts, her stomach, and between her thighs. Kayla tensed each time the suede connected with the sub’s flesh.

“Does that hurt her?” she whispered.

“No.” Julian rubbed her back. “Would you like to try it?”

When she nodded without even glancing at him, he realized she was too mesmerized by what she was witnessing to look away.

“Maybe tonight,” he said. How he’d like to see her skin prickle with excitement as he introduced her to a flogger.

“How well are you doing with orgasm control?” Martin asked. “Can she come on command?”

Kayla stared at Martin, shock in her expression.

He gazed into her eyes, challenging her, waiting for her to back down. She did within seconds, turning her attention to the couple behind the glass.

“You watch,” Julian said. “Martin and I will discuss what we’re trying to gain by coming here.”

Kayla sank into Julian’s chest, resting her head on his shoulder as she observed the scene unfolding before her. Julian took her hand in his and interlocked their fingers as Martin sat beside them. He observed Kayla as her wide eyes focused on the couple on the other side. The Dominant had abandoned the flogger for the riding crop. Julian recalled how much his girl enjoyed the crop.

“How far would you like to take this?” Martin asked. “How involved would you like for me to be?”

“I’d like for you to be an integral part of the scenes,” Julian replied. Kayla squeezed his hand in hers, but he continued his conversation with Martin. “Of course, Kayla will have the final say.”

“Yes. Safe, sane, and consensual.” Martin nodded. “I’ll follow your lead and monitor Kayla’s body language. I won’t push her any further than she can handle.”

Julian stroked Kayla’s arm, hoping she understood that nothing would happen that she didn’t allow.

“It will take us a few sessions to learn one another, but I’m confident we’ll fall into a solid rhythm. I can show you techniques that will benefit you both.”

Julian looked up at the glass when Kayla wiggled in his hold. The Dom had unshackled the sub from the cross and moved her into the center of the room. The woman dropped to her knees.

“What are they doing?” Kayla asked.

“The scene was too intense for the sub,” Martin explained. “She may have used her safe word or asked her Dominant to slow down. He’s giving her time to regroup.”

The sub sank to the floor, dropped her head, and waited as her Dom stood behind her. He was speaking to her, probably trying to reassure her and keep her in the right frame of mind.

“I think we’ve observed enough for today,” Julian said. “I wanted Kayla to see how the rooms were set up and what it was like to play here.” He didn’t want to overwhelm her with too many visuals their first time at Master M’s.

“Why don’t we go to my office and talk for a bit?” Martin stood and extended his hand for Kayla. “I’d like to hear Kayla’s thoughts on what we’re about to embark on.”

Kayla looked to Julian for guidance. He nodded and smiled, because he needed her to feel comfortable with Martin. Kayla tentatively raised her shaky hand for Martin to take. Julian rubbed her back, assuring her she would be fine.

“Julian is coming with us,” Martin said as he took her hand and led her to the door. “He will be with us whenever I’m with you. I’m just here to guide and deepen your experience.”

“Kayla and I will discuss all of her limitations before we formally come together.” Julian followed them down the hallway. “Until this point, we’ve been very light when it comes to the lifestyle.”

“I’m intrigued how you two came together.” Martin opened his office door and led Kayla inside. “Please, have a seat.” He motioned toward the couch. “May I sit with her?”

“Please.” Julian moved to stand behind Kayla once she took a seat, resting his hand on her shoulder, he hoped his presence would calm her. Her normal olive complexion was pale, and he could see she fought the urge to crack her knuckles.

“As I was saying,” Martin continued. “You sought Julian out at his club.”

“I wasn’t exactly seeking Julian out.” Kayla’s voice was barely above a whisper. “He pursued me, quite relentlessly.”

“I saw a spark.” He looked down at her, recalling those first few meetings when she insisted she needed to be dominated, but had no clue what that meant. That was about to change. Coming to Master M’s would be a whole new experience. One that he hoped would be pleasurable for both of them. “She thought she knew what she wanted, but she was misguided.”

“That’s one of the purposes of this club. When people come here, they seek a lifestyle they often know nothing about. I try to lead them in the right direction and match them with others who I think they’ll be compatible with.”

“You’re a Dom and sub matchmaker?” Kayla asked.

“Something like that.” Martin smirked, but he was far too modest to take credit for anything. “I didn’t start out that way, but as the years went by and people found out about this club, more sought out my expertise. I’ve been practicing in this community for many years. I’ve learned a lot and mastered much. If I can use my knowledge to create a safe, sane, and consensual environment, then it’s my duty to help those who want the advice. The internet can be a useful tool, but there are many dangers when it comes to vulnerable people.”

“That’s why we’re here,” Julian said. “I’ve only participated with experienced women. I knew what they wanted and knew they could handle what we were doing. Kayla is different.”

“I’m trying to learn for you,” she said.

“The fact that you’re here proves that, Kayla.” Martin took her hand, gazing hard into her reluctant eyes. “Your Dominant is apprehensive because you are so new to this lifestyle, and he knows you don’t fully comprehend all it entails.” He looked at Julian for confirmation before focusing on Kayla again. “Not yet, anyway. I’ve known Julian for quite some time, and by him bringing you here, it only reinforces what I already knew about him. He is a responsible Dominant who wants to put you above all else. He has fallen in love with you, and that makes him uncertain. Not because he’s afraid to do what is necessary to show you all this lifestyle has to offer you, but because he doesn’t want to hurt you.”

Kayla glanced at Julian. “You won’t hurt me.” The certainty in her voice spoke volumes.

“Trust is very important, especially over the course of our training.” Martin touched Kayla’s face, reverting her attention back to him. “We may do things that don’t feel right to you, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. I would expect you to be uncomfortable, because you’re young and new to our way of life. Julian and I will make you our sole focus when we’re in the playroom. You will always have access to me when the scene is over. I’d expect you to seek the guidance of your Dominant, but in the early stages, you may have questions for me. I’ll be available to you. I’m offering my full attention to you both. I’m currently not with anyone, so my time is your time. I promise you this will work.”

“That’s very kind of you, Martin,” Kayla said. “I want to be here. I want to learn, and I appreciate the opportunity for your help in this journey.”

“Moving forward, you will refer to me as Master M or Sir. I don’t care which one, but you will not use my given name.”

“Umm, okay.”

“Okay, what?” Martin pressed.

“Okay, Mas... I mean, Sir.”

“Good.” Martin stood from his seat. “I need you to allow me a few moments with your Dominant before the two of you have a quiet dinner in my private dining area.”

Kayla looked to Julian and then quickly scrambled from the sofa.

“I’ll meet you right outside.” Julian kissed her cheek before opening the door. “Wait out here for me. I won’t be long.”

“Okay.” She gave him a small smile before stepping out into the hall. “I’m going to text Caroline and see how she’s feeling. She’s been nauseous.” Her sister-in-law, Caroline, was a few months pregnant and Kayla liked checking in on her.

“Good idea.” Julian winked before closing the door and turning to Martin. “You intimidate her.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t?” Martin took a seat at his desk and clasped his hands in front of him, resting on his elbows. “I’ve never met a submissive I didn’t throw off balance. You have your work cut out for you.”

“She’s willing to learn.” Julian had already shown her the way. “As you said, I need someone who isn’t emotionally attached to her to help us. I’ve been lax and bad habits are forming.”

“She’s young.”

“Her soul is old and her mind is well beyond her years. I like her free spirit and the way she challenges me. I need for her to submit. When we play, she’s focused and willing to try new things.”

“She has a defiant streak. It was subtle in front of me, but it is there.”

“I’ve seen you train much less compliant women.”

“I didn’t love those women, well, not the way you love Kayla.” He glanced at the picture of Gracie Meadows, the sub Martin had taken a liking to. Much more than any other submissive in his life. “Will you be able to watch me with her and allow me to hone in on her submissive side, given how you feel for her? I will play a very active role if we continue with this.”

“I know we’re not the first couple you’ve trained.”

“That’s very true, and I ask this of all of my Doms who are in a serious relationship. I don’t do well with interference. I’ve seen your potential. When you’re in the zone in a playroom you’re impressive.”

“Thank you.” Julian recalled two or three intense sessions that took place right in this club. “You were a helpful mentor.”

“I can still be a mentor, but you and Kayla need to set clear boundaries. She needs to understand how hands-on I’ll be.”

“She will,” Julian said. “I didn’t explain everything to her yet, because I didn’t want to frighten her. I wanted her to meet you first. She wants more. She’s a strong woman. Once we’re in the playroom with you, she’ll calm down. She’s apprehensive with new things, but she doesn’t back down. I’m not that dominant with her. I admit, my feelings got in the way. First, I thought she was too new for this lifestyle, and then I fell in love with her. Now we’re in an odd place. I can’t be the way I usually am with other submissives. She was different from the beginning. I always knew that, but I pursued her anyway. Now, I’m addicted to her. In ways I never imagined possible.”

“Being addicted to your submissive is a good thing, as long as you know who is in control.”

It had always been easy for Julian to express his desires to Martin. He didn’t judge and had a way of making Julian feel at ease when it came to his preferences in the bedroom.

“I know you can do this with Kayla. You can find a way to make your two lives intertwine. Many people in this community are both Dominant and submissive, but can still manage a vanilla lifestyle when the situation calls for it.”

“You mean everyday life.”

“That tends to get in the way.” He laughed. “But, yes, you and Kayla aren’t in this for a twenty-four hour arrangement, and there is nothing wrong with that. You’re not the first couple to try what you’re on the verge of allowing me to introduce you to.”

“I know what she needs from me. I want to give it to her as much as she wants to submit to me. Having you help us is what we both need.”

“You have my full support.” Martin glanced at his watch. “Don’t keep that beautiful woman waiting too long. I’ll draw up the consent forms. You discuss limits with Kayla, and we’ll begin in a few days. If she changes her mind, no hard feelings.”

“I appreciate everything. I never expected you to take us on exclusively.”

“That’s exactly what this situation requires.”


Julian and Kayla are committed to each other and are hoping to enrich their playroom activities.

Martin Abrams is a Master and run Master M's BDSM club. He's the perfect person to help Julian and Kayla explore their desires and deepen their relationship.

However the longer Kayla spends in Master M's presence, a yearning starts to grow to take things one step further in their lessons.

Can Julian give in to Kayla fancy? Will Kayla be able to satisfy Julian's domination? How will Martin's presence affect Julian and Kayla's relationship? Or will a blast from the past be the one to break this couple up for good?

Relentless Dominance is a sultry, pleasurable read that will keep you captivated from start to finish. The chemistry between Julian and Kayla is fierce and endearing. The love that flows between the two is deep and profound. It's a love that will warm the heart of the reader.

Martin is the kind of man you long to submit to. His alpha persona and deep, commanding voice will have readers swooning and panties melting. It's easy to see why Kayla was drawn to him.

What I loved most about Relentless Dominance is watching Julian and Kayla's relationship strengthen. I adore Kayla's eagerness to learn more about what Julian likes. She goes in with open eyes because she wants to do everything to make Julian happy. Julian never expected to settle down, but now that Kayla is in his life he'll move heaven and earth to give her very thing she wants.

Even though there is a menage interaction, at the heart of the story Relentless Dominance is about a couple in love. A love that will pull at the reader's heartstrings and leave you in book hangover.

I highly recommend this seductive, passionate book.

Relentless Dominance stands alone but if you'd like to see how Julian and Kayla's story began check out Relentless Pursuit.

Desire unlocks the door to a new world, but she never expected to find him on the other side.

Julian Anders has a way of making women drop to their knees. He's fierce, domineering, and knows what he wants in the bedroom. He craves total submission. His busy life doesn't allow him the luxury of traditional dating. He doesn't want it and doesn't need it. He makes no apologies until Kayla Quinn, his best friend's younger sister, shows up at the exclusive club where he finds his companions.

Kayla has been unsuccessful in love and is tired of waiting for the one. When a friend introduces her to an upscale club that caters in matchmaking without the commitment, she decides to try it. She requests a mature, dominant man, but she never bargained for what happens next.

Julian is enraged to find Kayla interested in men like him. Men who have no desire to commit. She's not the club's typical client. He's known her for years but stayed away despite his strong attraction to her. He decides the only way to save her from a potential disaster is to pursue her himself. Can she handle his darker side? The one she never knew existed? Perhaps he's finally met his match…both in and out of the bedroom.

About The Author

Ella Jade has been writing for as long as she can remember. As a child, she often had a notebook and pen with her, and now as an adult, the laptop is never far. The plots and dialogue have always played out in her head, but she never knew what to do with them. That all changed when she discovered the eBook industry. She started penning novels at a rapid pace and now she can't be stopped.

Ella resides in New Jersey with her husband and two boys. When she's not chasing after her kids, she's busy creating sexy, domineering men and the strong women who know how to challenge them in and out of the bedroom. She hopes you'll get lost in her words.

She loves connecting with readers. You can find her here…

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