12 November 2017

Book Blitz ~ You Forever, Cameron Farms #3, by Melanie Jayne

You Forever
A Cameron Farms Romance
Melanie Jayne
Release Date Nov. 09, 2017


They told themselves theirs was a casual affair… until a positive pregnancy test proved them wrong.

Ashley Needham’s life is finally on track. She has a great job at Cameron Farms, good friends, and is months away from college graduation.

Matt Weiss was convinced he didn’t know how to love until the day a she strutted into his office spitting fire. He fell hard, but to protect his heart and hers, he made no promises.

All that was before the positive test changed their relationship forever. Can casual lovers truly become a couple and forge a bond strong enough to last?


He’d made Ashley so mad during one of their calls she’d driven to his office so she could yell at him in person. She’d been so mad—and so adorable. Her blue eyes flashed as she stood with her hand on her hip and a sneer on her face. She wore skinny jeans that showed off her legs and tight butt. “And just who the hell are you?” she asked snottily.

He stood and rounded his desk, so that he towered over her. “I’m the man who’s going to kiss you,” he said with a grin.

Her head jerked back in surprise, causing her silky hair to swing off of her shoulders and giving him a better look at her chest. “Wha-what did you just say?”

Her breasts were perfect under her tight pink, v-neck sweater. “You heard me, little girl.” He was enjoying this. Man, if he’d known Ashley was so hot, he’d have agreed to this new policy immediately.

“You are a pig,” she said, practically frothing in her anger.

“Probably so, but I’ve been told I’m a good kisser.”

She took two steps backward, and then turned and started to pace. He couldn’t complain. She looked really good doing so.

Suddenly, she stopped and stalked back to stand in front of him. “There will be no kissing. There will be no talk of kissing. Do you hear me?” She narrowed her eyes a little while she waited for his answer.

“Why? Are you married? In a serious relationship?”

She gave him an eye roll and let out an exasperated sigh. “Dude, I’m on a vacation from guys. And after meeting you, I definitely made the right decision.” She flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder.

“What does that even mean?” She was too cute and clearly didn’t have any idea how sexy she was when she was mad.

“Oh, man,” another eye roll, “and everybody says you’re so smart.” She flashed a superior look that made him really want to kiss her. “Well, Einstein, it means I’m off of men right now. As in, no wee wee-touchy.” She then made a fanning motion with her hand from her shoulders to her thighs.

Amused, he fought hard not to chuckle. “So, just to be clear, is that nobody touchy or just not men?”

She shook her head, and her voice dropped lower. “Christ, if I tell you the truth, then you’re only going to like it too much.”

His own voice dropped an octave, when he said, “So, there have been women…”

“Why are we even talking about this?” She started to run her hand through her hair but stopped and dropped it again to her small waist. “Look, I came down here to get some things straight between us.”

Right then, he wanted to know more about this girl—no, she was definitely a woman. A very sexy woman. He turned his back on her and walked to the coat tree that sat in the corner of the office. He stuffed his arm through the sleeve of his Burberry trench. “That’s fine. We’ll talk, but we’re doing it over lunch.”

She gave him a look like he was crazy. Her eyebrows rose, and her mouth opened a little bit. “Dude, it’s only ten-twenty.” She pointed at the antique clock on his wall.

“Then coffee? It doesn’t really matter because you’re going out with me.” He marched to his desk and punched his call forward button, and then moved to Ashley, who was still looking at him like he was insane. He took her elbow gently but firmly and escorted her out of the office.

“You can’t boss me around like this,” she said with some heat.

“I’m not bossing you. I’m buying you coffee and, if you behave, then maybe a doughnut,” he said with a smile as he headed to the stairs.

They started down the first flight. “Stop talking to me like that,” she snapped.

“Okay, baby. I will when you stop arguing with me.”

On the first-floor landing, she shook off his hand. “Listen, I don’t think you understand.”

When she moved away from him, God help him, he wanted to close in on her.

“This is my job, okay? I can’t screw this up. I need this job.” Her expression was almost pleading. “Hale has been great to me. She’s given me this opportunity, and she lets me work around my class schedule.” She nodded twice quickly. “Plus, as long as I work for her and stay in school, I can live in my place for free.” Again, she nodded. “Well, it’s really her place, but it’s mine, you know?” By now, her eyes were huge, and her body language wasn’t arrogant. It was almost a little timid.

He wanted the feisty Ashley back. This smaller version of her made him want to pull her into my arms and shield her from the world. Yeah, right. “Okay. How about this? We go get some coffee and talk.” He was a master negotiator when wanted to be.

“About work—we’re only going to talk about our jobs.” She eyed him with suspicion.

“For today,” he promised.

They’d stayed at “cofee” for almost three hours, but it had felt like ten minutes. He’d wanted to do it again the next day and the day after.

Q&A With Melanie Jayne

Welcome Melanie! I'm so happy you agreed to stopped by! Let's get started...

Where do you find your inspiration?

It is a cliché but most of my ideas come from dreams. When I dream it is in bright colors, I can feel texture and I can smell. I do realize that many experts say that these things can’t happen but they do for me.

The Cameron Farms Trilogy was inspired by the Bruno Mars song, “When I Was Your Man.” Heard it for the first time in the car and the book You Only popped into my head.

What books have influenced your life most?

Happy All The Time by Laurie Colwin. Very sophisticated and intelligent people who are muddling through life – just like the rest of us.

Scruples by Judith Krantz. I found this book hidden in my mom’s closet so I knew it had to be awesome. I read it in high school and learned a few things about Rodeo Drive and sex-especially the sex.

Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie. The pacing, the small town life, and the relationship between the characters. It wasn’t until I did a re-read of one of my books that I saw how much this book has affected me.

When you start a book, do you already have the whole story in your head or is it built progressively?

I am a plotter. My story ideas pop into my head complete. I then outline the four or five major points so that I remember it. Then as the time nears to write the book, I go back and make a more (too) elaborate outline that includes, background music, fashion, interior design ideas, last names—more details. This outline can be as long as sixty pages. I also include key phrases or bits of dialogue.

List three books you have recently read and would recommend.

Enemies Like You by Annika Martin and Joanna Chambers. M/M, twisty and HOT!!!

Beard in Mind by Penny Reid. I am a HUGE fan of the Winston Brothers series. You cannot say the word sausage within my hearing range and I not laugh. When I first met Shelly, I wasn’t sure how she was going to fit into this series but Ms. Reid does such a great job. I love, love, love this book.

Bearly Safe by Anya Breton. Maybe it is because I know the author and adore her but I found this book charming. I liked the characters and it made me smile. Not a difficult read, this was enjoyable and perfect for when you are stuck in bed with Con Crud.

Tell us something that people would be surprised you know how to do.

In my mind, I host a TV or Radio talk show. I interview people that I meet. I love to ask questions and I go right to it. Sometimes, I even pretend to hold a microphone. My friends know that they can tell me to mind my own business but rarely do. I’m honestly surprised that people will actually answer my questions.

I keep saying that Harvey Levin needs to call me—Hello  TMZ!

Thank you so much for letting me talk about…ME.

Thank you again Melanie for stopping by and letting us to get you know and I hope to one met you in person. Congrats on the release of You Forever, I've loved the entire Cameron Farms Series.

About the Author

Melanie JayneI live on a grain farm southeast of Indianapolis, Indiana with my very patient husband of twenty-five years and our two English Mastiffs, Buster Brown and Ginger. I graduated from Indiana University when it was the #1 party school in the country and I took great pride in helping the school achieve that ranking.

I haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I change careers every decade. I have worked in retail, a federal courtroom, travelled across the state closing loans, and behind the scenes in a casino.

I've always had an active imagination so when a good friend suggested that I try writing a book, I thought why not, it should be fun. It has, but I have had to work very hard to learn how to do it. I am so lucky for the outpouring of advice and education from so many in the industry, plus the hand-holding and cheerleading from My Gurls. I also have an incredible Ad-man-istrative Assistant, who tries to keep me under control. He rolls his eyes so much that I worry about a permanent condition.

When I ‘m not working or writing type stuff, I sleep, watch courtroom TV shows, and sports. I was a competitive pro-am ballroom dancer for ten years and I read as many books as I can.

I love to attend Author-Reader Conventions and look forward to meeting you.

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