20 November 2017

Release Blitz & Review ~ Her Beast, His Beauty by Jenika Snow


From the moment I saw her I knew I couldn’t let her go.

For a decade I’d stayed secluded, my appearance and attitude frightening people, keeping them away. But I’d come to like that, grow stronger from it. And then she came into my life, a spitfire of a woman who challenged me and showed no fear.

I should have sent her away for her own good, but I was too selfish to let her go.

I wanted her as mine even though I didn’t deserve her.


I should have been afraid when he said I was his.

His heart has grown hard and cold, his isolation making him hate the world. He thinks people should fear him because of the scars he bears, but I find beauty in them. I was just the housekeeper, but I can’t help how I feel for him.

Maybe he is a beast, a vicious animal hidden under a hard, powerful body. Maybe I should run, but I know he’ll come for me, find me. But deep down, where I can’t lie, I want him to be mine.

And that frightens me most of all.

Warning: This is a sweet, fast retelling of Beauty and the Beast. But this isn’t that fairytale you heard long ago. It’s packed full of hot, dirty bits that’ll make you squirm while you’re reading it. Don’t worry; it’s got that sticky sweet Happily Ever After we all crave.

* blurb unedited/not finalized

I didn’t care if I was crossing lines. I didn’t give a fuck if I should have stayed away, reminding myself she was my employee. I wanted Britta like a fucking fiend needing his next fix, and I wasn’t going to deny myself. I wasn’t going to practice self-control, not when I had her right here in front of me, her desire for me clear.

Truth was I wanted her to know that she was mine, that I would destroy anything or anyone who tried to tell me differently. Being locked away these last ten years, even though it was my own doing, had made me hardened. It had changed me, made me the beast everyone already thought I was.

Instinct controlled me and I found myself moving closer to her. She moved a step back, maybe slightly afraid, maybe because she didn’t know what I had planned. But this primal need was dictating what I did, propelling me forward until I wasn’t myself. And then I was right in front of her. I pulled her close to me and she gasped. I loved that sound, and wanted to hear her make it again when I was balls deep in her.

Emotions slammed into me, and I knew this wasn’t about me wanting to control her, to own her. I wanted her as mine, no doubt about it, but I wanted her to know that I was hers too. This was fast, fucking crazy in all senses of the word. But it was real, and I hadn’t felt anything like this before.

I should have been gentle, taken my time, made this a slow burn, but I couldn’t. I was too selfish for her, too primed for a taste of Britta.

And I’d have her, every fucking part of her.


Rofus Foxwerth has spent the last ten years hidden away due to scars he bares from accident. Although he's been secluded, he's solitude was exactly what he wanted. He never saw a reason to change things until she walked into his life.

Britta Carleson really needs this job since she's about to be homeless. Housekeeping may not be the most glamours job but she knows she can do it and do it well. Britt only expected to do her job while keeping her head down until he walks out of the shadows.

Their chemistry is electric right from the start. Every moment they spend together only intensifies the sexual tension.

So when Rofus confesses to Britta that he wants not only her body but her heart as well, Britta has to decided if she wants a life with this Beast or would she rather run away and never look back.

Her Beast, His Beauty is a fun, sexy, captivating retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. The instant attraction between Rofus and Britta is intense and when they finally come together, the sparks fly off the pages. Rofus may be a beast to everyone, but when it comes to Britta he because someone different. He loves her and will move heaven and earth for her to make her happy.

I love how Britta embraces Rofus just the way he is... rough around the edges and all his scars both physical and emotional. She sees the man behind the image and loves him completely.

I really loved this provocative retelling and didn't want to see it end. It's quick, saucy, and oh so hot. I would highly recommend Her Beast, His Beauty if you are looking for something fast, hot, and dirty to satisfy all your naughty desires.

Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse.

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