24 September 2017

Blog Tour & Review ~ My Image Of You by Melanie Moreland

My Image of You
By Melanie Moreland
On Sale September 19th | Ballantine/Loveswept

A globe-trotting bad boy chases the one that got away in this addictive novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Contract.

My name is Adam Kincaid, and I’m the best at what I do. After losing my parents, I decided to follow in their footsteps, and now I’m the most daring freelance photographer in the world.

Maybe some think I’m a loner, but I don’t care. All that matters is the shot: braving danger and devastation in search of a single image with the power to tell someone’s story. But as good as I am, accidents happen—and thank god for that, because it’s what leads me to her . . .

Alexandra Robbins. My nurse. My savior.

With her fiery red hair and crystal-clear blue eyes, the camera loves her . . . and I have to have her. We soon find that we’re perfect together. We just fit, physically and emotionally. And yet something isn’t right. Something from her past is haunting her, and no matter what I do to help her break free, I lose her.

Today is the day I try to win her back. Not only do I need an explanation, I need her in my bed once again. I don’t just want a damn picture—I want her. Because what we have is a love that never fades away . . .

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When you meet someone and it's like you've been hit by lighting, you'll do everything to keep that person by your side at all costs.

Adam Kincaid loved his globe trotting life and didn't see it ending any time soon. But after an unexpected accident he comes face to face with a woman that makes him reevaluate his life.

Alex Robbins may seem likes she has it all, but looks can be deceiving. She lived her life they way her parents expected, but it's not the life she wanted. All that changed when Adam came into her life.

Their connection was instantaneous and anyone that saw could tell just how perfect they are for each other. But when Adam leaves on his last trip things take a turn neither saw happening.

Their love is powerful and nothing and no will keep Adam from finding his soul mate. One way or another, he vows to win her back.

My Image of You is a sweet, heartbreaking, sultry romance that captivates the reader from start to finish. The journey that Adam and Ally take has some amazing highs and depressing lows.

Adam and Ally have a love that is deep and intense. The length he goes through to get his Ally back is endearing and will pull at your heartstrings. I love his devotion and perseverance.

Ally is smart, sexy, and sweet. I love how big her heart is despite everything she's been put through. And even when she couldn't remember she knew there was something about Adam that called to her.

I absolutely loved My Image of You and would highly recommend it. Once I open this book I couldn't stop reading it. I was swept away on a journey that has me entranced with it's all encompassing love story and it's suspenseful intrigue. Watching these two fight for their love will warm your heart and leave you believe love can conquer all.

About The Author

New York Times/USA Today bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of twenty-seven-plus years and their rescue cat Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys travelling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.

Melanie delights in a good romance story with some bumps along the way, but is a true believer in happily ever after. When her head isn’t buried in a book, it is bent over a keyboard, furiously typing away as her characters dictate their creative storylines to her, often with a large glass of wine keeping her company.

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