21 September 2017

Release Blitz & Review ~ Auctioned Virgin: Kidnapped, Exposé Collection, by Frankie Love

Auctioned Virgin: Kidnapped
Author: Frankie Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 21, 2017


When down-to-earth heiress Justine VanDeShire decides to auction off her virginity to raise money for endangered animals in the Alaskan wild, she doesn’t expect to be kidnapped by Ryder, a rogue mountain man set on getting her off the grid.

Ryder says he knows what’s best for her … but trusting the man holding you hostage seems like a mistake.

Justine came to Alaska to sell her virginity, not to give it away to the man who abducted her. But the moment she laid eyes on this broad shouldered, bearded man, with eyes that could melt ice caps … the one thing she wants is the one thing she swore she’d never give away.

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When Justine came up with this plan she never expected how things would end up.

Ryder likes his life just the way it is until he lays eyes on a woman that captives him completely.

But when all is said and done, will they be able to get past the whole kidnapping thing to have something real? Or Justine walk away and never look back?

Auction Virgin: Kidnapped is a saucy, provocative read from start to finish. Ryder is a rugged, alpha male from head to toe. When he sits out to protect Justine, he does whatever it takes to make it happen. You can't help but swoon for a man like Ryder.

Justine is smart, strong willed, independent woman that knows what she wants and never backs down. I love how passionate she is about the causes she fights for.

And when the passion ignites, sparks fly off the pages. An ice cold shower or two will be needed after reading this steamy romance.

So if you are looking for a quick, sizzling, intriguing read, then I highly recommend you pick up Auction Virgin: Kidnapped and let Ryder makes all your desires come true. Just don't be surprised when you finish if you want to run off into the Alaskan wilderness looking for your own mountain man.

Author Bio

Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men.

❤ Get ready to fall in love ... you deserve it! ❤

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