18 September 2017

Release Blitz & Review ~ Seducing His Student by London Hale


The semester begins!

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Get schooled in sexiness!

Seducing His Student by London Hale is here!

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The last thing a newly hired dean should be doing is one of his students…

Dirty flirting with the unbelievably hot barista at Bundt & Grind café is not how Elliott Goodridge should be spending his time. Temperance Falls College hired him to counteract a scandal—not burn through his paychecks on overpriced coffee with a side of impure thoughts.

For the amount of time college student Samantha Monroe spends fantasizing about the new guy in town, she should know more than just his name. But despite putting out all kinds of signs that she's down for, well, putting out, Elliott hasn't made a move. Yet.

By the time the truth is revealed, it's too late to stop the charge between them. Sparks fly, but so do rumors. For Elliott, a day without his hands on Sam is too long—and two orgasm-free weeks until graduation is flat-out impossible.

London Hale novellas may be read in any order and enjoyed as standalones. Looking for something quick, filthy, and taboo? The couples of Temperance Falls deliver.

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Do you want a read that's quick, sultry, and a little taboo?

Then I highly recommend you pick up Seducing His Student today.

The connection between Elliott and Samantha is intense and undeniable. Even when they learn they need to stay away from each other, they can't and really don't want to.

Elliott is a man that works hard and always wants to do the right thing. And no woman has ever caught his eye like Sam. I adore that he's feelings for her never weavers, it's actually strengthens.

I love how Sam doesn't care about what other might say, she just wants Elliott and doesn't hesitate to let him know. Sam is smart, talented, and a hard worker. Her banter with Elliott is spot on.

I enjoyed every second of Seducing His Student and hated to let them go. It's naughty, dirty, and everything nice.

About London Hale

London Hale is the combined pen name of writing besties Ellis Leigh and Brighton Walsh. Between them, they’ve published more than thirty books in the contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense genres. Ellis is a USA Today bestselling author who loves coffee, thinks green Skittles are the best, and prefers to stay in every weekend. Brighton is multi-published with Berkley, St. Martin’s Press, and Carina Press. She hates coffee, thinks green Skittles are the work of the devil, and has never heard of a party she didn’t want to attend. Don’t ask how they became such good friends or work so well together—they still haven’t figured it out themselves.

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