18 February 2018

Book Blitz & Review ~ Vassago's Reckoning, Demons On Wheels MC #6, by Ravenna Tate

Vassago's Reckoning
Demons On Wheels MC 6
by: Ravenna Tate
Release Date: January 24, 2018
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, May/December, Rubenesque/BBW, MC Romance, Lawless

Jimmy Vaccaro, the Demons on Wheels MC Treasurer known as Vassago, hasn’t seen Marie Vitale for nineteen years. When she shows up unexpectedly in Creek Ridge with Digger, Vassago is hit by the thunderbolt. Marie was only 11 the last time he saw her, but she’s all grown up now, and Vassago must have her, no matter the cost.

Digger and Vassago have plans to take care of rival Mob boss Roberto di Stefano on their own. But when the real reason Marie tagged along with Digger from Brooklyn is revealed, it throws the entire MC club into danger, and puts a major kink in Vassago’s plans.

Marie worshipped Vassago from afar when she was younger. But once he discovers the mess she left back home, she’s convinced she will never be more to him than a casual fling. And that’s if he survives the danger she brought along.

Be Warned: anal sex, public exhibution

Exclusive Excerpt

He swept his hand into her top, cupping her left boob. “Marie, you’re not wearing a bra.”

She laughed. “Neither are the dancers, so I figured why not?”

“You incredibly sexy woman.” Right there, oblivious to the looks some of the customers gave them, Jimmy massaged her nipple until Marie’s pussy was soaking wet. “I don’t think I can wait for the set to be over.”

“Me either.” She was off the stool before he had his hand out of her top. He grabbed her hand and led her to the back of the club, past the curtained entrance where two patched members stood guard. They eyed her like she was fresh meat as she and Jimmy walked past, but Marie didn’t mind. If this was what he wanted, she’d gladly give it a shot.

At first, it was kind of a shock to see members back there with dancers and a few customers, having sex, right in the open. There were silk screens that partially obscured some of them, but nothing blocked out the sounds or the smells.

Jimmy was unfazed. How many times had he brought a woman back here? There was an empty spot next to the right, behind a screen. They even had benches built into the walls. Jimmy grabbed a sanitized wipe from a container of them hanging on the wall and wiped the bench.

“We’re supposed to do that when we’re done, but I never second-guess it. Lean over and put your hands on it.”

Oh my goodness, this was interesting already. She did as he asked, and then gasped as he shoved his hands under her top and grasped her boobs.

“Goddamn, Marie. I’m so fucking glad you didn’t wear a bra. You have the best tits ever.”

“Thank you.” She was lost in the sensations of him rolling her nipples in his thumbs and forefingers. He alternated that with kneading the flesh in his strong hands, while he pushed the bulge in his jeans up against her ass.

“I’m going to fuck you rough and fast. And then I might get hard again and fuck you in the mouth.”

That was fine with her. She was already out of her mind with desire, and she still had her clothes on. He pulled off the top, forcing her to stand for a second. When she did, he grasped her boobs from behind again and kissed her neck. “You ready, Marie? This is gonna be really raw.”

“Oh, God. Yes.” She’d never been so ready for anything in her life. Her entire body trembled with excitement. Jimmy bent her over again, and Marie moaned loudly when he pulled her jeans and panties down, all the way to her ankles.

He rubbed her clit from behind and shoved two fingers into her wetness. “Oh yeah. You’re fucking ready all right.” She heard a zipper, and then without any further warning, he pushed his dick into her hole.

She cried out in pleasure, and a fair amount of pain, which subsided within seconds. He grabbed her hair and tugged her head back slightly. “This is so fucking sexy.”

“Yes. It is.” She could barely speak. He rammed in and out of her harder than he ever had before, but she loved it. Her climax began to build, and when she glanced toward the entrance because of a noise that caught her attention, a small crowd had gathered around them.

Marie had never had sex in front of anyone before, and wasn’t sure she’d like it, but as soon as she realized they were being watched, a surge of energy coursed through her. The orgasm followed, and it was so intense, her cries of ecstasy were genuine.

They spurred the crowd on, who cheered and made really lewd remarks. But that only fueled her excitement. Jimmy was like a runaway train, holding onto her hips now, thrusting in and out so deeply his balls slapped her pussy and droplets of sweat landed on her bare skin. Her pussy was sore and she had trouble hanging onto the bench he was so rough, but she loved it.

It was raw, like he said, and so fucking animalistic. The crowd was a major turn-on in a way she’d never imagined possible. When he came, it was almost a disappointment. But he wasn’t done. He pulled out, roughly turned her around and kissed her, tongue and all, to more loud cheers and raunchy comments.

“Sit down.” She didn’t hesitate. Jimmy grabbed her boobs and squeezed them together, rubbing his dick in between. “Look at me. You’re so fucking beautiful.”

“So are you,” she whispered. Nothing in her wildest fantasies had prepared her for this reality. His hair was loose and he needed a shave, which only made him even more fucking gorgeous. Those dark eyes bored into hers, ablaze with lust. What she wouldn’t give to live here with this man for the rest of her life.

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Marie Vitale is in sticky situation and the only thing she can think of to do is to get away. Luckily for her she's found someone to help her get out, she just has to fib a little to get him to agree. Getting to see the one man that's she been crushing on for several years to just an added plus.

Jimmy "Vassago" Vaccaro is good at what he does both on the right side of law and outside of it. And when it comes to love, he's never felt to need to find 'the one' and settling down. He's heard of the Thunderbolt and seen others when they get struck, he just never expected it to happen to him.

The moment they laid eyes on each other, thunder struck and turned their world upside down. But Marie's reason for running only compounds the danger surrounding the club. Can Vassago find a way to get Marie out of her mess while also getting the club out of danger as well? And he can, will Marie want to stay with Vassago or return home when all is said and done? But more importantly, will Vassago want Marie to stay?

Vassago's Reckoning is a sexy, thrilling, captivating read that will get your heart pumping and panties melting.

I love Marie and her feisty attitude. Her willingness to speak her mind, especially to Vassago, is exciting to watch. And the openness of her sexual needs is exhilarating. I really love how she was able to assimilate to life within the club and willingness to help wherever needed. She's a down to earth person with a big heart, what's not to love about that.

Vassago is, in short, yummy. He's tough and rough around the edges but also very passionate and loyal. His dedication to the Demons and all the people that live at the club is endearing. He's a man that you standing beside you through thick and thin. And when someone messes with his family, he'll take it upon himself to take action to make things right.

When Marie and Vassago heat thing up... hot damn! All the dirty talk and naughty desires are hot, hot, hot. Vassago definitely knows how to handle a woman and leave her well satisfied.

I've really enjoyed the Demons on Wheels MC series and Vassago's Reckoning is a stunning conclusion to this series. I love how Marie and Vassago have a history and their bond and love grows from that. They accept each other, flaws and all.

If you love a story that's provocative, a hero that's exhilarating, a heroine that's bewitching, and storyline that's gripping, then I highly recommend you pick Vassago's Reckoning.

Vassago and the rest of Demons may work hard, but they will also take care of all your needs and desires and make sure all your naughty fantasies come true.

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What’s a biker supposed to do when the woman he has to possess, doesn’t want to belong to him?
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About The Author

Ravenna Tate lives in the Midwest where it’s cold six months out of the year, but inside her stories you’ll find plenty of heat. The sex is hot, the men are alpha, and the women give them a run for their money.

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