12 March 2016

Review The Teach Me Series ~ Wildest Dream & Hard To Handle by RC Boldt

Wildest Dreams
Teach Me Series #1


The Teach Me series starts off with the story of Raine and Mac, the most unlikely of best friends…

Taken from his parents and bounced from one foster home to the next, former Navy SEAL turned math teacher, Callum “Mac” Mackenzie had a rough childhood. The only time he’s let himself get attached to anyone has been with his military “brothers”. He’s convinced he doesn’t know how to love and certainly doesn’t “do” relationships. He’s spent fourteen years in the Navy and now he gets to live out his other dream: teaching.

Her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, science teacher, Raine Thompson feels as if her time to find “the one” is running out. She knows life is short, especially after dealing with breast cancer two years ago, and wants to experience her own happily ever after. But is it in the cards for her?

Finally acting on the simmering attraction they have long ignored, Raine and Mac decide to have a fling and they discover what it’s like to have someone who knows you inside out also be the one who makes your body come alive.

But it was only temporary…


Mac was sitting across from him with Tina’s chair situated flush against his, her mouth close to his ear. Probably whispering gross, sexual things to him. Yuck.

Taking a sip of her drink, ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ began playing and she reached out her hand to Zach. “Come on and dance with me,” she called out to him. Jokingly, she added, “It’s our song!”

He shook his head, giving her a rueful smile. “Next one,” he yelled back.

Raine blew him a kiss before she returned to the dance floor. Just as she had resumed dancing on her own, she felt hands strongly grip her hips from behind and a body press flush against her, moving suggestively. Raine froze, certainly not enjoying the sudden invasion of her space by a stranger. Then, a voice spoke in her ear, “Move with me, baby.”

No. Just, no.

Before she could remove herself from his grip, Mac appeared in front of her, holding out his hands for her to grasp. He gave a hard glare to the guy behind her that must have communicated something in man-speak to make the creeper let go of her. She mouthed “thank you” to which Mac merely winked.

He pulled her close as he danced with her, looking down with a wide grin on his face, that dimple of his making itself known. Twirling her quickly, he swung her back, close to his body as they continued to dance together.

Usher’s ‘Yeah’ came on next, causing her to squeal in excitement, making Mac shake his head in laughter, as he watched her begin to dance with vigor. He cast out an imaginary fishing line and she pretended to get hooked, with him reeling her in. They did the ‘lawnmower’ and ‘shopping cart’ moves, each of them bursting with laughter at each other’s antics.

“Now, we’re going to slow it down a bit for this next one,” came the DJ’s voice as the beginning of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ began to play.

Mac offered his hand to her. “May I?”

Eyes shining up at him, she took his hand. “You may.”

They slow danced together like they had a dozen times before. Like she had done with Zach or Lawson or even Foster.

Suddenly remembering that Mac hadn’t arrived alone tonight, she looked in the direction of their table. The guys were sitting there in conversation, but Tina was nowhere to be seen.

Her head swinging back toward Mac, Raine opened her mouth to ask about the absence of his ‘friend’ when he simply told her, “She left.”

Brows furrowed, Raine looked at him, waiting for further explanation. He simply shook his head. “Just dance with me.” He twirled her out and back again, but this time, she stumbled on the return and, off balance, came flush against his chest.

She looked up at him to apologize but suddenly faltered as she met his gaze. The way he was watching her was unlike the usual way in which he looked at her. His gaze was noticeably different; heated and full of interest and with a hint of yearning?

No. That couldn’t be. She wasn’t even his type.

With her low heels on tonight, the top of her head still barely came up to his chin. She suddenly became aware of his hard body pressed against hers. She knew from when they went running together or to the beach that beneath his clothes was a well-defined chest and abs. But she felt more awareness in the air between them. Raine felt breathless, realizing her breasts were pressed against him, feeling his hardness against her stomach.

Mac leaned in closer, his hooded gaze locked onto her lips as her tongue slid out to wet them. Her breath hitched in anticipation. Just when she thought their lips would meet, she felt Mac press his forehead against hers instead. Raine exhaled slowly, trying to calm her own breathing.

What the hell just happened?

She had almost crossed the line with her friend. Willingly. Wanted to, even. And that was not okay.

“Mac?” she whispered to him with what she knew was a confused look on her face. He released her as the song ended and gave her a forced smile. “I’ve got to run to the restroom. Guard those hips of yours from creepy guys.” With a wink, he was gone.

Which left her to wonder whether she was upset about what had almost happened between them…or disappointed that it hadn’t.


What the fuck was that?

Mac scrubbed his hands over his face as he stared at himself in the restroom mirror, waiting in line behind another guy.

He’d come so close to kissing Raine on that dance floor. So fucking close that he could nearly smell the vanilla vodka from her drink. And breathe in the vanilla scent of her shampoo.


He needed to get his head straight. He could not –would not– screw this up. Raine was amazing and one of the best people he’d come to know. She had fast become one of his best friends, for God’s sake.

Is this why you sent Tina on her way?

The question nagged at him even though he knew the answer deep down.

After he finished in the restroom, he felt like he’d composed himself enough to return back to his friends. As soon as he exited, he stopped short as he saw Foster waiting for him, arms crossed in a stance that made him uneasy.

He nodded to him. “Hey, man.” Mac tried to walk past him casually, but Foster put his palm to his chest. Not terribly hard but forcefully enough to get him to stop.

Foster stepped up to his face, eyes hard. “What the fuck was that all about?”

Mac clenched his jaw so hard it was a wonder it didn’t crack. “Nothing. It was nothing,” he said behind clenched teeth.

“You’re damn right. It’d better be nothing. And that little ‘nothing’ shouldn’t happen ever again.” The last two words were punctuated with his index finger pushing into Mac’s chest. Hard enough to make him wince.

“Roger that.”

Holding Mac’s gaze a moment longer, Foster finally moved aside. “Need anything from the bar?”

“Nah, man. Thanks, anyway,” he answered.

He made his way back to the table to find everyone on the dance floor except for Zach. Zach was looking a bit tortured as he watched Laney enjoying herself and flirting openly with the guy she was currently dancing with.

Mac slid into the chair next to him and leaned in slightly to be heard over the loud music.

“Women, huh?”

Zach opened his mouth to respond but stopped. Then he looked over at Mac for a moment, studying him closely, making him a bit uncomfortable with the sudden scrutiny.

His friend turned his gaze back to Laney on the dance floor briefly before turning back again to Mac. “Just biding my time, friend.”

Mac looked at Laney dancing close to the guy. “Better not bide it for much longer. Don’t want to run out of it.”

“Same goes for you, too,” came the quick, unexpected response.

Whipping his head back to Zach, he gave him a cool look before glancing around the room, trying not to let his gaze linger on Raine.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Scoffing, Zach raised his eyebrows at him knowingly. “Seriously, man. It’s obvious what your kryptonite is.”

Mac flashed him a cocky grin. “Are you referring to me as Superman? Because, if so, I like it.”

Ignoring his attempt at diverting the conversation, Zach tilted his beer in the direction of Raine on the dance floor. “That right there is your kryptonite, man.”

Mac followed his gaze to the dance floor to see Raine, Tate by her side, arms raised in abandon, laughing with her head thrown back, hair cascading down her back in waves. The pure delight on her face, eyes sparkling in laughter, smiling widely, she was breathtakingly beautiful.

Beautiful and totally off-limits.

Tearing his gaze away from her, he shook his head and looked at Zach sharply. “Glass houses, dude.”

Zach raised his hands up as if in surrender. “No stone throwing from this guy.” He paused. “Just an observation.”


“I gotta say, you chose well,” Zach remarked.

Mac’s look was cautious. “What do you mean?”

Zach looked back over to the dance floor to where Raine was dancing. “Raine is like a sleeper. You meet her and you think, eh, she’s cute and fun but nothing super striking about her-”

“Not true,” Mac interrupted. “Her smile.”

Zach nodded in agreement. “You’re right. But she’s not one to be classified as a stunner. Until you get to really know her and, suddenly, she’s become this witty, smart woman who is hot.”

Mac gave him a sharp look.

Zach help up a hand. “Ease up, dude. She’s like a sister to me. I’m just saying that if she weren’t, I would be the first in line to be her fan club president.”

Zach set down his beer, noticing the guy Laney had been dancing with had walked away from the dance floor. With a pat on Mac’s shoulder, he left to join Laney, twirling her around once before he began doing the running man and making her double over in laughter.

Mac’s eyes trailed over to Raine as she danced like a madwoman with Tate. Raine’s dress bounced around her legs and he watched as the muscles flexed with her movements. Her face was bright, showcasing the fun she was having with her friend.

He ran a hand over his face with a long sigh. For the first time in a while, he was regretting his decision to be the go-to designated driver.

Fuck it.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

He rose from his seat and walked over to the two women on the dance floor.

It was then that he realized Zach was wrong. Raine wasn’t his Kryptonite.

She was his temptation.

She was his wildest dream.

And he had no business dreaming of her as his.


Raine Thompson has been through the wringer, her health took a scary turn, her mother last a battle with cancer, and her attempts at finding "the one" has been harder than she expected. But she has her dad and great group of friends that love and support her, no matter what.

Callum “Mac” Mackenzie hasn't always felt like he belong anywhere or to anyone. His childhood was less than stellar, so when he joined the Navy he finally felt like he belonged. But something aren't meant to last, so after an injury, he retired and started a new life doing what he always dreamed of doing.... teaching.

Raine and Mac are instantly attracted to each other, but neither act on their impulse and instead form a strong friendship. The more time they spend together, the more they enjoy each other's company whether with their friends or alone watching the game.

But the underlying sexual tension continues to grow, therefor on that eventful night things escalate and they cross that spoken line. So the make a sort of pact, a temporary arrangement, that will benefit each other while keeping things secret from their friends.

However things may have started, the more time they are together, the more they begin to want more. But things from their past haunt their present and in order to move forward, they will have to come to terms with their demons and learn to trust in each other.

Mac is everything you could expect from a SEAL, but he's also kind, giving, sensible, tender, and loyal. He'll give the woman he loves everything to make her happy, even if it means breaking his heart.

Raine is the girl next door, the one you can borrow a cup of sugar from. Even with her past, she always hopes for a brighter tomorrow. She's not one would call a knockout at first glance, but the more you get to know her, you realize what a beauty she is. I love her attitude and her inner strength. She's the friend you want to hang will and she'll gladly be there to hold your hair back after a long night of drinking. 

This is the debut book from RC Bolt and what an enchanting story it is. The banter and camaraderie shown between these band of friends is priceless. Seriously, some of the stories they tell about their adventures in teaching and dating are down right hilarious. I was laughing so hard at times that I had tears. 

And the blazing fire that encompasses Raine and Mac will leave you breathless and wishing for more. The heat radiates off the pages with each kiss, each touch, and each smoldering gaze. 

Life is hard, but being surrounded by people that love and care about you, prove you are strong enough to face any challenge thrown at you.

Hard To Handle
Teach Me Series #2

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RC Boldt’s Teach Me series gives us a closer look at just how thin the line is between love and hate…

Fifth grade social studies teacher, Laney Kavanaugh, is no stranger to being left behind – her father taught her that at a young age. That’s why she always has her eyes wide open when it comes to men. She’s determined she will never again be the one left behind. She doesn’t let sex blur what they’re really doing; it’s always just sex.

Until Zach.

Zachariah Mayson, fifth grade writing and English teacher, has been the bane of Laney’s existence from the moment they met at their shared elementary school. She can’t stand him. He gets under her skin like no other and is always utterly obnoxious in his attempts–and successes–in getting a rise out of her.

Until the wedding.

The night of their friends’ wedding, Laney gives in to a moment of melancholy, knowing she’ll never be able to let her guard down enough to let a guy close, let alone someday get married. She and Zach end up having the hottest night she’d ever experienced, showing her another side of him, a softer, sweeter one he’d hidden from her until now. Because now, he hoped she was finally ready to “see” him.

But when you’ve always guarded yourself against falling in love, can you let go of the past in order to embrace the future?


Laney Kavanaugh learned a long time ago that love isn't always what it's cracked up to be, or at least that is what she believes. Someone she loved left her and the hurt that it caused made her build walls around her heart, and vow to never love anyone or let anyone love her.

Zachariah (Zach) Mayson has been infatuated with one women since the moment he laid eyes on her, however at that first meeting he said things that made her dislike him from that moment on. As the years pass, he'll do anything and everything to get a rise out her, if for no other reason than to have her look and talk to him. 

On the day of their friends' wedding, Laney starts to feel like she may be missing something in her life. She's couldn't be happier for her friends, but there is a sort of melancholy surrounding her at the moment. Maybe she it's just because she's been alone for awhile, not that a happily ever after is in her future.

Zach see Laney and decides to make a sort of peace offering, maybe this is the opening he's been waiting for. And in a moment of weakness, Laney caves in and acts on the unexplained impulse she has towards to Zach.

With each passing day, Zach falls harder for Laney. The only problem is Laney's belief in never falling in love. So will Laney ever learn to trust her heart or will she finally push Zach too far and walk away from her forever?

I enjoyed this book, Laney, and Zach so much I couldn't put it down once I started. I loved Zach's attitude, passion, and more importantly, his heart. The person he is now has nothing to do with his very different background from those of his friends. When he commits to something, he does so with every fiber of his being and his love for Laney is undeniable. The kindness he has for those closest to him and strangers alike, can make any woman's heart swoon.

Laney is tough cookie, that's for sure. She made a vow at a young age, and she stuck to her guns throughout her life. That is until a certain surfer knocked down her walls. I love how important her family and friends are to her and will do anything and everything for them. And even while Zach stole her heart bit by bit, I love how she stayed true to herself. 

The chemistry between Laney and Zach is off the charts. It's smoldering and will leave the reader gasping and longing for more. The reader will be swooning after Zach and a couple of cold showers will undoubtedly be needed. 

This book is brilliantly written and can make the reader believe that anything is possible, as long as you take the chance. Needless to say, the way Laney finally declares her feelings to Zach may have you shedding a tear or two. Sometimes with big risks comes big rewards.


“What the hell do you—” He stopped mid-rant as his eyes fell on who was standing on his doorstep.

Laney looked mad as hell … and never more beautiful. With anger flashing in her hazel eyes and lips pressed thin, red and kissable. And that dress she wore? Oh, hell. It had taunted him the entire time they had been at The Turtle. Just for the simple fact that it accentuated the curves on the body he’d had his hands on, mouth on, lips on just a few days prior.

“What the hell do I want, you ask?” she snarled at him as she shoved past him to enter the house, pushing the door shut behind her with a loud thunk. “Oh, I’m so glad you asked. I want to know what the hell was with that gift. The one you shoved at me.” Her volume increased, her words forceful, demanding. “Why did you give me that gift?”

She was upset because he gave her a nice gift? Fuck that.

Because it made me think of you!” he practically screamed. He watched Laney’s eyes go wide, lips parting in shock or disbelief, he wasn’t sure which. They stood there, staring at each other, fiery gazes clashing.

He wasn’t sure who moved first, but one minute they were having their angry standoff and the next, their bodies collided, lips meeting in a kiss filled with a fierceness, tongues warring. Knocking into the wall before he righted them as they pulled off articles of clothing, they made their way down the hallway to his room. Leaving a trail of her flip flops, sweater, dress, panties, bra, and his pants in their wake, they made it to his bedroom.

Zach pulled his lips from hers. “Just one night, again, Kavanaugh?” He heard the slight bite in his tone.

Her eyes searching his, she quietly answered, “Just one night. Again.”

Hearing her repeat the words, he felt like there was a massive weight on his chest, making it difficult to breath.

Oh, he would give her one night, all right.

His mouth slammed down on hers, devouring her, tasting her deeply. Having her curves pressed against him made him nearly weak in the knees at how right it felt to have her in his arms.

It’s only for one more night.

Those words haunted him and he slid his fingers into her hair, tugging her head back to tilt it, moving his lips to her throat.

Remember When
Teach Me Series #3

Release Date: May 10, 2016


The third installment of RC Boldt’s Teach Me series returns with two people who once had it all…

Over a decade ago, fourth grade teacher Tate Donnelly was attending college with the love of her life by her side. She had been certain, even then, that it was the forever kind of love. But she was proven wrong when he left her all alone to pick up the pieces of her life—and heart—when her entire world imploded.

Former Navy SEAL Miller Vaughn once had the love of a girl he thought would be his, and be by his side forever. Unfortunately, that only lasted until after he joined the Navy. Then she vanished, never to be heard from again. Throwing himself into his training, he vowed to become the best, toughest SEAL he could be, and never let a girl get the best of him again.

Years later, a man who resembles a boy she once knew reappears in her life. A boy she had loved with her whole being. A boy who had eviscerated her heart.

Though much time has passed, Tate and Miller still feel that same “pull” they did years ago. When truths about the past are revealed, will they both be able to move on from their painful past … or are they destined for heartbreak again?

Can they remember when their love was the most important thing in their world?


Remember When (Teach Me, Book 3)
*unedited and unrevised
Copyright 2016 RC Boldt

“Can you please pass the parmesan, Miles?” Tate asked sweetly. She ignored the weight of everyone’s gaze at the dinner table.

“Tate,” Momma K. quietly hissed.

Crap. She loved Laney and Foster’s mother more than anything but she couldn’t restrain the barb that slipped from her lips. It was Miller Vaughn, after all. The asshole who had professed to love her forever and then ditched her, leaving her to find out the hard way that he had moved on, didn’t want anything to do with her.

That fucker.

Looking down at her plate, she mumbled, “Sorry, Momma K.” She did regret being disrespectful at the older woman’s table. She wasn’t sorry, however, for the stinging words she had slung at Miller. He deserved them.

“Here you go, Donnelly.” The deep voice jerked her from her thoughts and she was sure to avoid locking gazes with him. Accepting the dish containing the grated parmesan cheese, she used the spoon to sprinkle some over the pasta Momma K. had made. That woman was like Van Gogh in the kitchen, coming out with works of art.

Minus the whole creepy no-ear thing, of course.

“You’re welcome.” She heard his mumbled words, the snark in them. Keeping her head down as she ate, she rolled her eyes.

“Hey, Miles—wait, I mean Miller.” Lawson smiled widely. “I get so confused by Tate’s cute little nickname for you.” Pausing to tap his index finger to his lips as if in thought, he asked innocently, “Remind me, again, how you two know each other?”

Tate shot Lawson a dirty look. Her coworker and friend merely looked at her expectantly. She knew everyone wanted to know the story between herself and Miller but she hadn’t yet given in to divulging the details. As pathetic as it was, even though a decade had passed, it still hurt to talk about it.

Like, really hurt.

Hell, it hurt just being near the guy. In the same room. And the bastard had chosen to sit beside her tonight. Just to piss her off.

Well, congratulations, Vaughn. It worked, she thought. He’d probably give himself a pat on the back later. She’d like to give him a pat on his head. With a frying pan, maybe. Oh, yes. The mere thought made her lips curve into a smile. That would be so satisfying, just swinging it at him.

Whoa. Maybe she should take some more yoga classes to try and rid herself of that aggressive violence she felt. Of course, her Zen wasn’t exactly prevalent these days, since Miller had come out of nowhere, knocking her world off its axis. Tate couldn’t blame Foster for it, though, as she was sure that Miller was a good employee at his security consulting firm. But the thought that maybe he wasn’t good enough at his job, that maybe he’d screw up and get fired, to never be heard from again? Oooh, that thought suddenly had merit.

“Hey, Foster?” His head shot up from where he was spinning pasta with his fork on the large spoon.

Eyes on her, his tone was cautious when he answered. “Yeah?”

“You hiring anyone new? Like, are you happy with your staff?”

Foster exchanged glances with Miller and Kane, two of his three employees. Roman ‘Doc’ Watts had been the designated ‘on call’ person and was overseeing some issues at one of their contract sites in the area.

“My staff’s great,” Foster answered carefully. “I’m lucky to have these guys on board.” He shot her a look as if to say, I know what you’re up to and it won’t work.

Damn Special Ops guys and their code of brotherhood. Bleh.

“Speaking of your staff, when are you going to have that sweet Noelle join us for dinner?” Momma K. asked Foster.

Foster snorted. “Sweet? That woman is nothing close to being sweet.” He looked back down at his plate, resuming spinning his pasta, muttering, “More like a pain in my ass.”

“Foster Bryant,” Momma K. warned with a stern look.

“Well, she is!” Foster complained. “She’s the mouthiest person I’ve ever been around.” He tossed his thumb toward his sister who was two chairs down from him. “Aside from this one, here.”

“Wow. That was eerily similar to a petulant child,” Laney remarked drily.

“Watch it, squirt.” At Foster’s warning, she stuck out her tongue.

“Children! Stop with the tongue action at the table!” Lawson admonished.

“Speaking of tongue action …” Zach’s words were cut off when Laney’s hand immediately covered his mouth, her cheeks turning red.

“Not in front of my mother,” she hissed.

“Not in front of the children!” Lawson said in a loud whisper, tipping his head in Tate and Miller’s direction.

“Would anyone like another roll?” Raine piped up, attempting to ease the tension.

“Yes, please,” Tate answered, reaching out to receive the basket of rolls being handed down the table to her.

“Save some food for the rest of us,” came the mumbled response from beside her. Her back stiffened at the jibe. It wasn’t her fault she always had an appetite and still maintained her petite size.

Hand clenched over the knife as she buttered the roll, she shot back, out the corner of her mouth, “We can’t all be pumped full of steroids, now, can we?” She purposely stuck out her pinky finger, wiggling it suggestively.

Tate swore she heard a low growl and hid her gratified smile. Oh, yeah. Her implication had hit home: Miller was on steroids and had a tiny penis.

Just when she was in the midst of mentally high-fiving herself, he leaned over to whisper quietly in her ear so as not to be overhead by the others. His hot breath sent shivers down her spine, his closeness sending her entire body into a sensory overload, as his words pushed that over the edge.

“You never had complaints about my cock before.”

And, just like that, he got the last word. Because those words of his elicited memories she’d managed to lock away for years. And it all went down the tubes with one sentence.

Damn Miller Vaughn and his freaking cock talk.

More to Come...

Laws of Attraction
Teach Me Series #4
Fall 2016

RC Boldt's fourth book in the Teach Me series shows us that sometimes the perfect person for you is the one you least expected it to be ...

Langley Ford is the definition of serious. Going through life as a pararescue jumper, working solely around men, she’s had to go above and beyond to prove she’s their equal. In fact, she can’t recall the last time she allowed herself to truly relax or let her guard down.

Always the one others rely on to crack jokes, the one to liven things up, Lawson Briggs is a fun, easygoing guy who doesn’t take life too seriously. But witnessing so many of his friends falling in love, he begins to wonder what the fuss is about. Will he ever fall prey to that infamous “love bug”?

Langley is now out of the military and working at a security consulting firm. When she meets the tall, bearded teacher who has endless wisecracks and comments, a part of her wishes she could be like him, wishes she could remember how.

While Lawson might be the best person to teach her how to live life to the fullest, will Langley be the one who teaches him all about love?

The Secure Me Series
Unexpectedly (Foster's Story)

RC Boldt is the wife of Mr. Boldt, a retired Navy Chief, mother of Little Miss Boldt, and former teacher of many students. She currently lives on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, enjoys long walks on the beach, running, reading, people watching, and singing karaoke. If you're in the mood for some killer homemade mojitos, can't recall the lyrics to a particular 80's song, or just need to hang around a nonconformist who will do almost anything for a laugh, she's your girl.

RC loves hearing from her readers at

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