06 October 2015

Blog Tour ~ Destiny Undone by Amanda Heartley



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Pepper Anderson has a reputation that precedes her—and thanks to a little alcohol, her late-night antics and the never-ending attention of the paparazzi, she’s always front page news.

Her ‘friend with benefits’, Jonathan Church, is confident, commanding, and hotter than hell! When they're together, they’re spontaneous, careless and passionately reckless. He’s also Destiny Beach’s richest playboy and he wants Pepper all to himself.

To stay out of jail for her latest shenanigans and to get back in Daddy’s good graces, Pepper takes on a job as an intern at Sea Lab—a sea life theme park with stinky, smelly fish—and Gabriel Gregory, her new boss.

The mere sight of him takes her breath away, and his voice makes her knees weak. Gabe is at the top of his professional game. He’s smart, quiet and keeps his distance from the limelight of Destiny Beach's rich and famous.

Pepper wants him. Gabe wants her as well—or so he thinks—until their first date and he ends up in the middle of Peppers chaotic life. He can't deny the feelings he has for her, but will he be able to stay in control? Will Jonathan Church let her go?

Find out in this steamy new adult romance by bestselling author Amanda Heartley!

Destiny Undone 2 Ras

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Pepper Anderson has finally taken all she can from her guyfriend-stealing mother. She's kept her titties out of front page news and has her eyes on Gabe. He's smart, sexy and very confident, then in walks Sophie, an old friend of Gabe's, and Pepper hates her immediately...diva style!

Gabriel Gregory isn't used to the fame of the paparazzi. In fact, he hates looking over his shoulder at every turn, but he's drawn to her, like a moth to a flame. Will he follow is heart and go after Pepper? Or leave her in the friendzone?

Destiny Undone 3

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Gabe’s close relationship with his mom is tested to the limit when he refuses to fall in with her plans for his life. He’s got his own agenda… to be with the most beautiful girl he’s ever met, but mom isn’t going to make it easy—and she’s not the only one trying to manipulate his affections.

Meanwhile, Pepper’s got problems of her own. She’s grown from a Destiny Beach celeb who only cared about partying, to a young woman with a purpose. But just when she was starting to feel good about her new-found direction in life, she’s been left reeling. Shocked and devastated by her dad’s revelation, her once comfortable world is shattered and to make matters worse, she’s not the only one with eyes on her prize—and the competition isn’t about to give her an easy ride.

On the warm and sunny Gulf Coast, Gabe’s boat has been a haven for some seriously steamy liaisons, but there’s still no plain sailing in sight for these two. Will Gabe hold firm and fight for his girl, or is the drama becoming too much for him and his previously, uncomplicated life? Can Pepper make sense of her dad’s bombshell and find her true self, or will she give up on her man and sink further into her sadness?

Find out if their love can survive the stormy waters in this third installment of Destiny Undone!

Destiny Undone 4

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Gabe and Pepper have been to hell and back and their love only grows stronger. Pepper tries to make peace with her past until her so-called mother, Evangeline, goes all out on National TV to ruin Pepper’s life—and all hell breaks loose! Enter Mills, her loving, doting sister who takes to social media to run some damage control. 

Ready to start a new chapter in their life, Gabe is determined that nothing will come between them—not even Sophie’s stolen kiss in the dark. 

Destiny Undone 5

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There's more smokin' hotness at Destiny Beach! 
Pepper tries to come to terms with her past and, finally, it looks like she'll accepted into the inner circle of the Gregory family... but unknown to her, there are more storms brewing on the horizon... and they're bigger than ever! 

It's not all smooth sailing for Gabe either. Thoughts of his future with Pepper take a back seat when he gets an unexpected heads-up from someone he trusted... and what he learns threatens his whole future as the boss of Sea Lab. 

Can Pepper earn the respect of Gabe's mom and convince her of her love for her only son? Is it the end of the line for Gabe at Sea Lab? Can Gabe and Pepper catch a break for five minutes to express their growing love? Find out in this tense, passionate fifth installment of Destiny Undone! 

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Amanda Heartley is a writer, born and raised in Oklahoma and subsequently transplanted into the hustle and bustle of Southern California. She’s a country girl at heart with an insatiable weakness for sexy men and feisty women. Her first publications were made available in July 2013. In her spare time, she plays Mom, Chef, Ninja, Taxi, and Nurse while she hangs out with her four wonderful children and 2 loveable mutts. You can probably find Amanda drinking a green smoothie, relaxing in her backyard, writing another steamy book on her iPad.

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