02 March 2016

Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Solid Stone: Revolving Door by E.G. Patrick

Genre: Erotic Romance


Violet Cole, a recent university graduate, is rushing to her first important business meeting when she comes face-to-face with a man she finds captivating and intimidating. His penetrating gaze makes her heart pound and her legs tremble. Violet learns that the wealthy and alluring Adam Stone is renowned for his success in the high-powered corporate world. He now consumes all of Violet’s thoughts.  

A self-admitted control freak, Adam becomes intrigued by Violet’s untapped beauty and fierce honesty. He is determined to possess all of her. They embark on a passionate odyssey that is exhilarating and tantalizing. As their relationship intensifies, Adam and Violet must confront serious contradictions between them. How far is Violet willing to go to keep 
their relationship alive? Long-kept secrets are exposed leading to a surprising and explosive climax.

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An observer could feel the energy between us it’s so strong. Any nervousness I had before has turned into pure passion. My mouth responds to his as my tongue is exploring too. The overwhelming sensations running through my body are deep and I feel so much desire. It’s no longer a fantasy. One hand is rubbing and squeezing my bum, the other moving up my back and down again. I am in heaven, lost in a moment I never ever want to forget. He moves behind me and slides the robe off my shoulders. I can feel it slide down my body before it hits the floor. All of a sudden I am in Adam’s arms as he carries me to the bed.

“You look very sexy and beautiful Violet.” He gently lays me down on the bed and just looks at me before he removes my bra. He does this effortlessly. He is full of desire and this is confirmed when I see his erection in his pants. He smiles as he kneels on the bed beside me and within seconds his mouth is over my erect nipple. “Ohh!” I cry out. The sensations start again, more intense than before. His warm breath over my nipple feels divine. He flicks his tongue over it quickly, then slowly. He moves to my other nipple and teases it too with his velvet tongue. I moan and breathe heavier. My hang-ups are gone. I want this man and I want him now. He continues to explore my breasts with his hands and begins to kiss me up and down my neck. It’s exhilarating. I reach down because I so want to touch his erection. Adam repositions himself so that he is lying on his side, giving me free reign to release his cock. He has left me to undo his belt and his pants button, and to slowly lower the zipper. It’s sexy and hot. To my amazement his erect cock pops out at me. I carefully wrap my hands around him. He moans slightly. He allows me to hold him in my hands for a little while before he removes my panties and then his pants. His gaze roams over my body and mine over his. He is beautiful and I love what I see. Dark penetrating eyes, lips I can’t get enough of, a chest I want to bury my face in, strong arms I want wrapped around me, a muscular stomach to admire and kiss, an impressive cock I want to feel in all ways, long lean muscular legs, and even lovely feet. He is perfection from head to toe and wants me as much as I want him.

He croons, “Violet, you have an exquisite body.” He begins to trail kisses down my body all the way down to my feet. He kisses the tops of them and then slowly moves all the way up again, stopping to suck one of my nipples. He runs his tongue around it, over it and sucks it gently, there are so many hot pulsations shooting through me now. My eyes open and close, I am so lost in passion. He moves to my other nipple and sucks it gently before circling his tongue around it too. I moan it feels so exhilarating and sensual. I’m going to burst I am so full of desire. My body responds hungrily to his touch and it wants more, much more. When I think it can’t get any better, I realize that his tantalizing kisses are leading downward to my inner thighs. I gasp in anticipation. The heat is quickly rising in me. Within seconds he is alternating nibbles on the inside of my thighs, each nibble taking him higher and closer. He touches me there and I flinch, not in pain, but in utter delight. “You’re so wet, I like that.”

And then, I watch him place his head between my thighs and the first touch of his tongue sends earth-shattering feelings right through me……..

Author Bio

Hello! Born in England, I now live in Canada. Living my life with passion and without barriers is my mantra. Bringing my secret dark fantasies to life in my stories is so therapeutic! I hope to entertain, stimulate and evoke all kinds of emotions. Adam and Violet mean a lot to me so I take great care in giving them real personalities and intense desires as their lives grow within my books. 


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