14 September 2016

New Release ~ Beast, A Righteous Outlaws Novel, by Savannah Rylan


A Righteous Outlaws Novel
by Savannah Rylan


Bentley “Beast” Harris became a Righteous Outlaw over a decade ago and never looked back. He gained the reputation as being the deadliest among the Outlaws, a skilled killer with no remorse or regrets. What his brothers don’t know is beneath the dark, death stare, and permanent scowl, he is drowning in regrets from a past he can never go back to.

Ryan Stanson grew up with dreams of becoming a police officer like her father, despite her mother’s objections. After a deadly mistake that took the life of her partner, Ryan is ready to leave the dangerous city life behind her and go home to Black Hills to start over. When Ryan takes a call to check out the local docks, she soon realizes that the small town she grew up in is more dangerous than the city she left behind, and Beast is at the center of it all.

 Two damaged souls, refusing to forgive themselves for mistakes of the past, are brought together. With one on the right side of the law and the other on the wrong side, will what they share be enough to destroy the divide that keeps them apart? And will these two be able to come to terms with their pasts before they destroy themselves and everyone they love in the process?

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