29 September 2016

Release Blitz & Review ~ One Night In Sydney, City Nights Series, by Jan Graham

One Night in Sydney
by Jan Graham

I’m so excited about the release of One Night in Sydney. When I looked at the City Night’s series by Tirgearr Publishing and noticed the absence of any cities in Australia from its titles, well, I knew I had to do something to rectify the situation. 

I chose Sydney as my city to write about because I’m so familiar with it. I’ve always lived within driving distance (2.5hrs or less) of it, which means, heading into the hustle and bustle for theatre events or concerts is an easy thing to do. Sydney is not only a great source of live shows it’s also has amazing shopping areas, spectacular parks, museums, galleries, and the harbor precinct with the famous Opera House and Harbor bridge. 

All in all, it’s a spectacular place to visit, a great place to write about and, in One Night in Sydney, it’s the perfect place to fall for the man of your dreams.

Will passion win out over wise business sense in one of the most beautiful harbor side cities of the world?

Abigail Devon is all about business, until the dream of keeping her company alive fails and she finds herself seeking distraction in the arms of a tempting stranger she met on the plane. Kane Matheson is a man like no other, and once Abby gives into her attraction to him, passions spark and a night of erotic pleasure begins.

Kane can’t believe his luck when his flight to Sydney places Abby along his path to a fun filled weekend. She’s his kind of woman—business minded, clever, and with curves in all the right places. When he discovers they have more in common than savvy business expertise and undeniable sexual heat, he’s faced with a daunting choice, and left wondering if pleasure can win out over wise business sense in one of the most beautiful harbor side cities of the world.

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One Night in Sydney Releases on September 28th
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You know, if you like, we could hang out together in the city for a bit, maybe when you’ve finished your busy day.” Kane didn’t look at her this time; speaking from his reclined position, head tilted back against the rest with his eyes closed. “I only have to try on a suit and then I’m done for the day. You could meet me there, let me know if you think I look okay, you know, thumbs up or down, and then we could grab a bite… or something. Whatever takes your fancy, beautiful.”

He raised his lids and angled himself slightly to look at her for the final part of his statement, the wicked expression and cheeky glint in his eyes giving Abby the distinct impression he hoped that he’d be the something that took her fancy. He did. But it couldn’t happen.

Abby didn’t believe in love at first sight, but she did believe in lust at first sight and Kane ticked all her boxes. Feeling breathless, hardened nipples, feeling flushed when they touched, and that increasing ache between her legs. Luckily the flight was a short one, so she’d be able to escape him soon enough. In her party days they probably would have been in the bathroom, reaffirming her membership in the mile-high club, but those days were behind her. She doubted she’d renew that membership again any time soon.

“I really don’t think that’s possible. But thanks for the offer.” She wondered if he knew she was lying. Of course it was possible, all she had to do was say yes. She merely chose not to.

“That’s a shame. I have this feeling we’d get along really well.” He tore the edge off the bottom of a page in his magazine, grabbed a pen from his shirt pocket, scribbled a number on it and handed it to her. “In case you change your mind.”

Abby laughed and stared at the mobile number in her hand. He certainly was persistent.

“I assume you’ve run out of business cards?” She continued to chuckle as the plane began its descent. “You did say you understood business, right?”

“I did. I also said I was on a pleasure trip. I’ve left all business accessories at the office. This weekend, I’m just a regular guy who uses any piece of paper on hand to give the woman he likes his number.”

Oh Lord, thank heavens the plane had just touched down. She folded the paper, slipped her fingers into the front of her shirt and tucked the number into her bra. It was a mistake to put it there, and Abby knew it the moment her gaze met Kane’s, who was now standing waiting for her to step out into the aisle.

“What?” she asked innocently as Kane stared down at her cleavage with a devilish grin on his face. “It’s just a silly habit I picked up in my partying days. I’d pop anything important in my bra and that way I wouldn’t lose it.”

Grabbing her handbag from the floor, she stood and moved to walk out into the aisle but Kane blocked her way. His body forming a human wall as he retrieved her bag from the overhead cabin. Luggage sorted, Kane didn’t move, fixing her in place with his heated gaze.

“I’m glad you think I’m important.” His devilish grin didn’t waver and he spoke in a tone laced with lust. “I’m also delighted to know that when you take off your clothes tonight and get naked, you’ll be thinking about me.”

She was about to burst into flames. Abby raised her hand, placing it on his chest with the intention of pushing him back, only to find her fingers lingered on the defined muscle beneath her touch.

“We’ll see,” she whispered.

Kane placed his hand over hers, gently gripped her fingers and raised them to his mouth. He kissed her knuckles tenderly and smiled. “We will. Now off to your very busy business day, Abigail Devon.” Stepping back, Kane handed over her bag before ushering her into the aisle. “I look forward to receiving your call later today.”

Unsure how she made it to the plane’s exit on trembling legs, Abby breathed a sigh of relief once she made it into the terminal. Allowing the disembarking crowd to carry her forward, she picked up her pace. The more distance she put between Kane Matheson and herself, the better. Today was all about saving her company, not indulging in a quickie with a man she met on a plane.


Kane Matheson is on his way to Sydney for the wedding of his best mate. He's a hard working businessman that has no time for relationship, one night stands are preferred at this stage of his life. And he's got his sights set on the sexy woman that just sat next to him on the plane.

Abigail Devon is in town in a last ditch effort to save the family business. The past six months she's been working her butt off to keep the business going, but circumstance arise that put her between a rock and a hard place. If this last ditch effort doesn't pan out, she'll have to sell.

Abby doesn't have time to succumb to Kane's charms, but when she runs into him a second time their attraction won't be denied. One night might be just what she needs.

But when new information comes to light, the budding relationship is put into turmoil. Can they find a way to work through their issues in order to have more than just one night?

One Night In Sydney is a fast paced, seductive read that will leave you hot and bothered. The chemistry is electrifying and leaps off the pages. I love how Kane pursues Abby even when he knows she's mad at him. I love Abby's heart and how she puts it into her work. Her emotions are worn on her sleeve, but she won't let anyone take advantage of her.

When Kane and Abby get together, you better watch out because the sparks fly. Their passion is intense and sensuous. Just like the light show they saw, their connection is spectacular.

I enjoyed this book and recommend it anyone looking for a quick, alluring escape from everyday life.

About the Author

Jan Graham is an author of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense, all her writing is erotic and some includes BDSM elements. She has numerous published titles to her credit, with more to come once she overcomes her current bout of procrastination. Jan lives in Newcastle, Australia where she writes, reads, feeds her Netflix addiction and drinks coffee with friends.  

For those who enjoy labels and tags, as well as being an author, Jan is a blogger, a submissive, an aunt, dyslexic, a lover of all things erotic, naughty, a participant in the BDSM community, a widow, an orphan, and a member of The Australian Sex Party (no it’s nothing kinky, they are a legit political group). 

In short, she is generally a bit of an eccentric who lives her life slightly left of center. You can find out more about Jan and her work by stalking her on the various social media sites where she occasionally hangs out.

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